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Lily Collins on Jamie Campbell Bower: “Just wait and see”

Fan art of Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower.

It took more than five months but we finally have our Jace Wayland in Jamie Campbell Bower.

Lily Collins, who will be co-starring alongside Bower as his love interest Clary, spoke out to fans via Twitter in regards to his casting on Thursday.

“So excited we finally found Jace! It’s been a long search but definitely worth the wait. Jamie is perfect for the role! Just wait and see…”

It’s no secret the the initial response to Bower’s casting drew a wide range of reactions, a bulk of which was negative, but after some reassuring and swoon-worthy words from author Cassandra Clare about why Bower is indeed perfect for the role, fans have started to come around.

Collins’ excitement was noted yesterday by Clare in an in-depth interview she did with Hollywood Crush in which she recalled Collins saying “It’s Jamie. It’s gotta be Jamie.’”

As for those fans who are still up in-the-air, Collins had this to say:

“To all Shadowhunters who don’t see Jamie as your Jace yet, use the sight and look beyond!”

She linked to Clare’s words about Bower’s casting, signaling to the fans to trust Clare and herself.

Now that Bower has Clare’s and Collins’ approval, are those who still are on the fence about Bower as Jace a little more at ease?

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2 Comments on Lily Collins on Jamie Campbell Bower: “Just wait and see”

  1. Now that manip makes me awwwwww! Yay : D

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