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Marlene King dishes on ‘Mortal Instruments’ script

Back on Sept. 30, it was announced that Marlene King, the creative mind behind the adaptation of Pretty Little Liars to the small screen, was rewriting the scipt for City of Bones.

In an interview with our friends at Hollywood Crush, King revealed that she is near complete with the rewrite and should be sending the script to Sony in a couple of weeks.

Movie news has been slow but for the best of intentions. Now that the script is near complete, that January 2012 filming date might be right on track with with Jamie Campbell Bower previously reported.

As for when casting will begin again…

“…when the script’s finalized, that’s when casting starts again,” Cassandra Clare wrote. Definitely something to get excited about!

King also dished that her favorite scene to rewrite was the greenhouse scene, definitely a fan-favorite.

Clare was a big help to King during the process, providing her knowledge of the characters and the world to help King with a scene.

Check out her full interview with Hollywood Crush below:

Hollywood Crush: We must talk “Mortal Instruments” for a moment. How did you get involved with the project? I. Marlene King: I had worked with one of the producers of the movie several years ago, and I did something that was action-oriented for that company, and he just thought of me right away. It’s teen girl sensibilities but with all this great action and mythology. I read the first few books, and I was immediately throw into this world.

How far along are you in the script-writing process? I’m rewriting a script that they had—Sony is now involved with the movie so there was already a script and now I’m rewriting it, and I’m hoping to turn it into the studio in the next couple of weeks. Knock on wood they love it and the movie gets a fresh breath of life very soon.

Which scene were (or are) you most excited to tackle? Well, I just worked on the weekend, from the first book, the Jace-and-Clary-in-the-greenhouse scene.

Definitely a fan favorite… Oh, god. It’s very romantic and really fun. So that’s been a lot of fun. And just sort of helping bring those characters to life on the screen has really been a joy. It’s a fantastic world.

Have you had any discussions with Cassie? I have. I’ve spoken with her and we’ve emailed each other. I’ve had a couple questions for her. She’s been very collaborative and wonderful and extending herself to me because there is so much mythology involved. Occasionally, I’ll just call her and say, ‘Tell me again. What’s that rule?’ She’s been fantastic, and she’s been extremely collaborative and excited about this movie, as so many people are.

Are you familiar with the work of stars Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower? I know of them. I know of their work. I think it’s fantastic casting. I think they’re going to be terrific. I love how these characters sort of grow and transform throughout the book series. So it’s going to be very fun for actors to play these parts.

Who’s excited to see that the movie process is finally starting to go somewhere? Are you excited to have Marlene on board?

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