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“City of Bones” to be shot in 3D, filming begins late summer/early fall

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While promoting his current film, “Priest,” at WonderCon last weekend, “City of Bones” director Scott Stewart sat down to an interview with, in which he revealed lots of exciting information regarding the movie adaptation of the first book in Cassandra Clare’s best-selling series, “The Mortal Instruments.”

Like “Priest,” which also stars our Clary Fray in Lily Collins, Stewart revealed that “City of Bones” will be shot in 3D, which should only add to the thrill of the world visually.

Stewart has past experience in visual effects and already the production team is working on bringing “The Mortal Instruments” world to life on the big screen, as evidenced by renderings such as the vampire bikes and midnight carriage.

“We’re in the midst of doing a bunch of designs for the vehicles, the weapons, the creatures and the world,” Stewart told

The studio is currently working hard on casting the right actors for the beloved characters in Clare’s series and Stewart expects to start filming in late summer or early fall.

“We’re hoping to get ready to shoot late-summer early-fall,” he told “[We’re] working on the script right now and casting.”

What do you think, Mortal Instruments fans? Are you excited about “City of Bones” being shot in 3D? And just how perfect is Scott Stewart for this job? Oh, and, filming should begin in late summer–how exciting! Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. What a truly amazing piece!

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