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Jemima West cast as Isabelle Lightwood

After a long drought without movie news, Cassandra Clare has shared some pretty exciting news.

We have an Alec and we have an Isabelle.

This will probably be up on Deadline and all the other good places soon enough, but Sony told me I could spill the news so I AM GOING TO. I’ve been traveling and doing Dark Artifices research in Italy and Vatican City so I wasn’t hiding from y’all, but it is nice to come back with BIG FUN NEWS TO SHARE.

Jemima West (The Borgias) has been cast as Isabelle Lightwood in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Here is what Clare had to say about her:

Jemima West. She’s beautiful (like whoa) and really talented. You can see her as Vittoria on The Borgias right now. And before anyone freaks out that she is blonde, she’ll be dying her hair for the role. 🙂 She had a lot of Izzy’s toughness and directness in her audition. I like her.

Clare confirmed that Phoebe Tonkin, who was a fan favorite for the role, did in fact audition for Isabelle.

Clare was asked to hold off on announcing Alec just now, but do not fret as his identity will soon be known. She did confirm that is NOT Nicholas Hoult. Here’s what she had to say:

I just got asked to hold off on announcing Alec. Honestly, I do not do these things to torture you, I am feeling tortured myself at the moment! I can say he’s a British actor*, he has dark hair, I’m pretty sure you know who he is, I like him a lot, I’m pleased he’s going to be Alec. He and Jemima are going to be gorgeous siblings. (and I just posted some photos of her with dark hair.)

[It’s *not* Nicholas Hoult!]

Clare further explained:

Basically, I got a call from the studio that Alec and Izzy were confirmed and to go ahead and blog about it. I got through blogging Izzy and got a call saying “Hold off on Alec.” So I waited, and I just got off the phone again and basically: I can’t tell you who Alec is because — well, I don’t entirely know why, but it has to do with his schedule, and telling could get a bunch of people shot.

Or something. I am not entirely sure; Hollywood moves like molasses except when it moves like gunpowder and calls me back halfway through a Tumblr post. Do NOT stay up waiting for this news: it could actually be a few days, though I am going to be optimistic and hope for shorter.

For those asking about all the other parts: there are actors under serious consideration for every major part at this point. Just because Alec and Isabelle’s contracts got finished first doesn’t mean they aren’t in the middle of casting everyone else.

I go back to Vatican City and hide in the Popemobile. In the meantime, at least enjoy that Izzy is cast, she’s great, and we’re on the downward slope: there WILL be more casting news and it’ll be soon and it’ll be cool.

Clare confirmed that these actors will NOT be portraying Alec:

  • Nicholas Hoult
  • Ben Barnes
  • Douglas Booth
  • Freddie Highmore
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Chris Riggi

Lily Collins (Clary) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) are also attached to star.

Filming is slated to begin on August 15 in Toronto. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is slated for an August 23, 2013 theatrical release.

What do you think of Jemima?

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41 Comments on Jemima West cast as Isabelle Lightwood

  1. MarieMissHerondale // June 19, 2012 at 7:57 PM // Reply

    holy crap…

  2. OMG ! I LOVE Jemima West !!! Im sooo glad !
    Hope she will color her black though.. or not ! i dont know ! IM JUST SO HAPPY !

  3. thenameisces // June 19, 2012 at 8:02 PM // Reply

    Alec..British…Could it be Nicholas Hoult? ..maybe? maybe not?xD not expecting much..

  4. Omg Nicholas boult please be u!!!! Can’t wait !!

  5. I wasn’t so sure about her as blonde!
    But i’ve just saw her photos on tumblr with brown hair… and OMG!
    She is like the Izzy of my imagination! 😀

  6. Its awesome just to hear news and she will be great as Isabelle! Can’t wait for the actors who will please Alec 😀

  7. Since it’s not Nicholas coult the only other british actors I know are robert pattinson or the whole cast of Harry potter….. If it’s Daniel radcliff id die…. Who else could it be???? Dark hair and British damnnn

    • hmmm maybe its someone who isnt really well known

      • Well she said we’d know them soo maybe prob not I doubt him or Robert patterson want another YA series…. What other actors are British!? Ahh!

  8. Looks great for Isabelle, though I am sad that it isn’t Phoebe Tonkin, I mis TSC

  9. I think she’s gorgeous! There’s been rumour on Tumblr that it’s Ed Westwick as Alec.

  10. She’s really pretty!!! Now…. who is alec!!!! CC was told to hold off that info for some reason!!! im dieing here!!!!!

  11. Oh MY GOSH! FINALLY SOME NEWS I AM SOOO FRICKEN EXCITED!!! She is beautiful! If Cassandra likes her, I like her! It finally feels very realistic, now that they have another person casted. Now I really want to know who Simon and Alec is!!

  12. ~TMI & TID Fangirl~ // June 19, 2012 at 9:22 PM // Reply

    Jemima will make a perfect Izzy!Even though I’m slightly dissapointed that Nicholas Hoult WON’T be playing Alec,I’m very excited to find out who will portray him and the rest of the cast!:D

  13. This is killing me. Who was cast as Alec? I can’t think of any other actors we’d know besides the ones she named. Oh, and love the choice of Isabelle. I’ve seen her current show and I could totally see her as Isabelle.

  14. Andrew Garfield I have my money on. His british. Brown hair. Maybe?

  15. Could Tom Sturridge be Alec??!

  16. ~TMI & TID Fangirl~ // June 19, 2012 at 9:50 PM // Reply

    I hope it’s not too much longer until we find out who the rest of the cast is.

  17. Wow! this cast so far is awesome Lily & yes Jamie too.
    This cast is like the one in my imagination,this is so creepy…0_o

  18. Maybe Max Irons could be Alec?… I think he auditioned for the part of Jamie but maybe they liked him as Alec. He got brown hair, pretty well known, is british, and made out with Ben Barnes in Dorian Gray! I could see him as Alec for sure!

  19. OMG! mercy please. Alec, this is the role I was waiting for and I can’t even know who the hell is he yet!


  21. Wow, I am super-happy with Jemima as Izzy – YAAAY! 🙂
    It’s absolutely phenomenal that we finally got casting news after such a long wait! And you know what? Going by the people they’ve chosen so far, TMI is going to have one hell of a good-looking and talented cast!

  22. After a long drought without movie news, Cassandra Clare has shared some pretty exciting news.

  23. OMG!!!!I’am so happy with Jemima as Isabelle!She’s perfect for the role.But it’s killing me to not know who is Alec and Simon

  24. Wow, I just love her! She’s perfect for Isabelle, I can’t wait to see it!


  26. TeamEdwardJace // June 20, 2012 at 6:42 PM // Reply

    wow that’s where jemima’s from! i watched one or two episodes from the first season and then decided it was boring but maybe I could get into it again cuz of her! i love her as Izzy!

  27. TeamEdwardJace // June 20, 2012 at 6:43 PM // Reply

    and ed westwick could be a good alec or great alec depending

  28. depressed much? // June 21, 2012 at 4:42 AM // Reply

    noo..noooooo they got it alwrong i wanted adelaide kane whose younger and prettier and more of an isabelle to me shes discribed as tall and slim and b y the looks of it lilly collins is much more taller than her for some reason i’ve always imagined that jade girl from victorios as isabelle im a the only one???

  29. i looove who they chose for Clary and Izzy! not so sure about Jamie as Jace but for all the other movies all the fans didnt like the cast. like for harry potter, twilight, and the hunger games. but then they pulled through and everyone looved them. so im sure Jamie will do great! cant wait to find out who plays Alec and Simon!!!!

  30. … Colin Morgan? He might be able to portray Alec, though he always looks slightly happy, so maybe not.

  31. she’s just perfect!! i can’t wait for her to kick ass. :>

    i’ve searched for british actors, maybe TOM STURRIDGE? ❤

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