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‘The Mortal Instruments’ mentioned in Entertainment Weekly

Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover as The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen.

It's a big week for Young Adult books-turning movies in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover in the first ever photos of the Oscar-nominated actress as The Hunger Games' heroine Katniss Everdeen and other books that are in the process of making it to the big screen are featured, including "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones." "Mortal Instruments" is mentioned in a feature titled "Find Me a Twilight," which examines the book series-turning movies that might be the next big Hollywood blockbuster, and they seem to think "Mortal Instruments" has the best shot to take the crown. Here's the excerpt from the story (which is on page 86):
City of Bones Cassandra Clare, Screen Gems Some industry insiders see Clare's Mortal Instruments series as the most likely to inherit the Twilight mantle. "I think that's the really big one. It's got the biggest fanbase online from our experience," says Breanne Heldman, senior editor at MTV's NextMovie. City of Bones, the first in a planned six book series, shares some of the ingredients that helped Twilight become a hit, like an Everygirl heroine, Clary--to be played by Lily Collins--who learns about the supernatural from a most appealing boy. "Jace, the male character--he's very Edward," says Heldman, "but with more attitude." Simon and Schuster has published four Mortal Instruments books; the fifth hasn't been schedule (EDIT: Clare corrected EW, as City of Lost Souls has a release date of May 2012. )
Here's the scan from the magazine:

First, JACE > EDWARD every time.

Second, CLARY > BELLA every time.


Now, what are your thoughts?

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12 Comments on ‘The Mortal Instruments’ mentioned in Entertainment Weekly

  1. I used to love Twilight. Now I’m kind of over it. And though TMI and Twilight are similar, they’re also very different and I think I love TMI even more than I loved Twilight (I think the Malec subplot had something to do with that lol).

    • Malec is simply the greatest.

      As for the whole Twilight thing, I think the movies kind of ruined it. They were nothing like the books–not in terms of plot but it seemed as if they changed the characters and the feel of the story, the reason that so many people fell in love with it.

      I just hope they don’t do the same to TMI.

  2. I luhuhuv TTS, but TMI is taking the lead for me and all my obsessed buds now!!! I agree with your equations : )

    Also, Edward and Jace are SO not the same. Don’t think that person has read the books??

    Getting my EW copy as we speak!

    • Amen! I don’t think that person truly understands how different those two characters are and how her comments will ignite a fan base.

      Also can’t you just picture Lily and whoever our Jace is on the EW cover! 🙂

  3. um jace is like Edward? Fuck off. They are two very different characters. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE both characters but to say they are somewhat the same is just ridiculous!

  4. And one is alive and the other dead. Pfft- kinda important.

    ❤ both though.

  5. Oh and I adore the new look! Xo

  6. WTF?! They just insullted jace – he’s not like Edward at all. Ew! I hate that there comparing it to twilight and if all they’re looking for is the next twilight to make big bucks and not telling a great story faithfully then I’m out. Defnitely not watching hunger games- but feeling strangely optimistic about tmi

    • If they were comparing it to Twilight in sole terms of success then I would like it. But when they start comparing series they need to realize how different they are and that it’s not all about money it’s about substance.

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