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Lily Collins sounds off on the Simon casting discussion

On Monday, Hollywood Crush brought us news, straight from author Cassandra Clare, that the casting process for Simon had begun.

On Tuesday, they delved deeper into the discussion and brought us some perspective from someone who knows Simon well, our Clary Fray, Lily Collins.

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Collins was discussing her upcoming film “Priest,” which hits theaters this Friday (which we are loads excited about) and Hollywood Crush couldn’t resist getting her take on the Simon discussion.

“Well, Simon is very much kind of the boy next door and he grows into a young man and obviously somewhat of a creature, as well,” Lily explained. “He’s very intellectual, smart, edgy. He’s more of the alternative guy. He’s also very vulnerable in the sense that Jace is, but I think he’s less confident with girls and with his looks and with himself.”

Collins is anxious, as are “Mortal Instruments” fans, to watch the dynamic between Simon and Jace.

 “But that makes his journey all that much more exciting because he grows into his own in a different way than Jace does,” she continued. “But again, even physically they look very different and they have very different personalities and they’re from very different worlds.

“It’s going to be interesting to see the parallels that they can play between the two characters as well as contrasting them enough.”

Logan Lerman is a popular choice among fans to take on the role of Simon Lewis in the "City of Bones" movie adaptation.

An actor that is becoming a fan favorite among fans for the role of Simon is Logan Lerman, known for his role as Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief.

Collins actually brought up the Simon casting discussion, and the mention of Lerman, back when she was first cast as Clary Fray with Hollywood Crush in December of 2010.

“The fans of a series like this have such a strong opinion on who they feel would be great as a character, and I feel that’s very backed up because they know the characters in and out,” Collins told Hollywood Crush in December 2010. “I trust a lot of the fans in their opinions. I’ve heard Logan Lerman thrown out for Simon. I’ve also heard about actors I may never have heard of, because they’re more on the independent side. That brings a whole other thing, because an unknown doesn’t bring in a whole lot of background. Hey, I was an unknown not too long ago and I was like, ‘Let me do it; I can prove it to you!'”

Of course, the casting of Simon is contingent on the casting on Jace, which is currently ongoing.

With filming scheduled to begin late summer or early fall, it feels as if casting news is on the horizon.

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4 Comments on Lily Collins sounds off on the Simon casting discussion

  1. I think he’d be perfect. My only qualm is that he’s so much older than the part, like 32 or something.

  2. I don’t know if Logan Lerman should play as Simon because he looks more like an Alec but I guess he could make a good Simon. I just always pictured Simon with brown hair and brown eyes. But if Logan does play as Simon at least he’ll look hot in glasses, and later on without them:)

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