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Newsletter Recap: another ‘Chain of Thorns’ snippet, Merry Thieves art and more!

Good morning, afternoon or evening! Another issue of Cassandra Clare’s newsletter arrived yesterday so here is a recap of what was addressed. First of all, let’s have a look at a new Chain of Thorns snippet because I feel like snippets are always the most popular.

It had been cold in the carriage when they’d first gotten in, and both of them had snatched up blankets from a folded pile. After which Thomas had waited expectantly for Alastair to begin a conversation — after all, why would Alastair have requested his company if he didn’t have something to say — but Alastair had only slumped back against his seat, occasionally muttering a curse in Persian.

“Look,” Thomas said, finally, trying not to let disappointment gnaw at him. “We ought to go back to the Institute. The others will worry —“

“I imagine they will worry that I kidnapped you,” said Alastair.

Thunder cracked overhead like a whip. Even in the carriage the air felt heavy and pressurized.

“Are you upset because of Charles?” Thomas asked.

Oho! Alastair invited Thomas! I hope Alastair will tell Tom to forget about Charles and the boys are finally going to talk about their feelings.

Cassie also recently shared two of Chain of Thorns snippets on her Twitter so here they are as well:

Jessamine folded her transparent arms. “Your power is much too dangerous, Lucie. Even in the hands of someone sensible, it would cause trouble, and you are the least sensible person I know.”
“Then you’ll be happy to know I have no plans to use it again.”

I’m sure Jessamine won’t be the only one who’s happy about this, I know I certainly am!

Matthew sat up straight, his green eyes flashing.
“James, you’re going to try contact Belial?”
James shook his head. “No. I’m going to try to spy on Belial.”
“What on earth makes you think that’s going to work?” Thomas asked.

I’m crossing my fingers for you, James!

Chain of Thorns is published on January 31, 2023!

There’s currently a Last Hours readalong happening and Cassie has “been calling up a few of [TikTokkers and Instagrammers] to drop hints about COT — follow #lasthoursreadalong on TikTok and Instagram to join in.”
Here’s a Belial and Cortana hint that Emmmabooks got:


Cassie Clare is giving me a hint of what to remember for #ChainofThorns which comes out on 1/31/2023! Join me in the #LastHoursReadalong to reread Chain of Gold & Chain of Iron before release day! What are your theories for Chain of Thorns? *Beware spoilers in the comments!*ad: @simonteen

♬ original sound – emmmabooks

A newsletter recap wouldn’t be complete without some art:

These boys look so dapper!

The Chain of Iron US paperback is going to be published on January 3, 2023 and in addition to the spine art, there is also going to be a map of London “with significant places from the books marked out and illustrated, like James and Cordelia’s house, Matthew’s flat, and the Hell Ruelle.”
Get your copy here!

Barnes & Noble will have a special edition of Chain of Gold just in time for the holidays: “This deluxe edition features a redesigned cover with foil stamping, gilded edges, colored endpapers, and a satin ribbon.”
Pre-order your copy here!

Cassie’s online project Secrets of Blackthorn Hall still is ongoing and her last two entries are absolute must-reads! Here’s Kit writing to Ty (!) and then there’s art of Kit and Ty meeting again (!) for the first time since Queen of Air and Darkness!

If you are subscribed to Cassie’s newsletter, you got a download link for “Life is a Book” aka a PDF with “all the extras, deleted scenes, and tidbits from The Infernal Devices.” I’ve helped with this file and you really do not want to miss this thank you from Cassie! Subscribe to the newsletter now and you might get the file as a welcome gift. 🙂

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