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The hunt is on for casting of Simon Lewis

It’s been months since “Mortal Instruments” fans have had any news in regards to the casting of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” and let’s just say that we’re all getting antsy here.

Hollywood Crush sat down with Cassandra Clare last week when she and Holly Black visited New York City and Clare divulged in the latest “City of Bones” movie news.

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Nothing has changed in regards to the casting of Jace Wayland (who we just happened to speculate about in this week’s Movie Monday).

But Clare seemed quite excited with all the possible Jace contenders.

“The search continues for Jace,” Cassie reassured us. “They are auditioning like crazy, which I think is good. To me, it’s kind of funny, this sort of old-fashioned search for the right face. So they’re seeing a whole lot of different people. I can’t name them, but we’ve been talking recently about top contenders and what not, and I’m pretty excited about all of them.”

It’s quite reassuring that Screen Gems is taking the time to really get the casting of Jace right (however excruciating the wait has been).

Could Logan Lerman play the lovable Simon?

But here’s some new, exciting news on the casting front: the hunt for Simon Lewis has begun!

“They’ve started looking for people for Simon,” Clare told Hollywood Crush.

But before they can start bringing in actors to screen test with Lily Collins, they first need to cast Jace.

“But everything kind of rotates around Jace and Clary,” Clare said. “Once you cast Jace and Clary, they have to have chemistry with each other. And all of the other characters have to have chemistry with them. So they’re sort of starting to look at Simon in a broad sense, asking me, ‘What are your ideas for Simon? What do you think he should look like? What is the most important characteristic about him?’ Whoever is going to be Simon is going to have to come in and test with Lily [Collins] and whoever is Jace.”

Filming is slated to begin in late summer or early fall so casting news should be coming quite soon.

So tell us, “Mortal Instruments” fans. Who would you like to see play Simon?

Be sure to head over to Hollywood Crush to read more.

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