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Screen Gems gives us an idea of how Jamie Campbell Bower will look as Jace

Credit: Screen Gems

One of the main critiques by fans in regard to the Jamie Campbell Bower casting of Shadowhunter Jace Wayland was his look.

His hair is quite long in a majority of the pictures you can find online and fans noted that he needed to bulk up to play the role of a butt-kicking Shadowhunter.

After reading Hollywood Crush’s interview with Cassandra Clare we all know that Bower blew away the producers and nearly everyone else involved during his audition.

So how did Screen Gems get an idea of how Bower would look like as Jace? Well, they used a manipulation, of course.

Natalie C. Markey of the The Mortal Instruments Examiner received a photo that was manipulated by Screen Gems to give Bower a more Jace-like look to him.

Here you see Bower’s eyes photoshopped to match Jace’s gold eyes.

Clare noted that the producers said that Bower’s hair would be cut shorter and that he would undergo a sort-of bootcamp in order to bulk up a bit so the transformation isn’t 100% clear just yet. And we all know that appearance can be manipulated or altered.

What do you guys think of the photo? Can you see a bit of Jace begin to emerge in Jamie?

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26 Comments on Screen Gems gives us an idea of how Jamie Campbell Bower will look as Jace

  1. In love with his eyes but I hope he will be clean shaven. I hope. I hope. I hope. I hope.

    I know with hair makeover and the bootcamp he’ll be awesome. I watched the first Camelot ep. and he was good. I almost ordered starts just to watch the others. Anyone know where to find the other Camelot episodes??

  2. hmm.. he looks more like a cullen vampire than jace. but maybe that’s just me remembering him as a vamp in twilight. a little shaving and bulking up would really do him good.

    cant wait for the movie.

  3. I support the Jamie casting but this picture is not encouraging… Those eyes are too creepily prominant, and they his skin seem unnaturally pale. (I agree with the person above me… waayy too Cullen-ish!)

  4. I ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH JAMIE AS JACE! That’s going to be one HOT Jace if you ask me! Now, Jamie…time to BUFF UP and you’re good to go!

  5. I hope they don’t give him facial hair like that o_O he’s only 16 after all and the books don’t say anything about him having that goatee looking thing. I agree that the eyes are a bit drastic, but this is only a manip and they’ll look different with actual contacts.

  6. Is that bad photoshop image suppose to make me feel better??? I don’t care what they do he’s a horrible casting choice for Jace. This pic looks more like he’s going to turn into a werewolf than Wayland. I can’t stand colored contacts they never look good. And no amount of boot camp is going to change him physically enough for this role. Hello!! He’s too scrawny for a little bulk to make the change. He needs like 6 months and 40 pounds to get up to a medium build. Along with some serious dental work. Screen Gems can suck it. Their leading cast blows and has totally ruined the movie. I will not give them any of my money.

    • Wow you need to get over Alex Pettyfer now. He didn’t want the role and that’s not Screen Gems fault. They can’t just cast someone because a handful of fans thought he’d be perfect for the part based on his looks. And Cassandra Clare said Bower was amazing and she’s the author. If she says he’s good then maybe give him a chance. And you say you hate colored contacts so does that mean that Pettyfer has golden eyes?? Didn’t think so. I’m honestly relieved it’s not him. Makes me want to see it even more!

  7. I’m really not a fan of Jamie. And this picture doesn’t help, he isn’t what I imagined Jace to look like at all!

    BUT- I don’t care about that anymore, what I really want is an actor who can pull off Jace with all his emotional depth- the vulnerability, the sarcasm, the romance…And from what Cassandra Clare said about his audition tape, he CAN do all that. So I’m definitely going to give him a chance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jace is more than looks–he is that complexity that you pointed out with the snark, vulnerability and romance. After heading Cassie rave about him like that I have no doubt Jamie will stun us all with his portrayal

  8. mina blak // June 3, 2011 at 5:06 AM // Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Jamie is going to look so f—ing beautiful, I’m sure he’ll be the next “most lusted after man in the world”! I’m listening to CoB on audiobook and looking at his picture right now and EVERYTHING about him just screams Jace to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ He will bring this amazing character to life effortlessly. It’s so relieving and fortunate that Screen Gems chose him – the movie will be a winner and Jamie will be hugely responsible for it. Yummy…:))

  9. mina blak // June 3, 2011 at 5:28 AM // Reply

    And btw Quinn – Jace was never described as a goddamn member of WWF or a Gladiator in any of the books, but as of slight and athletic build. Jamie’s tall, has beautifully broad shoulders and he just needs to bulk up a bit. Even his hands and fingers look the way Jace’s are described in the books (“beautiful, delicate, long fingered, pianist’s hands”) and Jace’s teeth are described as “slightly imperfect” also.
    You’re just mad that Johnny Bravo (I mean Pettyfer) didn’t get cast.

  10. I like this first glimpse as Jace :). I have faith that Screen Gems will do a better job than Twilight in terms of character looks. The TWilight make-up/contacts were just horrid but I think we will all be pleasantly surprised with what they will do with Jamie. All they have to do really is bulk him up and cut his hair. I can’t wait to see the transformation. Can fall come any sooner LOL?

  11. God help us all! Jamie’s face looks so flat! But I hope hope the make up artists will take him under their wing…

  12. i am starting to see it but i dont like those contacts they are to strong and stricking i think they should blend in more, hate to bring twilight into this but they look like the contacts they used in twilight. jace is not a vampire he is a sexy shadow hunter, please g-d make them use more realistic contact lenses.

  13. Please don’t let him be Jace! He is a great actor, but he doesn’t fit the part of Jace at all! He can’t be tough enough!!

  14. I like him he seems like he would be a fantastic jace but they should cut his hair and he should be shaven and he will look perfect

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