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Ed Westwick to narrate ‘Clockwork Prince’ audiobook

Cassandra Clare announced that Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl fame will be narrating the Clockwork Prince audiobook for Simon & Schuster.

Westwick co-narrated with Molly Quinn on the City of Fallen Angels audiobook.

I think Clare speaks for everyone in her excitement that Westwick will get to read in his “lovely” English accent.

So the lovely Mr. Ed Westwick will be returning to Simon and Schuster to record Clockwork Prince.

(Which means he can read in his lovely normal accent! Yay!) I will be going by the studios later this week as I have to be in New York anyway doing a panel. If you have any questions for Ed about reading Clockwork Prince (or City of Fallen Angels, which he co-read) tweet them or comment them to me somehow; I’m going to pick a top bunch so ask away!

Be sure to send in your questions for Ed!

Clockwork Prince will be released on Dec. 6. Catch up on the latest teasers or the prologue. Read my spoiler-free review.

Who’s excited for Mr. Westwick to voice Tessa, Will, Jem and the gang?

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2 Comments on Ed Westwick to narrate ‘Clockwork Prince’ audiobook

  1. Well, him narrating CP is okay with me, he’s got a lovely accent; as long as him or Molly stay away from any future TMI books….:P

  2. I listened to a sample of the CoFA audiobook and I wasn’t impressed with Westwick. Sure, he’s got a nice accent, but I could barely hear him from all the muttering he was doing. If I hadn’t been following along in the book, I wouldn’t have known what was being said. it make more sense for him to narrate CP tho since he’s british. TMI? Not so much.

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