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Movie Monday: Casting Simon Lewis

Every Monday here at The Mortal Instruments Source is Movie Monday, where we talk about one of the many topics involving the movie adaptation of “City of Bones.”

Who should play Simon in the "City of Bones" movie?

For the well-being of everyone’s mental health, I say it’s time to take a break from the Jace casting speculation. Let’s take a look at another leading man in “The Mortal Instruments,” our favorite vampire, Simon Lewis.

Despite the on-going casting search for Jace, Cassandra Clare revealed to Hollywood Crush a few weeks ago that Screen Gems was already looking at actors for Simon.

“They’ve started looking for people for Simon,” Clare said.

But of course the casting of Simon is dependent upon who they cast as Jace, as the actor will have to have chemistry with both Lily Collins and the actor who will portray Jace.

“But everything kind of rotates around Jace and Clary,” Clare said. “Once you cast Jace and Clary, they have to have chemistry with each other. And all of the other characters have to have chemistry with them. So they’re sort of starting to look at Simon in a broad sense, asking me, ‘What are your ideas for Simon? What do you think he should look like? What is the most important characteristic about him?’ Whoever is going to be Simon is going to have to come in and test with Lily [Collins] and whoever is Jace.”

If there’s anyone who knows Simon it’s his best friend Clary Fray, who will be portrayed by Lily Collins.

“Well, Simon is very much kind of the boy next door and he grows into a young man and obviously somewhat of a creature, as well,” Collins told Hollywood Crush. “He’s very intellectual, smart, edgy. He’s more of the alternative guy. He’s also very vulnerable in the sense that Jace is, but I think he’s less confident with girls and with his looks and with himself.”

Collins discussed the different dynamics between the two main men in her “Mortal Instruments” life.

”But that makes his journey all that much more exciting because he grows into his own in a different way than Jace does,” she continued. “But again, even physically they look very different and they have very different personalities and they’re from very different worlds.

“It’s going to be interesting to see the parallels that they can play between the two characters as well as contrasting them enough.”

So the question becomes, what characteristics does an actor need to possess in order to pull off the cocky Jace Wayland?

  • He’s gotta rock those Simon glasses
  • Sweet
  • Loyal
  • Honest
  • Sarcastic
  • Protective



Logan Lerman has become a popular fan suggestion for the role of Simon. Just draw some glasses on this boy and he is perfect. Lerman even got a mention from our Clary–Lily Collins.

“I trust a lot of the fans in their opinions,” said Collins. “I’ve heard Logan Lerman thrown out for Simon.”


Max Reed already has some experience in portraying Simon Lewis, as he took on the role for the “City of Fallen Angels” book trailer. In fact, he did so well that fans have even started  campaign to get Max on as Simon. He definitely has the look and an understanding for the character.


There’s also been mention of Asher Book to play Simon, though I’m not as familiar with him as these other actors. But still he looks like he has the Simon look–just plaster on some glasses and we’re good to go.

So now I ask you, “Mortal Instruments” fans. Who is your pick to play Simon Lewis in the upcoming film adaptation of “The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones?”

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39 Comments on Movie Monday: Casting Simon Lewis

  1. Logan Lerman is perfect for Simon 🙂

  2. ohhyeah96 // June 1, 2011 at 1:08 AM // Reply

    I think Logan Lerman would be the perfect Simon and I hope he auditions. Though at the same time I’m worried that the taping schedule would clash with that of Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters. Though I hope he gets that part 😀

    • I thought they weren’t making anymore Percy Jackson movies because they left out to much info in the first one??

      • No, I saw the girl for Annabeth on IMDb the other day, and it said she was in postproduction for the next movie.

  3. Logan seem’s too young

  4. i think asher would work out better as simon ..because i keep seeing simon as lean tall and a little nerdy put the glasses on asher and you got it ..thouugh this is just from looks alone i dont know about his acting skills . .. logan seem a little um well on the small side and he doesnt seem old enough to play simon .just like how he was to oold in the percy jakson movie.and rember simon get turned into a vampire and as clary menction he get real hot. so ya longans to young looking and ashers got the build but im unsher of his acting

  5. I was just creating a list of my own, and Logan Lerman came to mind, not because I was a fan of his acting, it was that I saw his face upon passing photos and later when I was looking up ideas for Simon I thought of that picture I saw, not even realising who it was. Come to find out, I wasn’t the first to think he would fit into the role of Simon quite nicely. I guess I’m behind the times but I thought it was quite the coincidence since I hadn’t heard anything at all about who was being favoured for the role.

  6. Hmm, Logan seems a bit too young in his face and needs just a bit more muscle definition. I remember Clary saying in the first book that Simon “filled out nicely” after puberty, So yeah, a little more bulk would help him.. and as i recall it, Simon is cute and fairly attractive, and i dont know if it is his picture, but Max doesnt look too appealing in it. So Logan is my pick. He’s Handsome, Has a nice body, but his look still leaves room for change. So with the right clothes/hair he is 100% Simon 🙂 & his picture reminds me of Simon, post-makeover. Hot! 🙂

  7. Logan Lerman definitely. After they cast jamie campbell bower (eew) I figure they have to pay us back with some sort of eye candy. Plus, I’ve seen him in the Percy Jackson movies and he has his nerdy moments in there that fit perfect with Simon’s nerdy yet protective character. And he’s a human at first, so him being really buff wouldn’t fit…at least not until he became a vampire (and with all the professional work out trainers they have in Hollywood I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard giving him a little more muscle).

  8. Logan Lerman all the way. He just has the look for Simon. It’s like he can play anyone. One day he’s geeky and next he’s a hot vampire. That’s why I think he’s perfect for the character. 🙂

  9. asher book !!! perfecttt!

  10. Logan would rock simons party, but considering who is playing Jace he may be a little overpowering; in that case go for asher. sorry but i just dnt see Max as a good Simon

  11. Logan Lerman is just perfect for Simon. They’ve already ruines Clary’s and Jace’s roles so please at least have the decency of casting him as simon. For the ones who say he’s too young, please have you read simon? in the first book he looks like a 12-year-old guy plus collins and tha guy playing jace are 22! they’re supposed tu be 16! PLEASE PLEASE HAVE HIM AS SIMON

  12. Please let it be Logan Lerman, please let it be Logan Lerman!

  13. i was really upset with who is playing jace, lily’s pkay she is very pretty! since jace is going to be very ugly i say they have to put a hot guy in there if they want us to go see it and who better then LOGAN LERMAN!! i mean come on he’s soooooooooooo gorgeuos but he still has to do the percy jackson movie and is working on “perks” and its been rumored that he might play clay in “thirteen reasons why” man i hope he takes this role!! i looove this book and i have been very dissapointed when they choose bad ppl to play characters from other books i love, if they pick him i will no longer hate hollywood!! please logan do it for your fans!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think max reed should play Simon he looks exactly like I thought simon looked when I imagined him!

  15. When i was thinking about who I thought should play the roles for the movie, I saw logan lerman the whole time, He would fit perfectly. Even when I was reading the books, I saw him in my head. Him and nobody else.

  16. Logan seems too young.
    Max seems a little to dark and mysterious for Simon
    but Asher is just perfect, he has that boy next door look just put on some glasses and you’re good to go!

  17. Logan!! Logan!!!! LOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Logan! LOGAN!!!

  19. logan is to handsome for simon…

  20. I say asher book. If Jamie Bower is playing Jace I most likely will wait for dvd. Too bad Alex Pettyfer didnt get the part. And I think Belle Thorne should of played Clary. So either way dvd for me.

  21. I think Asher Book is way too cool to be cast as Simon and Max Reed looks a little “emoish”. So I’ll go for Logan Lerman. And just a suggestion, since the perfect Jace (alex pettyfer) turned down the role, and Jamie is currently unattached to the film, why don’t try making Asher Book a blond. And Voila! you have a JACE!

  22. Logan Lerman for Simon! A hot Jew to play a hot Jew.

  23. I think Asher Book has the look and appearance of Simon (though I’m voting Logan Lerman for the poll XD).
    Logan seems too young and small for the role. If he puts on glasses, I wonder what he would look like. I don’t think he’s suitable wearing glasses.
    Asher Books looks old enough to be Simon, his face is not ‘so cute and babyish’ like Logan. I think he would be the perfect one.

    Since I’m a hardcore of Logan Lerman, so I vote for him. I want to see him in the big screens more often.

  24. Erik Knudsen should play Simon!

  25. LOGAN LERMAN OR DIE!!!!!!!! 🙂

  26. The only Simon for me is David Henrie. He fits the role perfectly!!

  27. if they dont pick logan lerman than im going to shit a brick!! and the whole fricken world is going to hear about it so if you want to live! PICK LOGAN LERMAN!!!!!!
    you can’t go wrong with that adivice!!!!! 🙂 p.s screen gems if logan is not picked! your first on my long hit list!!!!!!

  28. okay pick logan lerman !!!!!!!!!!!! or die a thousand deaths, with clowns and saws, with broken glass!……… your eyes! the end!

  29. Oh it’s got to be Logan for me. The first time I read Simon’s description I thought of him. I mean he’s got the looks and there is a slight hint of ‘Nerd’ hiding there.

  30. I wish Alex Pettyfer got the role of Jace cos he’s totally fit and British that’s my country guys and he actually looks like the description minus the runes but I’m sure make up could have sorted that out for him. Now all I can do is wish the other guy gets ill so Alex can play the part!! I’d be so happy if that happened and so would my friend Chess.

  31. I think Asher Book would make a good Simon better than anyone else. Also I don’t remember ever reading that Simon wears glasses? It’s been awhile maybe I need to go over the books again…

  32. from the above choices I would say Max Reed,
    but out any other actors I would choose Matt Bennett
    he has the PERFECT Simon look in my opinion. he’s who I picture when I read the books now

  33. robert sheehan got the role…

  34. hmmm who they picked for Clary and Jace dont look anything like I had in mind… especially Jace.. he looked better looking. Like everyone else is saying PLEASE PICK LOGAN!!! he is definitley my ideal Simon, and hes so cute, definitley better looking then Jace and Clary

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