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Cassandra Clare shares new ‘Chain of Thorns’ snippets and art

Good morning, afternoon or evening! The release of Chain of Thorns is getting closer and closer since we’re now down to double digits and today I can share two new snippets and new art by Nicole Deal with you:

Here’s a short snippet from the Shadowhunter Army November newsletter:

“Heaven will not help you. And you will learn the price of spurning Hell.”

Cassandra Clare also shared a longer snippet on her twitter:

I couldn’t wait for your return to speak with you.
He sounded serious, and though Silent Brothers always sounded serious, there was something in Jem’s manner that made James’s stomach lurch.
“Belial?” James whispered.
To his surprise, Jem shook his head. Grace.

I wonder why Jem wants to talk about Grace.

The new art features Jesse and alive is a really good look for him. 😉

It’s so nice to see the Blackthorn Sword!

Furthermore, the special Barnes & Noble edition of Chain of Gold is now available.

Looks like an awesome Christmas gift. 😀

Chain of Thorns is published on January 31, 2023! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy!

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