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Cassandra Clare gives ‘City of Bones’ script update, says ‘Clockwork Angel’ screenplay in the works

Last week Cassandra Clare confirmed that Marlene King had finished and turned in the rewritten script for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones into the movie studio for review.

In an interview with Natalie Markey (TMI Examiner), Clare revealed that she is happy with the rewritten script.

“I really like it. The screenplay is the backbone of a movie and this version is much closer to the book,” she said.

Clare also said that fans shouldn’t expect filming to begin in January like previously thoughts as it will have to be signed off by a lot of people at the studio. But the delay won’t be a long one.

Clare also revealed some rather exciting news about The Infernal Devices, which was optioned by Unique Pictures when The Mortal Instruments was.

“They are working on a script,” she said.

Who else is totally on board with a Clockwork Angel movie?

Source: TMI Examiner



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4 Comments on Cassandra Clare gives ‘City of Bones’ script update, says ‘Clockwork Angel’ screenplay in the works

  1. No more delays !! I cant take it no more- im dying over here…
    I have to stop been addicted to this website, STOP STOP !!!
    But good news for TID, only good news

  2. Too addicted to this website! Nice to know that Mrs. Clare approves the rewritten screenplay for TMI book #1: City of Bones. I love watching films based on books, because I can point out the negative things (just kidding)! I love to see how well others envision the book! Anyways, congratulations to TID book #1: Clockwork Angel!

  3. Krystian Collins // January 4, 2012 at 11:05 AM // Reply

    They should make the Clockwork Angel series into a t.v series instead that way they wouldn’t leave anything out and i would love to be in that

  4. omg i am addicted to this website. I get all news from here!!! AAHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

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