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Jamie Campbell Bower talks Jace audition with Hollywood Crush

MTV caught up with Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace Wayland) when he was at the Toronto International Film Festival and got him to dish on his Mortal Instruments audition.

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So how does he think he did in the audition?

“I nailed it,” Jamie said with a laugh. “I mean, I just got off a plane the day before, and this was a big deal for me, going for this audition. Going for a screen test in L.A. with a big studio, with people that I have heard about in stories and people that I admire.”

As in today’s earlier Movie Monday post, where we highlighted the lead actors’ dedication for their roles and the franchise, Jamie put a lot of dedication into the audition and the screen test with Lily Collins.

“I did a lot of preparation,” he said. “I sent an email out asking what the character would wear, how he would dress, and I really focused on it. And from the moment that I had my first audition in L.A., which was two months prior to going for the test, I was constantly looking at the lines and looking at the words and going back and asking who this guy was, and I came out of it sort of feeling like I’ve done the best that I can do. And if they accept that, that’s perfect, and if they don’t, then I’ve done what I can do.”

Jamie is really appreciative of the chance that he’s been given to take on the role of Jace in The Mortal Instruments.

“You know, they’ve definitely taken a bit of a—not a risk, but they put their trust in me,” he said, “and to give me that role is very humbling, and I’m really excited to start shooting it.”

The thing that Jamie is most excited about getting into is the stunt work, something he did in Camelot.

“I’m really looking forward to all of the stunt work, particularly,” he said. “I did a little bit of that thing on this television show called ‘Camelot.’ So that’s going to be fun.”

But he’s also looking forward to really getting to know Jace, the badass Shadowhunter that he will be bringing to life on screen. And it already sounds like he knows him.

“And, really, just getting to know who this guy is because he’s very jovial, and he’s a joker, but he also has this vulnerability about him and that’s exciting for me to be able to—he’s got so many layers and a lot of depth.”

Source: Hollywood Crush

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4 Comments on Jamie Campbell Bower talks Jace audition with Hollywood Crush

  1. Yaaay!!! Man, this is simply music to my ears! 🙂 I just love, love, love Jamie and his dedication to this part! He’s an awesome actor and the most perfect choice to carry the CoB movie. To think that once upon a time we came *this* close to having Alex P defile this amazing role – uuurgh, I still cringe at the thought! Thankfully, with Jamie and Lily as the perfect choice, this movie will rock and I just can’t wait for everything to fall into place! 🙂

    • ok. no offense to JCB, but… WTF?!?!?!?! THIS IS ALLLL WRONG!!!!! this is my favorite series of ALL TIME, and when i found out they were gonna make a movie i was sooooooo excited that i would finally see alex pettyfer as Jace ( i mean come on!!! hes sexy and would be amazing as jace) but then THIS happens?!?!?! Alex Pettyfer even matches the book cover PERFECTLY!!!!! hes an awesome actor, and i can understand why he doesnt wanna play a teenager anymore. so JCB, youve got big shoes to fill. dont let us down and good luck

  2. ok, so no offense to JCB, but WTF?!?!?! THIS IS ALL WRONG!!!! this is my favorite series of ALL TIME and when i found out they were making a movie i was soooooo excited that i was finally gonna see alex pettyfer as jace and then THIS happens!!!!! alex pettyfer is perfect for jace ( i mean come on!! hes sexy and would do amazing as Jace) hes a greqt actor and i can totally understand why he doesnt wanna play a teenager anymore. so JCB, youve got big shoes to fill 🙂 please dont let us down and good luck:)

  3. I am sooooo excited to see the movie and see Jamie play Jace, the badass shadowhunter. In my opinion Jamie is Jace. If Alex Pettyfer didn’t take the role that means he didn’t ove it as much as Jamie.

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