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Jamie Campbell Bower still deciding on his ‘Mortal Instruments’ tattoo

It’s happening guys.

Jamie Campbell Bower is indeed getting a Mortal Instruments tattoo.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bower revealed to MTV that he hasn’t gotten it yet but that he’s torn between what to get.

“I haven’t got it yet,” he said. “I’m still deciding what it would be, whether it would be a rune or a quote.”

Bower teased us back in June that he would be getting a Mortal Instruments tattoo in support of the series.

Even future co-star Lily Collins was impressed with his dedication.

“Go Jamie,” she told MTV at the Abduction premiere. “He’s really dedicated. He is Jace inside and out. I am so excited that they decided to go with Jamie. He’s awesome. I said it before and I’ll say it again. He walked into the room and stole the show. I’m really excited. But that’s great, go get a tattoo, Jamie!”

She might even get one herself.

“I might henna first and see if I like it,”she said. “Make sure I want to keep it for a long time and then go permanent.”

What do you think guys? Should Jamie get a rune or a quote?

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3 Comments on Jamie Campbell Bower still deciding on his ‘Mortal Instruments’ tattoo

  1. can’t even see the video, I just want to throttle MTV. oh and I voted in favour of a quote, it has more impact

  2. Enjoyed the video, I think Jamie is going to do Jace justice. I like the idea of rune…personally, but it’s really his choice.

  3. Jamie is going to pull this movie together, I already read the books and I believe Jamie really is going to do Jace greatly! I love how he really gets into the part. The tattoo is up to u but I think a tune is better

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