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Movie Monday: Dealing with the inevitable ‘Twilight’ comparisons

Every Monday here at The Mortal Instruments Source is Movie Monday, where we talk about one of the many topics involving the movie adaptation of “City of Bones.”

It's difficult for any young adult book series-turning movie franchise to escape the inevitable "Twilight" comparisons.

It's difficult for any young adult book series-turning movie franchise nowadays to escape the inevitable "Twilight" comparisons. In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, "The Mortal Instruments" was highlighted in a feature called “Find Me a Twilight,” which examines the book series-turning movies that might be the next big Hollywood blockbuster. Is it any real surprise that they think "The Mortal Instruments" has the best shot?
Some industry insiders see Clare’s Mortal Instruments series as the most likely to inherit the Twilight mantle. “I think that’s the really big one. It’s got the biggest fanbase online from our experience,” says Breanne Heldman, senior editor at MTV’s NextMovie. City of Bones, the first in a planned six book series, shares some of the ingredients that helped Twilight become a hit, like an Everygirl heroine, Clary–to be played by Lily Collins–who learns about the supernatural from a most appealing boy. “Jace, the male character–he’s very Edward,” says Heldman, “but with more attitude.”
Fans came to the defense of "Mortal Instruments" following the article that dubbed the New York Times bestselling series the next "Twilight." "I used to love 'Twilight.' Now I’m kind of over it," said TMI Source reader Jessi. "And though 'TMI' and 'Twilight' are similar, they’re also very different and I think I love 'TMI' even more than I loved 'Twilight.'" The main criticism comes at the article's comparison of Jace and Edward, the two leading men of the each respected series. While I see where someone might think a comparison would suffice--as both characters are the main males and love interests of the female protagonists--at the same time it is unfair--and perhaps dangerous--to say that one character is like another. "They are two very different characters," said TMI Source reader Belle. "Don’t get me wrong I LOVE both characters but to say they are somewhat the same is just ridiculous!"

Perhaps the author didn’t do their homework, according to TMI Source reader Devon.

“Edward and Jace are SO not the same,” she said. “Don’t think that person has read the books?”

Lily Collins headlines "The Mortal Instruments" movie franchise as heroine Clary Fray.

The fact is that a franchise dubbed the next “Twilight” is actually a complement in the eyes of a movie studio. More money equals more movies which equals happy fans and happy studio execs.

But is money the most important thing?

With any book to film adaptation there is the concern of the big, bad change. What will be translated to the big screen? What will be left out? What will added?

If “Twilight” is any example of what is to be held for YA books turning movies it is that the minds behind the adaptation are trying to keep it as close to the book as possible to satisfy the fans.

Though it is still early on into the “City of Bones” movie process, Screen Gems has been very kind to fans. Cassandra Clare herself confirmed that they intend to stick as close to the book as possible, which includes remaining true to several somewhat controversial story-lines.

The “Twilight” comparisons are going to come; they are unavoidable. “Mortal Instruments” is not the first and not likely to be the last book series that will fall victim to the comparisons.

Screen Gems is hoping that a couple years down the line that other movie studios will be looking for the next “Mortal Instruments.”

But each and every series is unique and there will never be another one like it, regardless of what Hollywood says.

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4 Comments on Movie Monday: Dealing with the inevitable ‘Twilight’ comparisons

  1. I think it is very possible that TMI has the possibility to “be the next twilight” mostly because the source material is a lot stronger. My issue with Twilight the books is they are not that well written and by breaking dawn Stephenie Meyer broke the rules of the world she created. I am not worried about that with cassie. Any movie adaption draws attention to the books and vice versa. With TMI and The Hunger Games I’m excited because the main female characters are strong. (I would say this also of Ally Condie’s Matched and the Maggie Stiefvater Mercy Falls books too-these books have also been set in motion to be movies)

    slightly off topic i have it on good authority that alex pettyfer is still in the NYC area and should I run into him I am going to be like WHAT is the DEAL kind sir…

    • If you run into Alex be sure to have a word with him!

      And I agree. Books like TMI and Hunger Games have the potential to actually be bigger than Twilight because of the depth of the material. It’s not all about a hot guy. It’s got strong heroines that fight their own battles and a very strong storyline.

  2. I love that you used my comment in here! ^_^

  3. I don’t disagree with this blog post!!!

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