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Jamie Campbell Bower readying for role of Jace?

At a press conference at the London Film Festival promoting his latest film Anonymous, Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace Wayland) was seen sporting a shorter haircut with slightly darker locks as well as some more pronounced biceps.

Bower told Sci-Fi Magazine back in August that filming for City of Bones was set to begin in January 2012.

With Marlene King set to finish the City of Bones screenplay rewrite by the end of October, casting will once again commence and that filming date of January will look very likely.

Who’s excited to see Jamie in full Jace mode within the next couple of months?

Source: FelinaVamp via @TVampireClub

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3 Comments on Jamie Campbell Bower readying for role of Jace?

  1. Wow, he’s really starting to look like jace! woo jamie! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see the movie in 2012!:D

  3. WOW! Yes I knew it! He will be perfect as Jace!! Keep it up Jamie! ♥

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