VH1 talks ‘Mortal Instruments’ with Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers + Cassandra Clare

VH1 caught up with three of the stars of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones — Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers — along with author Cassandra Clare to talk about the film.


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The Outsiders Perspective – A review from a “Non-Fandom” View

While waiting for the premiere of  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones to start I got talking to a wonderful fan who had won premiere tickets, and whom I had previously met named Teiah Faulk (16). I asked who was with her (who turned out to be her brother Marc Brooks [27].) Knowing how fans can come across I told Marc that he was a very nice older brother and asked if he wouldn’t mind giving me his complete and utterly honest opinion about the movie, as sometimes a review from a fan like me could be taken as biased.


When the movie ended  Teiah  said ” I thought it was amazing… They got most of the facts from the books in. There were some changes but it all worked…If you don’t die from the Clace feels then I don’t know you must be a mundane”  Then I asked what Marc thought to which he replied a short and sweet “I thought it was pretty good.”  As that was not the most sparkling of reviews (and I didn’t want to keep them from getting home) I thanked both Teiah and Marc and they went on their way.

It wasn’t until later when I was contacted by Teiah on twitter informing me, if I would like a more in depth review from Marc we could skype call. I immediately agreed and the following is my interview with Marc…. The 27 year old male who brought his sister to the premiere … non-fandom … TMI virgin (if you don’t mind the term)


What did you think of the movie?

“I was trying to be objective as I watched it. I like action movies and the action sequences were done really well. The set up of the storyline was easy to follow and really fast to understand.”

On a scale from 1-10 what would you rate this movie as?


What was your favorite part of the Movie? 

“The one girl shadowhunter the one with the whip I thought she was pretty cool.”

Anything that you found interesting?

“I’m really anxious to see what happens with the incest story line, that was a little weird.”

After seeing the movie would you read books?



“The way that the movie exposed the story was done well.  I’m interested to see what I would come up with  in my own mind as a opposed to seeing it on the screen.”

Would you see the sequel? 

“Yes. I’m excited for the sequel I want to see what happens.”

Would you suggest it to your friends? (Particularly guys)

“Yes. I think the action sequences would be something that they would like, and the world they set up was very dark, it was really cool.”

I wanted to personally thank Teiah and Marc for their reviews. It’s always good to have a super fan and an outsider’s view. I think that Marc’s reaction speaks for itself. This truly is a movie that is not just for the “fangirls” but for a good, entertaining, action packed movie.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits most theaters August 21st. Make sure you take that “non-fan” with you and tell us how you both liked the movie!

CITY OF BONES Read-Along: Chapter 17: The Midnight Flower


Shadowhunters! We’re your next stop on the City of Bones Read-Along.

Continuing now until August 12, TMI SourcePage to PremiereMundie Momsand Fangirlish will be hosting a read-along to prepare you for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits theaters on August 21.


This chapter needs no introduction. But I’ll go on anyway. Jace takes Clary up to the greenhouse, where he assures her that Alec and Isabelle won’t be interrupting because of allergies. And also, he “makes a mean cheese sandwich.” Yum.

Jace gives her a slice of apple as a makeshift birthday cake and proceeds to tell her about his fifth birthday when his father let him take a bath in spaghetti. That’s right, spaghetti. It was”slippery.” Jace begins to open up to Clary slowly as he describes his childhood, revealing that he didn’t have any friends until he was 10 when he first met Alec. “The first time I had a friend.” Jace describes how he used to travel the world with his father before he died. Since then he hasn’t left New York. Clary opens up about her own father, who passed away before she was born and we see the wall around Jace begin to slip a little more.

When the clock strikes midnight, Jace directs Clary to a green shrub they’d been sitting beside and watch as it blooms before them. But they don’t bloom at any time. “Only at midnight. Happy birthday, Clarissa Fray.” Jace then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a witchlight rune-stone, which “will always bring you light,” and gives it to Clary as a birthday gift. After some talking about tattoos when Clary shows Jace a chicken pox scar on her shoulder, Jace suggests they head back downstairs. Clary can’t help the words that come out of her mouth when she asks if Jace has ever dated Isabelle. She pins the blame on Simon being the only one interested in this information. The answer is no. Isabelle is a sister to him. Clary lets her insecurity show as she talks about Isabelle’s beauty. Jace surprises Clary when he calls her beautiful. It’s enough to make all of our hearts flutter.

As they make a second attempt to head downstairs, Clary sees Jace’s knife on the ground and pulls back to avoid stepping on it and she bumped into him. He reached his hand out to steady her and she turned to apologize. And then they were kissing. Swoon.

They’re interrupted by the sudden appearance of Hugo, who is watching them. Their third attempt at heading downstairs is successful and as they hold hands on the walk back to her room. The mood is different. Jace is different. This is a side of Jace that we — and Clary — haven’t yet seen.

Outside of her room, Clary thanks Jace for the birthday picnic, their hands still locked.”Aren’t you tired?” she asks. “I’ve never been more awake,” he responds. They lean into another kiss. Which just happens to be at the exact time that Simon opens the door and finds the girl he’s been in love with for years kissing a stranger. It’s the aftermath that is captivating, as well. Just as quickly as Jace’s guard was down with Clary it’s immediately built back up with the arrival of Simon. He brushes off the moment he and Clary shared before heading back to his room. “Don’t worry it wasn’t that memorable for me either.”

Clary heads inside her room to deal with the aftermath with Simon. Tempers and emotion flare between the best friends as Simon finally admits that he’s been harboring feelings of love — “sexy love,” as Robert Sheehan calls it — for Clary. “I was trying to make you jealous!” Simon said. “You’re so stupid, Clary. You’re so stupid, can’t you see anything?” The big reveal — at least for this chapter ;-) — “I’ve been in love with you for ten years.” Clary doesn’t know how to respond. She begins to question her feelings for him, realizing that she had never thought about her feelings for Simon.  As Simon heads out of her room he tells Clary that his mother was right about something. “She said you’d break my heart.”

When Simon leaves, Clary cradles her sketchpad like a life raft. Her mind is filled with the fresh memory of what had just happened with Simon, as well as Jace. As she stares at the sketch of Jace she had drawn, she brushes her fingers over the wings she’d drawn letting her mind wander. She jumped. She had felt them. The feathers. Clary immediately reached for some pencils and began drawing a coffee mug sitting on the nightstand. She grabbed the mug from her nightstand, placed it on the page and began drawing runes next to it.

Head to Page To Premiere for Chapter 18 tomorrow (August 6).

CITY OF BONES Read-Along: Chapter 13: The Memory of Whiteness


Shadowhunters! We’re your next stop on the City of Bones Read-Along.

Continuing now until August 12, TMI Source, Page to Premiere, Mundie Momsand Fangirlish will be hosting a read-along to prepare you for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits theaters on August 21.


This chapter picks up at Magnus’ party immediately after the revelation that Clary’s mom was responsible for the block in her mind. We learn that Magnus has seen Clary every two years since she was two years old where he would recast the spell. Jocelyn had Magnus blind her of the Sight. When Clary asks Magnus to take the spell off he tells her he cannot. But the spell is beginning to wear off. Clary is worried that she’s “damaged,” but Magnus assures her that every teenager feels that way. Magnus opens up about his past — about his churchgoing parents and how they reacted to their son “bearing the devil’s mark.”

To help Clary remember, Magnus shows her the Gray book. Clary watches as runes appear as she flips each page and recognizes their meanings. Jace explains that Magnus showed her the rune for understanding and remembrance in hopes of activating “dormant memories.”

Clary tells Magnus she still doesn’t remember about the Mortal Cup. Magnus said he saw nothing of the Mortal Instruments in her memories. It’s here where we discover why the series is named so. He goes on to explain the Mortal Instruments and how Angel Raziel gifted a cup, a sword and a mirror to the first Shadowhunters. The Silent Brothers have the sword and the cup and mirror were in Idris until Valentine. Jace tells Magnus that Valentine is after the Cup. Magnus won’t help them find the Cup. Even if could. He won’t.

Back at the party, Clary, Jace and Ale find Isabelle and she tells them that Simon is a rat. Seriously. A rat. Clary hurries to the bar where Simon is hiding under. She drops to her knees and peers under and sees beady eyes. Simon. Simon the rat scurries out from under the bar and into Clary’s hands. Magnus informs them there’s no point in turning Simon back because the effects will wear off in a few hours. Clary puts Simon the rat in her backpack as they head out. As they are leaving they pass a group of vampires who are complaining about someone vandalizing their motorbikes (we all know it was Jace).

At this point, Magnus clears everyone out. Party’s over. In the crowd leaving the party someone bumps into Clary’s shoulder and brushes her backpack. She looks up and sees a vampire grinning at her. “Hey pretty thing. What’s in the bag?” Jace comes up beside her. “Holy water.”

As they’re leaving, we get our first glimpse of Malec. “Call me?” Magnus pulls Clary aside and tells her there’s a message from her mother. “Keep in mind that when your mother fled from the Shadow World, it wasn’t the monsters she was hiding from…It was them. It was the Shadowhunters.”

As they’re walking back to the Institute, Clary notices that her backpack is open. And Simon is gone.

Clary and Jace head back to Magnus’. He tells them he saw a vampire leave the party with a brown rat in his hands. Jace asks where their lair is. Hotel Dumort, Magnus tells them.

CITY OF BONES Read Along: Chapter 9: The Circle and the Brotherhood


Shadowhunters! We’re your next stop on the City of Bones Read-Along.

Continuing now until August 12, TMI SourcePage to PremiereMundie Momsand Fangirlish will be hosting a read-along to prepare you for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits theaters on August 21.


This chapter begins after Jace realizes that he has just seen the two men that killed his father. Jace becomes closed-off and he, Clary and Simon head to the Institute. (Shadowhunters take the subway. Who knew?) With the knowledge of what just happened, Clary is kind of glad that Jace can’t leave her alone. At least for now.

Next, we’re out front of the Institute, which appears to be a “dump” to our mundane Simon. But as Clary lets her mind relax we see that it was just a glamour and that the a truly gorgeous sight is hidden beneath it. We get a shot of the transformation in the film trailer (which is breathtaking) as we see the glamour melt away and the glorious Institute appear in its place.

Once inside, Jace, Clary and Simon follow Church into the kitchen where Isabelle is busy cooking some peanut-fish-olive-tomato soup (we all know Isabelle should be nowhere near a kitchen). Isabelle gets upset with Jace bringing Simon — a mundane — into the Institute, and Jace tells Isabelle of what happened before that led to this. We get some nice banter between the non blood-related siblings, as well as Clary and Simon.

Clary tags along with Jace to find Hodge, who is in the greenhouse (which will be the setting of a highly-anticipated moment between our two leads. But you already knew that.) Jace explains everything that has happened since they left for Clary’s apartment — the Forsaken attack, Madame Dorothea’s, the portal, Luke’s, Pangborn and Blackwell, but he leaves out the part about the men being the ones who killed his father. Hodge comes to the realization that the Circle is rising again.

Back in the library, Hodge explains about the Circle of Raziel — or Valentine’s Circle — and how the Valentine-led group was “dedicated to wiping out all Downworlders and returning the world to a ‘purer’ state.” We discover that Hodge was a part of Valentine’s Circle, as well as Clary’s mother. But not only was Jocelyn a part of the Circle, she was also Valentine’s wife. So ends Part One.

Head to Page To Premiere for Chapter 10 tomorrow (July 29).

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CITY OF BONES Read-Along: Chapter 5: ‘Clave and Covenant’


Shadowhunters! We’re your next stop on the City of Bones Read-Along.

Continuing now until August 12, TMI Source, Page to Premiere, Mundie Moms and Fangirlish will be hosting a read-along to prepare you for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits theaters on August 21.


Following the events at her apartment, Clary wakes up three days later in the infirmary of the New York Institute. She’s in-and-out of consciousness and she hears about everything that has happened from the voices of Alec and Isabelle. When Clary wakes up she finds Isabelle sitting on a nearby bed. Isabelle fills her in on everything, explains the Institute, Hodge and what happened to Jace’s parents.

After she changes into some of Isabelle’s clothes, Clary wanders the corridor of the Institute until the sound of a piano grabs her attention. She follows the music to a music room where she sees Jace seated at a grand piano, his fingers gliding over the keys. Clary announces herself and we get some nice banter between her and Jace before he takes her to see Hodge, filling her in on the Lightwoods and about Idris.

In the library, Clary first meets Hodge and his raven Hugo. Hodge talks with Clary about what happened with the Ravener demon. Alec walks into the room and in this scene we get the first taste of his hostility towards Clary and she fires right back. There’s a lot of discussion in this scene about Clary, the Ravener attack, Madame Dorothea, Shadowhunters, etc., and Jace reveals that back at Clary’s he drew a mendelin rune on the inside of her arm to help get her to the Institute. Clary learns that the marks could have killed her if she wasn’t a Shadowhunter.

Clary calls Luke to tell him what has happened only to have her heart broken by Luke’s seemingly lack of regard for Clary and her mother. Clary is nearly in tears and Hodge, seeing that, asks Jace and Alec to clear the room. Hodge talks with Clary about everything that has happened to her, starting that night at Pandemonium. Clary mentions “Valentine” and it shocks Hodge. He explains about Valentine — the rogue Shadowhunter — and his distaste for Downworlders, which he explains are vampires, werewolves, faeries, and warlocks. Clary is crushed with so much information in this chapter on the history of the Nephilim, to their dealings, to the other creatures out there, etc.

Hodge agrees to let Clary head back to her place to see what’s left, as long as Jace accompanies her. She sets off after Jace in the weapons room, leaving Hodge to send a secret message. 

From what we’ve heard about how this plays out in the film, Clary and Simon and taken to the Institute by Jace and it’s there where Clary passes out after being bitten by the Ravener demon back at her apartment. Clary wakes up, with an iratze on her arm, to Simon and Jace. I’m excited to see how the rest of this chapter plays out on the big screen!

Head to Page To Premiere for Chapter 6 tomorrow (July 25).

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CITY OF BONES Read-Along: Chapter 1: Pandemonium


Shadowhunters! We’re kicking off the City of Bones Read-Along.

Starting now until August 12, TMI Source, Page to Premiere, Mundie Moms and Fangirlish will be hosting a read-along to prepare you for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits theaters on August 21.


Our story begins outside a little all-ages club called PanDEMONium where we meet our protagonist Clary Fray and her best friend Simon Lewis. Clary’s attention immediately falls on this blue-haired kid trying to get his way into the club. That attention continues when Clary and Simon get inside the club.

Once inside the club, the blue-haired demon’s attention falls on a gorgeous girl with ink black hair wearing a floor-length white dress and a red pendant. The girl beckons him with her eyes and he follows her into a storage room, unaware that he is being followed.

Our attention shifts to Clary and Simon are dancing — albeit awkwardly, but dancing nonetheless — and right out of the gate we know that these two do not fit in to this club scene. We get a sense of Simon’s adorable humor and his and Clary’s relationship. As Simon tries to get Clary’s attention, Clary notices the blue-haired guy’s attention has fallen on a gorgeous black-haired girl. She watches as the blue-haired guy follows the girl into a storage room. Clary watches as two guys slip into the storage room after them, a blond guy holding a knife. Clary shouts for Simon and tells him what she saw, but he didn’t see it. Clary makes her way through the crowd toward the storage room in search of answers.

Back in the storage room, the blue-haired demon discovers the girl’s name is Isabelle. After some flirting he notices a bracelet — no, runes — etched into her skin and before he can react she lashes out and soon is striking him with a whip. The two boys that Clary saw join Isabelle and we, along with the blue-haired demon, learn they are Shadowhunters.

Clary eases her way into the storage room to get to the bottom of what she saw. At first she sees nothing — an empty room — but suddenly she hears voices and sees Isabelle, Jace and Alec. Clary ducks behind a pillar and watches the scene unfold. The blond-haired boy interrogates the blue-haired guy. Words like demons and Clave and dimension are thrown around as Clary can only watch and think they’re insane. The blue-haired boy mentions someone named Valentine, which seems to grab their attention. As Jace prepares to kill the blue-haired guy, Clary jumps out from the behind the pillar and screams for them to stop. The three are are stunned and whip around to get a look at Clary. They seem surprised that they can see her, but of course she doesn’t find it surprising. Why should she? 

Clary begins arguing with Jace and he explains that the blue-haired guy is not a person, but a monster. The blue-haired demon throws himself at Jace and they roll around as the demon claws at Jace. Clary watches as the three work together to kill the demon. Clary doesn’t want to believe them but the body of the blue-haired guy disappears. Jace begins asking Clary questions about her past, wondering why she can see them. Simon then enters, security guard in tow, calling for Clary and she realizes that only she can see these three people standing before her.

Outside the club, Clary and Simon try to hail a cab and they discuss what happened at the club. Clary is beginning to think she’s going crazy.

Head to Page To Premiere for Chapter 2 tomorrow (July 21).

Presenting the CITY OF BONES Read-Along


Shadowhunters! We are less than two months away from the theatrical release of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones on Aug. 21, which means that there are less than two months to prepare with a re-read of City of Bones.

We have teamed up with our friends at Fangirlish, Mundie Moms and Page to Premiere to host a special City of Bones Read-A-Long. The Read-Along will kick off right here on TMI Source on Saturday, July 20, and wrap up on Fangirlish on Monday, August 12.

Every day from July 20 to August 12, one site will be covering one chapter from the book , sharing recaps and our thoughts from Chapter 1 to Epilogue (See schedule below).

Throughout the Read-Along we will be hosting giveaways for some pretty awesome prizes, including City of Bones movie tie-ins signed by Cassandra Clare and lots of Mortal Instruments Hot Topic merchandise.

Check out the Read-A-Long schedule below:

Chapter 1- TMI Source (July 20)

Chapter 2- Page to Premiere (July 21)

Chapter 3 – Mundie Mons (July 22)

Chapter 4 – Fangirlish (July 23)

Chapter 5 – TMI Source (July 24)

Chapter 6- P2P (July 25)

Chapter 7 – MM (July 26)

Chapter 8- Fangirlish (July 27)

Chapter 9- TMI Source (July 28)

Chapter 10- P2P (July 29)

Chapter 11- MM (July 30)

Chapter 12 – Fangirlish (July 31)

Chapter 13 – TMI Source (August 1)

Chapter 14 – P2P (August 2)

Chapter 15- MM (August 3)

Chapter 16- Fangirlish (August 4)

Chapter 17 – TMI Source (August 5)

Chapter 18- P2P (August 6)

Chapter 19 – MM (August 7)

Chapter 20- Fangirlish (August 8)

Chapter 21 – TMI Source (August 9)

Chapter 22 – P2P (August 10)

Chapter 23 – MM (August 11)

Epilogue – Fangirlish (August 12)

We hope you’ll join us as we prepare for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and gush about the book that started it all!

Exclusive Walmart ‘CITY OF BONES’ movie tie-in novel now available

Walmart is selling an exclusive City of Bones movie tie-in novel, which went on sale Tuesday, June 25. The book is on sale for $7.49.

Walmart Movie Tie In

The movie tie-in is not the official one, it’s exclusive only to Walmart. The official movie tie-in with poster art will go on sale July 9.

Here is the Walmart exclusive City of Bones movie tie-in next to the official City of Bones movie tie-in:

Walmart Movie Tie In 2

Be sure to head to Walmart to pick up your copy!

Cassandra Clare thanks fans for their participation in the City of Bones fundraiser

A while ago we reported about Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones fundraiser for the Trevor Project where she offered the chance “to win a cast-autographed copy of City of Bones”. The fundraiser ended on May 31 and fans donated over $ 6,000. Today Cassie sent an email to everyone who supported this cause.

1360711432She wrote:

Thank you for participating the City of Bones fundraiser! Through your contribution to the Trevor Project, you’ve joined in making a real, lifesaving difference in the lives of young people who are often very alone. Your comments have given me so much hope for the world. It means a lot to know that there is such a generous, caring, articulate base of support among my readers. You are all amazing.

Cassie also included an excerpt from the fourth installment of The Bane ChroniclesThe Midnight Heir – which will be released on July 23.

To everyone who donated money – head over to your inboxes to read about Magnus and his latest acquaintance! ;)


While scrolling through Tumblr we discovered a little gem brought to us by Nicky. Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower explaining the story of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones for new audiences for the “Pre Show,” a before the Movie Previews type of advertisement.

Although there is not any new footage of the movie itself, its always good to see promotions going out for the movie. Check out the video below.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits theaters in August.

Partying Like A Shadowhunter in NYC

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Simon & Schuster’s Mortal Instruments party on Thursday, May 30, along with good friends from Mundie Moms, Page to Premiere, Hypable, TMI Institute and others.

We arrived about 10-15 minutes before the doors opened, but I was immediately struck by the location, which resembled the Institute.


We had a feeling we were in the right place when we saw men in tuxes and women in fancy dresses, and we knew we were in the right place when we saw these signs:


Walking into the “Institute” was an unbelievable experience. It opened up into this beautiful looking cathedral with gorgeous lighting and three big screen TVs with the film’s insignia on a stage.There was also a huge Angelic Power rune on the floor right when you walked in. There was music playing in the background–a playlist from Universal Republic, the record label working on the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones soundtrack. Side note: I cannot wait to hear the songs they put on the soundtrack!

Shannon (TMI Institute), Katie (Mundie Moms) and Alyssa (TMI Source)

Shannon (TMI Institute), Katie (Mundie Moms) and Alyssa (TMI Source)

Shannon, Katie, Cassie, Kallie, Val and I

Shannon, Katie, Cassie, Kallie, Val and I

There were two seating areas on each sides of the location where life size covers of all of Cassandra Clare’s books were hung. On one side there were The Infernal Devices and The Bane Chronicles: What Really Happened in Peru.


With my love Will Herondale

With my love Will Herondale

On the other side featured The Mortal Instrumentsincluding the book that started it all:


Also on display by the front door were the three movie tie-in covers–the City of Bones movie tie-in, the Illustrated Movie Companion and the Shadowhunter’s Guide.


On the second floor they had a rune station where guests could get various runes airbrushed on. Every time I went back I just had to get another. I wound up with four runes: Fearless, Angelic Power, Strength and Clairvoyant Sight.


Getting my rune on!

Getting my rune on!

At one point, a group of us, including Page to Premiere’s Kimmy and Amy, decided to get runes on the palm of our hands and reenact the first still we got of Clary. Ladies and gentlemen, our distressed Clary pose:

Me, Amy, Kimmy and Amy doing our distressed Clary pose

Me, Amy, Kimmy and Amy doing our distressed Clary pose

There was also a tarot card reading set-up, but the line was too long so we skipped it.

There were several props from the movie–which Cassie said the actors all used/wore in the film–on display.

The Mortal Cup


The Gray Book


Isabelle’s Electrum Whip and Snake Bracelet


Isabelle’s Ruby Pendant and the Morgenstern Ring


Isabelle’s Stele


Tarot Cards and Witchlight


Cassandra Clare, along with (via video messages) Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers, presented an exclusive five-minute clip from the film. As for the exclusive clip shown at the party, I won’t tell you exactly what happened in the scene, but I will tell you that it was unbelievably epic and–believe it or not–made me want the movie even more than I already did!

As we were departing, we received swag bags, which included the City of Bones movie tie-in (which Cassie signed at BEA on Friday, May 31) and a Mortal Instruments: City of Bones shirt. I managed to snag an extra for one of you lucky Shadowhunters. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for your chance to win these prizes!

photo (4)

I cannot thank Simon & Schuster, Cassie and Sony enough for such an incredible party. I had such a fantastic time hanging out with Cassie and friends. We had a ball partying it up like Shadowhunters!


Cassandra Clare shares photo of CITY OF BONES movie tie-in

On her tumblr account Cassandra Clare posted this image of the CITY OF BONES movie tie-in edition.

Cassandra Clare's copy of the Movie Tie in City of Bones

Cassandra Clare’s copy of the Movie Tie in City of Bones

Cassandra Clare said on her Tumblr

The City of Bones tie-in edition! I’m always a little frightened of tie-in editions but this one came out extremely pretty. I love the creepy upside-down city and the book is shimmery gold on top and shimmery silver on the bottom. Here it is having arrived today, living on my coffee table.

Although this image is not new to the fandom, it is rather fun seeing this picture on the cover of CITY OF BONES. What do you think of the cover? Will you be buying this version of the book purely because of the cover? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

Fan Friday: Various TMI Fanart

Every Friday here at TMI Source is Fan Friday, where we feature a fan who has demonstrated creativity and passion for Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices.

As always, we’ve been getting even more new stills and pictures from the incoming movie City Of Bones, and fans have responded with amazing and hilarious graphics!

“But his father had taught him that to kill without mercy was a virtue, and maybe you could never forget what your parents taught you. No matter how badly you wanted to. Maybe people could never really change.”

[Read more…]

BEA: Cassandra Clare to sign CITY OF BONES movie tie-ins on Friday, May 31

Last month we learned that Cassandra Clare would be signing copies of the City of Bones movie tie-ins at BookExpo America (BEA) in New York City. At that time there was no set schedule for which day she would be signing, but now BEA has released the official autograph session schedule.

Cassie will be signing on Friday, May 31 from 3 pm – 4 pm at Table 5.

City of Bones Movie Tie-In Edition

City of Bones Movie Tie-In Edition

Here are the full details from BEA:

Autographing Session: Cassandra Clare

Date: Friday, May 31 
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: Table 5

Author/Participant: Cassandra Clare

Soon to be a major motion picture in theaters August.


Any of you Shadowhunters going to Cassie’s signing BEA? I (Alyssa) will be there with Katie from Mundie Moms. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

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