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‘Priest’ gives a preview of what’s to come in ‘Mortal Instruments’

In a general sense, the film “Priest” showed a preview of what we can expect in “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.”

Lily Collins gave us a preview of what to expect from her as Clary Fray as Lucy in "Priest."

Not only does “Priest” star Lily Collins, our Clary Fray, but it is also directed by Scott Charles Stewart, our “Mortal” director, and is being overseen by Screen Gems, the studio that is looking after “Mortal.”

Stewart said that the reason that the producers chose Collins, who didn’t have to audition, to play Clary was because of the similarities in “Mortal’s” Clary and “Priest’s” Lucy.

One of those similarities came in the very beginning of the movie when Lucy was arguing with her mother and father about living so far away from town. I felt like I was watching Clary argue with Jocelyn about their move in the beginning of “City of Bones.”

While Collins spent most of her screen time locked in a cage cowering from the evil vamps, there were definitely more Clary-like moments.

In the scene where Lucy is offered food by the evil Black Hat, the way she holds her chin up defiantly is indeed very Clary, as is the moment where she grabs the knife off of the table.

We got a glimpse of our little Shadowhunter in action when she used that knife in the climax of the movie against Black Hat and when she embraces Hicks (Cam Gigandet) it’s almost as though Clary is embracing Jace (though Gigandet is NO Jace, clearly).

More than ever I want Paul Bettany to play Valentine Morgenstern.

Heading into the movie, I assumed Lucy (Collins) was Priest’s (Bettany) niece. Well, it turns out that she is his daughter that he gave up when he became a Priest.  Oh, the irony.

Paul Bettany had some Valentine moments in "Priest."

Aside from the whole actually caring and saving his daughter thing, there were certain aspects of Bettany’s Priest character that are reminiscent of the sinister Valentine.

As the plot begins to unfold, Priest and Hicks travel to one of the vampire lairs and Priest slaughters them all. Hicks says something along the lines of “I know the look of when someone enjoys killing like it comes easily for you.” That moment gave me chills, as a bloodied Priest turned to look at him with that hunger in his eyes.

That last moment when Priest is holding Lucy was kind of awkward for me as it looked like Valentine holding Clary which was quite disturbing, I must admit.

But there was darkness in Bettany’s character that he played very well and I would love to see him take on the sinister Valentine.

Doesn’t is seem destined that Collins and Bettany play daughter and father again?

With Stewart set to direct “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” we got a glimpse of the creatures of his “Priest” world. As the creatures in the “Mortal” world are quite important, it was nice to see what we might expect to see in “City of Bones.”

The vampires were nasty, some other creatures, who I am not sure of their names at the moment, were downright terrifying. I have all the confidence in the world in Stewart with “City of Bones.”

It was recently announced that “Mortal” would be shot in 3D, as was “Priest,” and I have to say the 3D made the film even better. Can you just imagine a 3D Jace? Deep breaths, ladies, deep breaths.

Overall, “Priest” was a fantastic movie that kept me on the edge of my seat. It was dark, dramatic and thrilling all at the same time, not to mention the hottness factor with Bettany and Cam Gigandet. I would definitely recommend seeing it, as I will likely see it again.

For those who have seen “Priest,” what are your thoughts? What do you make of the paralleling similarities between “Priest” and “Mortal?”

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