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Fans react to Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace casting

Jamie Campbell Bower will play Jace Wayland.

Cassandra Clare called it “the equivalent of a gigantic nuclear bomb dropped in the middle of my readership.”

That sums up, in a nutshell, the reaction to Jamie Campbell Bower landing the role of Jace Wayland.

I admit that I was a little hesitant to the idea in the beginning, but after letting the idea float around and pulling up photos and clips of Bower, my doubt began to fade.

But it was when Clare called Bower’s audition “unf-ing-believable” that I was completely sold.

The initial fan reaction was negative–quite negative to say the least. There were threats of boycotting the movie (ala Twilight!) and someone even started a petition to get Bower to not take on the role.


“SOOOO not happy about this!” said Ali. “This might just ruin the whole thing for me!”

But despite the negative, there were fans that seemed willing to give Bower a chance as Jace and embraced his casting.

“The news made my day,” said Brenda V. “I always had faith that Jamie was going to play Jace. I’m so happy I could die.”

“I’m happy enough with JCB as Jace,” said @rileygirl319 “He’s not what I pictured but I think he’s a good actor and appearances can change.”

“Only thing that will convince me of Jamie Campbell Bower is if he is as in love with Jace as we are, and aware of all his flaws.” –@merlinmostbaggy

Most fans have already begun to come around to the idea and are already brainstorming about the scenes in “City of Bones” that they are most anxious to see Jamie portray Jace in.

  • The Midnight Flower a.k.a. Clary and Jace’s first kiss
  • The opening scene in Pandemonium when Jace and Alec stride across the club
  • When Simon walks in on Clary and Jace kissing outside in the hallway of the Institute
  • When Jace/Clary/Alec/Isabelle/Simon confront the greater demon
  • At the end of the book when Valentine’s left and Jace is holding Clary, just saying her name

We have our Jace now. We should all be rejoicing. Reserve your judgement until you see him in the role.

Everyone deserves a chance, right?

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13 Comments on Fans react to Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace casting

  1. It’s so exciting to have movie news !
    I can’t wait to know more and i’m really looking forward to seeing a picture of Jamie with shadowhunter gear and runes 🙂

    I’m sure he’ll make a great Jace.

    And those scenes … I want to see them !
    Especially the one at the end, it hit me really strongly the 1st time I read the book.

  2. Tintenzauberin // June 1, 2011 at 3:09 PM // Reply

    He’s definitely not what I pictured, but I’m more than willing to give him a chance ❤ As long as he can act everything's good with me!
    They should cut his hair, through 😉

  3. I love what@merlinmostbaggy said!! Smart cookie!

    I am so relieved with the Hollywood Crush interview and what Lily was quoted as saying about Jamie, though that’s like word for word what Kstew said about Rob. Kind of a weird coincidence?

    I can’t wait to see him Jacified!!!!

  4. mina blak // June 1, 2011 at 7:38 PM // Reply

    I am absolutely delighted for Jamie! I’d been hoping that he’d get the part ever since the first time he was mentioned as a possible “candidate”. He’s a wonderful actor and I’ve no doubt that he will make a fantastic Jace. Well done Screen Gems and Cassie Clare – definitely worth the wait!!!

  5. Course Jamie will fill the role! i know he will do well. i also want to see the moment Jace in the dumont says “Now this is a situation.” for some reason i really like that quote. it seems to say the excitement, the danger, the passion, the adrenaline of the mortal instruments!

  6. I think he will do well for jace. He has something in him the makes me smile in a good way. Lol And for those haters who don’t like Jamie as Jace well to bad for you! ❤ Ana B)

  7. I’ll admit, I HATED te idea of Jamie playing Jace. Now after some time, I think he will do an amazing job and portray Jace perfectly. Thing with us readers is that because of Cassandra Clare’s writing style we all had a very vivid image in our head making us very picky. But I think they hit the cast spot on.

  8. TheMadHatter // May 6, 2013 at 1:21 AM // Reply

    Honestly, I love the idea of JCB being Jace. He fits well enough. It’s not as if they could’ve been able to find an exact replica of what Clare imagined him to be. He looks to fit the role. ♡

  9. I am Jacelocked // August 25, 2013 at 6:17 PM // Reply

    Just saw the movie and Jamie is a perfect Jace. Loved it 🙂 The greenhouse scene… *swoons*

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