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Read the prologue and first chapter of ‘Chain of Thorns’ and many new snippets

Happy Friday! Am I the only one who likes dates like 9/9? 🙂
Things have been a bit quiet here but now I’m back with loads of Chain of Thorns related stuff! Yesterday a new newsletter issue dropped so we have some things to talk about.
First of all, if you are impatiently waiting for Chain of Thorns to be released, maybe the prologue and the first chapter will help you with the wait (or not, read at your own risk).

In her newsletter, Cassie also shared her Chain of Thorns playlist: “Notes on a couple songs: “Lilith” seems self-explanatory. “Angry Too” could really apply to any of the female characters tired of the Edwardian patriarchy! “Other Side” made me think of a character who passes away in the book. “One More Hour” makes me think of Anna and Ariadne, and “Mess It Up” of James and Cordelia. Regardless, enjoy!”


We have a lot of snippets this time so settle back and enjoy!

They better kiss!
Here’s Matthew talking to Cordelia:

I’m also offended, Oscar is a very good dog!
The next snippet was a birthday present for my dear friend Rossella from She’s a big Jordelia shipper.

Well, this makes me sad. 😦
We also have new Chain of Thorns art and there is going to be more in the following weeks/months:

These character portraist are going be available at Cassie’s tour next year.
And last but not least, there’s also a new Sword Catcher snippet:

If you don’t want to miss any snippets, art or other cool stuff, make sure to subscribe to Cassie’s newsletter.

Chain of Thorns is published on January 31, 2023! How excited are you for the book and what do you think of the prologue and the first chapter?

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