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FYI: ‘Chain of Thorns’ special editions and four snippets

Happy Monday and happy Halloween if you celebrate today. Today I’ve got four Chain of Thorns snippets for you, art, and a breakdown of all the special editions that are/will be available for the final The Last Hours book:

Let’s check out the snippets first.

“We will be journeying to the heart of Hell together. Are you worried?” x

This one is thanks to the Shadowhunter Army newsletter. You can subscribe to it here.

We also have a snippet from the Matthew letter that’s in the Waterstones edition (more on that edition below):

I tell you, James, I left that chill and damp tavern greatly inspired. I share these words with you because, while you are not one to descend into the damp and chill places of the world for the sake of a party, as I am, your life is also grand, and like me you are destined to love grandly, to suffer grandly, and to celebrate grandly.

There’s also a snippet that made me laugh out loud:

And a snippet for all the Lucie & Jesse aka ghostwriter shippers:

“Nothing’s happening,” Lucie said, after a moment.

“Speak for yourself,” Jesse muttered.

“I mean it. I don’t feel like I’m about to faint.” She raised her chin. “Maybe we need to be touching a bit more intensely. It could be more than just touching. It could be . . . desire.” She laid her hand against his cheek; his green eyes flared darkly. “Kiss me.” x

There’s also cute ghostwriter art by Loweana. I love this throwback to Chain of Iron.

The character cards by Nicole Deal also continued, we got Thomas and Alastair looking fierce and about to fight:

In her October newsletter, Cassandra Clare also summed up all the special editions that are going to be available for Chain of Thorns:

1) There is of course the first edition (US). It will included black and white illustrations by Alexandra Curte and a short story about Cordelia and Lucie. To make sure that you’ll be getting a first edition, pre-order the book at your local (indie) book shop or online.

2) The next special edition (US) is from LitJoyCrate with:

  • “An exclusive piece of fan art
  • Rose gold foiled slipcase
  • A signed bookplate
  • A bonus LitJoy exclusive letter”

3) Next is the Waterstones edition. You’ll get all the extras from the US first edition plus the aforementioned letter from Matthew to James.
You can pre-order your copy here. Shipping is either GBP 9.00 or GBP 12.50 depending on where you live. You can click this link to check delivery options and prices. Readers from the European Union, please take note that you most likely have to pay a customs fee for the book.

4) Then there is another UK edition from Illumicrate and it’s actually a mini box:

  • “An exclusive edition of Chain of Thorns, redesigned cover on a naked hardback with pink foil details, sprayed edges, a quote on the spine, and is stamped with my signature. All UK first editions (including this one) feature artwork endpapers, black and white illustrations throughout, and a bonus story.
  • A set of dust jackets for The Last Hours trilogy, designed by Rosie Thorns @rosiethorns88 to fit the UK hardback editions.”

You can find more information here.

5) And finally there is the gorgeous FairyLoot (UK) edition:

“Features a Hardcover Design with foil on the front and back – no dust jacket
sprayed edge with a solid top and bottom edge
✨Black and white illustrations throughout the book included in all UK hardback editions
✨Bonus Artwork: a single illustration in full color included in all UK hardback editions
✨a Bonus Short Story included in all UK hardback editions
✨Stamped Signature”

If you want to purchase this edition, you will find everything you need to know if you follow this link.

Cassie’s newsletter also addressed the end of Secrets of Blackthorn Hall:

The very last Secrets of Blackthorn Hall was posted on Monday, October 17. A big thank you to everyone who commented, shared, made fan art, made memes, and made podcasts for Kraig. It was super fun to do an epistolary and to see what our heroes are up to between The Dark Artifices and The Wicked Powers.

A Kickstarter to fund the printing and distribution of a physical book is in progress — it will also include some other fun stuff as bonus tiers, like an updated Notable Shadowhunters and Downworlders flower book. Keep an eye on the SOBH tumblr, because that’s where I’ll be posting updates about the Kickstarter.

That’s everything for today. Stay safe and enjoy the candy. 😀

Which editions are you going to buy? Leave a comment below.

Chain of Thorns is published on 31 January 2023, less than 100 days to go now!

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