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Jamie Campbell Bower talks Jace, ‘City of Bones’ shooting date

Jamie Campbell Bower revealed that shooting on 'City of Bones' will likely begin in January.

Jamie Campbell Bower has finally broken his silence about The Mortal Instruments.

In an interview with UK magazine Scifinow, Bower spoke about Camelot but also discussed The Mortal Instruments and even revealed that producers are aiming for a January 2012 start to filming, which may explain why casting is moving so slow right now.

Here’s the excerpt from the article:

What can you tell us about playing Jace Wayland in the forthcoming adaptation of The Mortal Instruments?

“We’re looking to start shooting in January. What I can say is that I’m incredibly lucky to play this part, and for them to cast a Brit in this role is a bold call. I feel like I owe a lot to the people who are fans of the books, so at the moment I’m knuckling down and trying to get my head around who this guy is.”

It’s really reassuring to hear that he’s trying to get to the depths of who Jace is and from what we heard about his audition, he’s already shown he understands the character and wants to do Jace justice for the fans’ sake.

For the doubters, have faith. For the supporters, get excited.


Thanks to our reader Jenni Allen for the tip!

Source: Scifinow Magazine

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26 Comments on Jamie Campbell Bower talks Jace, ‘City of Bones’ shooting date

  1. Yaaay, it is just lovely to see how humbled Jamie seems to be by the chance to play our Jace 🙂 I like the way he is approaching this part; he wants to know Jace inside out, like any serious actor should. Every time I learn something new about him, I like him even more. And for heaven’s sake, let’s hope the filming *does* actually start in January! 🙂

    • He definitely is as charming as Jace is and I’m so glad he’s taking this role seriously and is caring about the fans. That, plus him, equals fantastic movie. And hopefully more to come.

  2. I know! It better start in January! And my name is on TMISource, I’m all chuffed! Yeah, he’s obviously taking it really seriously, which should hopefully reassure the doubters. Go Jamie!

  3. eeeeek! excited!
    I agree with ‘Mina’ with everything she said. I am very impressed with him. I cant wait to get more of a glimpse in to the movie! Plus to see the movies Both lily and Jamie have coming out!

  4. So nice to hear that Jamie wants to get to know Jace’s character. I can’t wait for the movie and see how all the actors portray all of the characters in the books. It’s going to be awesome. So excited!

  5. im really glad to hear jamie wants to get to know Jace better. im looking forward to see the rest of the cast. Ahhh really excited!

  6. I’m very excited for this! I can’t wait ’till the movie!

  7. I’m still a little worrisome about him being a good Jace, but he seems to be dedicated and willing to try to work hard so I support him! Also, make-up artists are brilliant! So I’m sure he can probably pull off the looks. 🙂 I just can’t wait to see the movie though!!!

  8. Also, he gets bonus points for saying, ”I feel like I owe a lot to the people who are fans of the books…” 😀 Thank you Jamie! He knows how to get on the audience’s good side lol.

  9. I wasn’t too excited when I first heard that he was cast as Jace, but I’ve watched a couple of his other movies and he’s a great actor. If he’s working hard to understnad who Jace is and portray him in the way he’s meant to be portrayed. This is what actors are meant to do, and I think he’ll do a great job with Jace. 🙂

  10. As per usual I agree with Mina….excited to see the books come to life :-).

  11. Finally! I’ve been waiting forever to hear this!

  12. Jamie is Such a sweet heart. He doesn’t deserve all the disrespect from the snotty, selfish, and rude fans (well your not really a fan if you talk bad about Jamie aka Jace). I really support and love him with all my heart. I have been a fan from the beginning aka 2008. I have known about Jace for a long time and I like him. Don’t call yourself a fan if your not because a true fan sticks around no matter what.

  13. I’m a little leary about Jamie playing Jace. I had my hopes set for Alex Pettyfer (played in Beastly). He seems to fit better than Jamie. But like Lisa Hoag said, makeup artist are brillant. And they obviously seen something in him that he can play the part. On the edge of my seat till I see the movie. love the books, hope I love the movies as much.

  14. Jamie will be fantastic!

  15. i am a girl of 23 years of Spanish nationality and I mean that the Spanish prefer more to Alex Pettyfer and we want the interperete which thanks to jace

  16. Looking forward to the films. Just finished the 4th book!

  17. I am still a little eerie about it. I think Jamie is a good actor, but of course I was rooting for Alex Pettyfer. My second choice was Alexander Ludwig. They both would seem to fit the character more than Jamie, though he may just be able to pull it off. We won’t know exactly until we see the movie.
    I really just hope this doesn’t turn out the way Twilight did. -.- (No offense to Twilight lovers…)

  18. TeamSimon&Isabelle // August 23, 2011 at 10:29 AM // Reply

    i totally agree with you, i think it’s rude of the fans to tell Cassandra Clare on twitter that they hate Jamie and want Alex, even though he was offer the role and turn it down, Alex is the one that lets the fans down not Cassandra, she tried to get him but he refuse the role, let jamie do his shit and we should be nagging her about the rest of the cast and stop focusing on who’s playing Jace, he isn’t the only character in this damn movie.

    • Also, nagging an author about the casting in her movie is pointless anyway. Although they have her input, the producers and director are the ones casting here.

  19. I’m actually really excited about it. I had thought Alex Pettyfer would be a great Jace but re-reading the books I think he’s a little too typically handsome to pull off the role. I get the impression Jace is meant to have something different about his looks and that’s why Clary wants to draw him. Watching Camelot at the moment with JCB in and that’s affirming to me he’ll do great as Jace.

  20. He looks as if he could do a good job. I mean, he did excellent in New Moon and Breaking Dawn but this is such a different role for him to portray that I will admit my doubts. He seems a little older than 16, which is how old the character, Jace Wayland, is supposed to be. And, additionally, I anticipated the actor of this role to be very handsome. Than again, maybe the shots of him here are just bad. I hope he does a good job and I hope this movie will be what all the fans expect it to be!

  21. Jamie is a superb actor and he definately has the face to play Jace; however, he will need to work-out rigorously to bulk up a bit. Jace is a warrior.

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