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Recap of Cassandra Clare’s September newsletter: Snippets, cats, and more!

Credit: Tony Luong for The New York Times

Happy Saturday! Yesterday’s newsletter was filled with lots of exciting stuff. Cassandra Clare shared three different snippets, new artwork, and she introduced us to a special someone. 😀
Let’s have a look at the snippets first!
Number one is from Secrets of Blackthorn Hall:

“First of all, don’t worry. The device I’ve included is not dangerous and is in no danger of exploding. (When Professor Wingate saw me packing it up, she suggested I inform you up front that it is not a bomb. Of course I would never send you a bomb but she seems to think it looks enough like one to cause concern.)

I started looking through the records. So far I haven’t found anything about Blackthorn Hall being haunted, but a lot of weird stuff did happen there in the past, so it’s quite possible that there could be ghosts….”

Of course Ty is investigating Blackthorn Hall now! Too bad there is no Watson to help him. 😦

The second snippets is from Chain of Thorns:

James wasn’t sure how he’d expected Lucie to respond to their arrival, but he was startled nonetheless at the fear that flashed across her face.

She took a step back, nearly knocking into the boy standing next to her — Jesse Blackthorn, it was Jesse Blackthorn — and flung her hands up, as if to ward them off. As if to ward off James, and her father.

Nooo, I need more! What an evil snippet to share. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but it makes the wait until November 1, 2022 even harder!

The final snippet is from Sword Catcher, Cassie’s first adult novel:

Once, years ago, a fortune-teller had come to the palace, brought by Lilibet to enhance some festivity or other. Conor had argued that she should read Kel’s fortune, too. She had taken his hands and looked into his eyes: in that moment, he had felt she could see through him, as if he were made of glass. “You will live a life of brilliant strangeness,” she had said, and then tears had come down her cheeks. He had hurried away, but always remembered: the words, her tears.

Brilliant strangeness. 

Kel watched as Conor bit into a cherry and leaned up to kiss Audeta, a curvy girl from Valderan whose lids were painted in stripes of gold and scarlet. It seemed as good a time as any. Kel rose to his feet and made his way quietly out of the salon, heading for the back stairs. On the landing two young men were pressed up against a wall, kissing; neither noticed Kel as he went by. He kept going, ever upward, until he reached the last landing and a very familiar door.

We still don’t know a lot about Sword Catcher, but I’m looking forward to finding out whether Kel’s life will really be full of brilliant strangeness.

Also included in the newsletter was art by the talented Charlie Bowater:

Cassie also added: “we had to pull Charlie off it [the calendar] for a few months to complete a Super Secret Project that I’m very excited to share when the time comes.”

Furthermore, there was art that is going to be featured in FairyLoot’s deluxe set of The Dark Artifices (only ten left in stock!):

And now to the special someone that I mentioned earlier, everyone, meet Rosie!

Readers of my newsletter will be very familiar with my mascot and Scottish Fold cat, Reginald. So not long ago, the breeder from whom I got Reginald got in touch to say, “Reginald has a little sister! Do you want her?” So I discussed the issue with Reginald and he agreed he was in need of an intern to assist in his daily activities. Which is a roundabout way of saying — meet the newest addition to the family, Rosie!
She’s three months old and very difficult to photograph as she wiggles around so much. I’ve been reading aloud to her from Mortal Instruments but she always falls asleep with her feet in the air. Harsh criticism from the feline audience.

Look forward to some exciting cat costumes for Halloween, and perhaps a Reading With Rosie segment in the future!

Isn’t Rosie completely adorable? ❤ If you want to see more pictures of her, click here.

Other news: You can still get your hands of loads of official Cassandra Clare merchandise by LitJoy and if you are in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a 5th anniversary edition of Lady Midnight!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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