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Cassandra Clare shares new ‘Chain of Thorns’ snippet

+ other book news

Happy Saturday, I hope your summer (winter?) is off to a nice start! Almost a month ago the cover for Cassandra Clare’s final book in The Last Hours trilogy was published and yesterday Cassie shared a particularly interesting Chain of Thorns snippet for certain shippers:

By the Angel! Ok, ‘him’ has to be Alastair so wow, Thomas is telling Matthew about his feelings?! I wonder how Matthew is going to react to the news since we all know that he isn’t Alastair’s biggest fan.
In case you cannot see the tweet:

Matthew’s eyes were a very dark green as he looked as Thomas. “You love him?”
“More than anything,” Thomas said. “It’s just —

We’ll get answers on January 31, 2023 when Chain of Thorns is published!
When Cassie revealed the book’s cover, she also said that the first editions would have a reverse cover and we reposted/retweeted the reveal video on our social media pages, but here’s the cover in case you missed it.

I have to say I’m a big fan of the cape. 😀 I cannot wait to display this reverse cover on my shelf as well.

There’s more book news! We are getting a 15th (!) anniversary edition of City of Bones thanks to Cassie’s English publisher Walker Books, the cover is stunning – look below – AND the whole The Mortal Instruments are actually getting “a new set of collector’s editions!

I love the cover and I am so much looking forward to these editions! Here is where you can pre-oder the book.
Will you be buying this edition? What do you think of the snippet? Let me know in the comments!

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