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Three actors up for the role of Jace Wayland in ‘Mortal Instruments’

Jamie Campbell Bower, Ed Speleers and Leebo Freeman are reportedly in the running for the role of Jace Wayland in the "Mortal Instruments" movie adaptation.

The Wrap is reporting that three actors are in the running for the role of Shadowhunter Jace Wayland in the upcoming “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” movie adaptation.

According to the report, Jamie Campbell Bower, Ed Speleers and Leebo Freeman all tested with Lily Collins on Friday on the Sony Pictures lot.

Collins was seen leaving the Robert Young Building with Freeman following the screen tests.

Bower is known for his role in The Twilight Saga’s “New Moon” and “Eclipse.” Speleers stared in another book to movie adaptation in “Eragon.” Freeman is a newcomer.

The more I think about it the report makes sense. On Friday, Bower teased his fans about a role that he had screen tested for.

He tweeted the following:

“Screen test done for….. Nah I’ll keep you guessing. Its in fate, producers, actors and directors hands now.”

Could he have been referring to testing with Collins for the role of Jace? Seems likely.

As is everything that has been surfacing over the past couple of weeks, it is just speculation until there is an official announcement.


Cassandra Clare posted the following reply to the report on Twitter last last night:

“I have no reason to think it isn’t and reason to think it probably is (since it is 1am in LA, I am not going to be able to check anything right now.) What I do not think is that this means what you think it means. It is a report that says that three actors tested with Lily Collins. Testing with Lily is the final stage of casting, yes. But that does not mean these are the only three actors who have ever or will ever test with Lily. I know they aren’t. This is something for fans to be pleased about because it means *casting is actively progressing.*

Also: I am not the best source for movie news. I am never going to be. I can only tell you the little bit I know.”

But it’s OK to get excited over this report. What do you guys think?  Could you see one of these three actors as Jace? Who do you think would make the best Jace? Sound off in the comments below!

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28 Comments on Three actors up for the role of Jace Wayland in ‘Mortal Instruments’


    K–that said—- Im for FREEMAN all the way! I think he has the look to pull it off and seems to have “tude 🙂

    Gotta be Leebo, buuut can he act?! He’s a model…..

    I may have to puke a little.

  2. Jamie Campbell Bower would be fantastic.

  3. Movieaddict // May 17, 2011 at 1:06 AM // Reply

    Oh my god. Hot flashes. I think Lebo will be able to carry out that creepy love that Lily Collins talked about on MTV interview the other day. He is creepy but I dont know that Id be able to take my eyes off him. Its like I want to look away but I cant. ughhhhh.

  4. I also had a good feeling about Leebo–go look at some of his modeling pics. Omg’sh.

    I’m sorry, but Jamie looks like a wind swept woman and the ‘ergon’ boy seems too sweet….

    Just my thoughts 😉

  5. honestly, i don’t want any of them for the role of jace….. my vote will forever be with alex pettyfer…
    so, please alex, if ever you come across my comment, do accept the offer….

  6. I’ve never heard of any of these guys but I could totally see the one on the right being a perfect Jace. The other two…not so much. They’re too…baby faced.

    • The more I look at Leebo the more he just screams Jace. Like this photo:

      • I have to say, I was VERY disappointed to find out that Alex wasn’t even mentionned :(. But it was to be expected. He hasn’t shown any real interest in the role since the very beginning so it’s basically his loss. As to these candidates, it’s quite possible that there are more as Cassie Clare mentionned on twitter. Just because these 3 were seen auditionning on Friday with Lily, doesn’t mean others haven’t or won’t this week.

        Having said that, out of the three I think Leebo would be the “right” choice. He looks to have the right kind of attitude as Jace and he’s a newcomer. At this point, I think it would be preferrable to have an unknown. I like Ed Speelers but he just looks too cute LOL. As for Jamie…I just don’t see it. He doesn’t do “it” for me LOL.

      • I have this feeling about Leebo that maybe he’ll get the role. I’d be satisfied with any of the three but there are probably others that have read with Lily, as well.

  7. Yep, I also have a feeling they will go with a relatively unknown actor. It will certainly create lots of havoc because a lot of fans have their heart set on a specific actor. But being unknown, you can’t judge their past work and say he’s not right because you just don’t know. You really have to see what they have to offer.

    In the end, I guess the only person I don’t want to see in the role is Jamie LOL. Sorry, I just can’t picture him as Jace. He’s just too “fragile”. I saw him in Sweeney Todd and Twilight and he’s a good actor. He’s just not Jace….no matter how much muscle he can put on.

  8. i hope when they do finally announce who Jace is there is a huge press conference and they have like a kabuki curtain drop or something-this is what im focusing on at the moment. lol

  9. The only thing I don’t like about Leebo’s look for Jace is that his hair needs to be goldener. I can’t really picture the other two as Jace though, but when it comes down to it – its the acting that counts. (:

  10. Ugh. Ed is not babyfaced anymore. That picture is like 6-7 years old. he’s 23 now there’s just 1 year between Lily and him (just like between Clary and Jace). And I think he really deserves this role. It’s been almost 6 years since Eragon, I think he deserves to show his skills. And I still don’t see Leebo as Jace. I see him as Sebastian… He is handsome (guess so, because for me he’s not) but doesn’t have angelic features. I won’t watch the movie if they pick Leebo. I know I’ve said that when Jennifer was cast as Katniss but (now I’m completely excited about the movie), but I REALLY won’t see the movie if Leebo is Jace. Period. :S

  11. Watch Leebo in the YouTube vids….he looks angelic to meee ; )

  12. No, no, and no! I still see only Alex as Jace.

  13. OK,,, Jamie is soo beyond wrong for the part it’s not even funny,,, i’m not sure this she-man is even a dude. NO NO NO! Out of the 3, Leebo is the closest thing to Jace. BUT, I agree that he would make the perfect Sebastian/Jonathan, he’s totally got that evil sinister look to him!! I know everyone is on the AP train (which i dont disagree on), HOWEVER, we do have to keep in mind that our stud (Jace) is 17 AND this could possibly be a 6 movie deal,,, we need someone with a more youthful look. I think they NEED to go with Austin Robert Butler. There’s a HOT youtube video of him that you all NEED to check out!! I PROMISE,, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTD! He was a guest on Jonas LA (i know i know,, cheesy but ya GOTTA watch it)!!! It’s under AUSTIN ROBERT BUTLER SEXY SHIRTLESS IN JONAS LA. Now imagine that body with ruines all over it! HA-HA-HAAAAAWT!!!!!! He’s 19, 6ft, has a sexy deep voice (although video doesnt do his voice justice) and completely chiseled! This is our Jace,,, I’m tellin’ ya!
    **Now will someone PALEASE contact this boy’s agent ASAP!!!!!!**

  14. Oooo gonna go look!

  15. Those ppl look nothing like Jace and personally the books are always better than the movies but i still want to see someone on set that actually resembles Jace in his god like looks and bad ass attitude. Even though alex pettyfer is supposed to be an ass behind the set he should take that and put it into the movie. And i for one know that most of the books fans want him as jace and if he isnt than no one will come and see it.

  16. JaceWaylandfanatic // May 21, 2012 at 10:50 AM // Reply

    I like Ed Speelers better then all of them!

  17. Are you all blind. The three boys in the pics are ugly and will never fit the jace in the book. The person to be jace should be Alex Pettyfer! Please

  18. Alex Pettyfer!! all the way!!! he has that look, you know? he looks like the type of guy that could play a guy whoi seems as if he’s in love with himself, but on the inside is broken and needs love. Alex Pettyfer fits that role perfecftly!!

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