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Cassandra Clare reveals what lies ahead in ‘Infernal Devices’ and ‘Mortal Instruments’'s Shelf Life interviewed Cassandra Clare in honor of Clockwork Prince's release. Clare divulged what lies ahead for The Infernal Devices, as well as The Mortal Instruments, including where does Tessa come from, what lies ahead in Clockwork Princess, more about Woosley Scott in City of Lost Souls and that readers will be "surprised" who Tessa ends up with. Warning: spoilers after the jump!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I know it’s still early, but what kind of response have you received for Clockwork Prince?
CASSANDRA CLARE: I’ve gotten a great response so far. You always worry because every book is different. People are like, “After your sixth book in print you must be used to it.” But you never get used to it. It’s kind of like having a baby. Every emergence into the world is different and going to be met with a different response. I knew that I put a lot of my heart and soul into this book. I loved writing it, but it has parts of it that are very sad. When you tug on your reader’s heartstrings, sometimes they can get a little upset.

Speaking of, that was a pretty sad ending! How have people reacted to the Jem/Tessa/Will storyline?
Heartbreak. There have been a lot of sensitive and thoughtful responses that have been very interesting to read…. You must subsist on the tears of your readers! It was interesting because I knew that this is where these characters were going. That was always the conception for this book. I really wanted to write a love triangle that was a perfect triangle. Most love triangles are really sort of a love “V.” Point A and point B and a girl or boy who’s beloved by those two people. But I wanted to do something that was a real triangle where every point has a relationship. So, you know, Will and Jem’s blood brother relationship was as important as their love for Tessa and her love for them. So no part of this triangle could be broken without heartbreak. And that is what I think makes it difficult to read because you can’t conceive of how you could get out of this situation without smashing one point of that triangle. And smashing any point is going to bring pain to everybody else.

You probably won’t tell me who Tessa ends up with. But do you already know who the lucky guy is?
I definitely know where it’s going. I know what’s going to happen. I know how it’s going to end. I feel people will be a little surprised, but I’m hoping they’ll be satisfied and find it a fitting ending. To me, it is.

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In Clockwork Princess (the third and final book of the Infernal Devices series) do we figure out exactly where Tessa comes from? Will seems convinced that the offspring of a demon and a Shadowhunter is not possible.
Will’s right. It’s not possible. The offspring of a demon and a Shadowhunter is always stillborn. No one’s ever seen it. It’s never happened. The question is, is it possible in the case of Tessa? Is this really true? Or is there another story behind her existence and why she is what she is? You get the full picture and the whole history of how she came to be, and how her parents play into it, and how her clockwork angel plays into it.

I know Tessa makes an appearance in City of Glass. Are there other Easter eggs like that hidden throughout both series?
There are. In City of Fallen Angels, Jace is in prison in the Silent City. He’s in one of the jail cells, and he sees the initials JG scratched on the wall. So, umm, spoiler! That’s Jessamine. It’s supposed to be a little hint about what happens to her [in Clockwork Prince]. How did she get those initials? The more detailing and the more layering you do, the more real the world seems. This thing that was done 150 years ago is still there on the wall of the Silent City. And now you know how it got there. It just makes you feel like the Silent City has a history. It’s not just a place where there are jail cells. It has a real history and you know the people who have been imprisoned there.

So what can readers expect from Clockwork Princess?
We’re going to jump ahead about two months from the end of Clockwork Prince. Will has had a chance to tell people his secret. People have had a chance to get used to it. We’ll see the manner in which they react. Cecily will have time to acclimate to the Institute. And basically, what we’re going to deal with because it’s the third book is the return of the Magister and the culmination of all his plans. And how Jem is a ticking clock. How long is he going to live? How long has he got? What is that going to mean for the other characters? All of that kind of comes together at once.

And how about City of Lost Souls, the next book in the Mortal Instruments?
City of Fallen Angels ended on a cliffhanger. That was equally loved and hated by my readership. [Laughs] Jace is in this place where he needs to be saved. But he’s not really Jace anymore. So the question is, how much would you do for love? And what if you have to do an immoral thing for a moral reason because you love someone so much? At what point do you have to stop trying to save this person because it’s bad for the world in general, even if you love them very much. That’s the central tension that kind of rips up the characters in Lost Souls. The group that wants to save him more than anything else, and the group that is willing to sacrifice him for the greater good.

Anything else you want to add?
A lot of people have asked me about some of the characters that appear in Clockwork Prince like Aloysius Starkweather and Woolsey Scott. A lot of people like Woolsey Scott, which I was really happy about because he’s very fun to write. I would say Woolsey specifically is important throughout on into City of Lost Souls because he is the founder of the Praetor Lupus. He’s the founder of the Praetor Lupus, so we’re going to go more into detail of them and what they do. We’re going to meet Woolsey’s offspring in City of Lost Souls, and I think that will be fun.

What are your thoughts? Anyone else even more anxious and nervous for that lies ahead in City of Lost Souls and Clockwork Princess?

Source: EW Shelf Life

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29 Comments on Cassandra Clare reveals what lies ahead in ‘Infernal Devices’ and ‘Mortal Instruments’

  1. TeamEdwardJace // December 9, 2011 at 7:45 AM // Reply

    I’m really excited for lost souls and I’m defintely interested in reading the infernal devices and I really hope Jace gets saved in the end (but I like how his feelings for her are not diminished despite sebastain damn you lol)

  2. Christy Kerr // December 9, 2011 at 9:04 AM // Reply

    I have been going over Clockwork Prince in my head, over and over again. I was just wondering, in Clockwork Princess Cassandra Clare said that Will has had a chance to tell people his secret and they have a chance to get used to it. Now, I don’t think that Jem is stupid, surely after finding out about the secret, he will realise that Will has had feelings for Tessa the whole time? What then?

  3. Honestly, I wish we could see or hear from Tessa in The Internal Devices. Did anyone else read the extra chapter in paperback version or City of Fallen Angels?? Magnus said that Tessa was out there, somewhere and she was immortal. I will dig in and read Clockwork Prince again, it was an awesome book. I really, really enjoy these characters!

  4. So many questions…..two book series that are at very crucial points now and so many characters whose heartbreak or happy ending will impact me in equal measure!
    I love how the stories of TMI and ID intertwine – Cassie is a genius writer! I loved ID so far and can’t wait for the conclusion in CP2, but I’m pining for CoLS!!! So far, Cassie has always managed to pleasantly surprise me but also shatter my heart, so I am very worried for the fate of TMI characters, especially Jace and Clary. I love Woolsey Scot and am looking forward to learn more about him and Preator Lupus…Ah, who am I kidding – I’ll be on bloody edge until I read every last letter of both those series! 🙂

  5. OH! i hope Tessa ends up with Will but i have a bad feeling they wouldn’t end up together. I love both the mortal instruments and infernal devices series. Both are so different from each other. There are a lot of heartbreaking moments for me in the clockwork prince. However i still love the book. I am still hoping for Will and Tessa though. 🙂

    • I (sadly) haven’t read ‘Magnus’ Vows’, but I read somewhere that in it Magnus reveals Tessa is indeed immortal (we already knew this from CoG) and she also had a mortal lover (he doesn’t reveal if this is Jem or Will) that is dead right now.
      So whoever Tessa chooses, he will eventually die and she will be left alone 😦 That is really sad…

      I do think Tessa will choose Will, even though I really like Jem. This for me also explains why Tessa looks so familiair to Clary. She’s Jace’s great grandmother, so maybe they look slightly alike? 😀

      I also hope that Cassie Clare will eventually write a novel (maybe after the Dark Artifices) where her heroines meet. Since Tessa is immortal, it IS possible for her, Clary and maybe Emma to meet.

      • I absolutely love this cause I’ve been thinking the same thing. (About all the heroines meeting) It’d be an awesome yet slightly predictable twist but that’s why I’m not so sure that Cassie will go for it. She’s ANYTHING but predictable…

  6. I finished Clockwork Prince two days ago, and I can honestly say that I have never cried so much before to something that wasn’t real. It was horrible. I cried through the scene with Jem and Tessa making out, because it felt like she was cheating on Will. Then I cried when Will found out the truth about himself, feeling sorry for him. I bawled my eyes out when Jem proposed, because I was certain he would get turned down, and then he didn’t, and I couldn’t believe Tessa. And then when Will finally got to be alone with her… Oh, my God. I was crying, and sobbing, and simply heartbroken for him. I have never felt so strongly about a fictional character before. He deserves better!
    And when my mom asked me if the book was good, my reply was: “That damn half-chinese bastard should just go die already.”
    I’ve always liked Jem, but anyone who ruins things for my favorite character -Will, as you may have understood by now – I want to murder. Slowly and painfully. So sorry, Jem, but back off. Will and Tessa are made for each other.

    • Omg I could not agree more!!!!! I cried at all the parts you did and I love jem but he seriously needs to just die so Tessa and will can be together but if jem dies Will wil b reallyyyy sad but o well he’ll get over it because Tessa and him can be together! 🙂 I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve will!!!!!! Jem is obviously blonde if he can’t see how his BLOOD BROTHER feels for Tessa I mean I thought they were supposed to know each super well! So jem needs to just back off!!!!!!

  7. I have never felt so lost in a series before. The Infernal Devices have been a rollar coaster ride for me and it’s not even over. I held out so much hope for Will in this book and i came to love him even more than i had before. I can totally see the resemblance in Jace. I do not understand why if you love Jace, you wouldnt love Will. I love Will even more than Jace which is crazy but its true. My heart aches for him because he deserves Tessa. I was very surprised that Jem didnt even notice that! But they are parabatai so it breaks my heart. I hope in CP2 that Will has a chance with Tessa because he confessed his love after 5 years of hurting people because he thought it was best. TEAM WILL!<3333

  8. I just dies. Cant wait to buy CP and CLS!!!! Cassandra Clare is just the best. :p <3<3<3<3<3<3

    My favorite author ever. 😀

  9. Oh dear.
    Please don’t tell me Tessa ends up with someone other than Will or Jem. Can’t wait to see the cover of Clockwork Princess! 🙂
    Just a question though, are the people on the covers of TID real people or are they drawn from scratch? :O

  10. does gabriel like tessa? i haven’t finished ClockWork Prince yet… but i wouldn’t be surprised if he did and i would prefer it than destroying will and jems relantionship… sad but true.

  11. SO MUCH HATE ON JEM. IT’S HORRIBLE. HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT. He’s not ‘splitting them up’ because he believes there’s nothing TO split up. Will’s been so hot and cold throughout, why would either Tessa or Jem think he had feelings for her? Jem knows nothing of it. For people to say Jem is being selfish, like I’ve seen on many blogs, angers me to no end. He’s acting like any other man wrapped up in love, why wouldn’t he propose? It has nothing to do with his illness or impending(?) death, he’s just a man in love! I hate that people think because they’re parabatia, Jem can read Will’s mind. If so, wouldn’t Will be able to know Jem had fallen in love with Tessa, as well? I don’t believe that Jem wouldn’t have backed down in a heartbeat if he knew anything about Will’s feelings.

    Also! Why is this ridiculous blame of splitting Tessa and Will up being placed ONLY on Jem? Tessa accepted his proposal. She told Will she loved Jem. She is desperate to project, cure, and keep Jem safe and happy. Does that not sound like a someone who’s given a piece of their heart to another? She’s very clear that she loves them both. If you were unable to see the build up to Jem and Tessa’s mutual feelings, I beg you to go reread the books because you missed something. Readers actually witness the falling process between these two, something rare in YA fiction. I think because isn’t that ‘getting slammed over the head with a baseball bat,’ instantaneous thing, it’s immediately discredited.

    I love Will, I think he’s a brilliant character. I feel sorry for him, I can only imagine how much he’s hurting. And I think it’s telling of his character that he would step aside to let his brother have his happiness even if it meant ending his own. I have no doubt that he loves Tessa. Together, they could be wild and passionate and exciting, but nonetheless, I think Jem is better for her. He’s never said a unkind word towards her, he’s genuinely caring and I believe he’s a steady source of peace she desperately needs at this time.

    But anyway, I personally think Tessa will wind up with neither boy. The easy way out of Jem dying, Tessa and Will are both heartbroken and learn to love each other by healing together it just TOO, TOO EASY for our Cassie. It’ll be more complicated than that. Besides, picking Will or Jem wouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone, I don’t think. I’m 98% sure she’s immortal, so it’s impossible for her to END up with anyone. I don’t foresee the series ending as happily as many fans would like.

  12. Ahhhh I love love love the infernal devices! i just finished clockwork prince and i read City of Fallen Angels a few months ago and i’m definitely a team will and jace even though i love jem and he is so sweet…my heart is torn because I hate to see Will heartbroken but I think Jem’s a nice character too but I like Will better in the end but for real……they’re such good books! I’m excited for their releases! that is “Clockwork Princess and City of Lost Souls”

  13. So I just finished reading clockwork prince for the second time and I was thinking, Will is a Herondale and so is Jace. And if we’re to believe that Tessa is the only girl for Will, doesn’t that mean that Will gets Tessa in the end?

    • * SPOILER !!! *
      Yeh it does but there is a good reason for it ! When you read clockwork princess you will no why its very upseting and I literally cried !! Especially the epiologe !!:( but all in all I love her books and there is a reason for everything that she wrights ……. ( Hope that was helpfull 🙂 )

  14. In one of the books, I think Magnus says, that Herondales tend to fall in love hard and with one person, for life. That would be Tessa and Clary. For Jace to exist Will is going to have to marry & reproduce. Course I suppose it could be with someone he doesn’t necessarily love, like Jace’s father had to. Shadowhunter families don’t appear to be very large, with lots of cousins.
    In CoFA, One of the Silent Brothers says that, he wished he had been there earlier for Jace (refering to the inquisition incident), as the Silent Brother’s owe the Herondales a lot. That would make the most sence if he is speaking of Tessa Herondale (hint hint). Her ability to get inside someone elses mind would be an asset to the silent brothers. If he’s speaking of Will then we’re looking at Will becoming a silent brother (yuck).
    However, there’s an Emma Carstairs coming up. Jem needs a kid out there too. I invision a “Pearl Harbour” (Movie) scenario, with Tessa getting pregnant by Jem. Jem dieing and Will stepping in to love and support Tessa and raising their sons (Jem’s and Will’s) as brothers keeping their sir names. Keep in mind Tessa may not be infertile, as she may not be half demon. Then again Emma Carstairs appears to be blonde, maybe Jem and Sophie? Gideon and Cecily. Gabriel can go find a demon.
    How is Tessa related to Starkweather? Was Tessa’s mother Aloysius’s, daughter or sister maybe? Mortmain is from that area. He would have known of her. Was she a run away or the child of a run away?
    Lastly, Anyone else notice the clues with the Brentwells? Henry’s middle name is Jocelyn. Charlotte’s maiden name was Fairchild and she has the same physic and spunk of Clary and her mom, Joclyn.
    May is to far away, and December for CP2 is also unbearable. Could we get someone to tie Cassy to a chair and type faster? Of course then she’d never be allowed to stop. My addiction to her writting is insatiable. I love the humor and depth of the characters (wish they were older, not 16. Maybe 20 somethings)!!!

    • Will lover // April 5, 2012 at 4:38 PM // Reply

      Wow I just finished the clockwork prince I basically just sat there and cried for ages I so want Tessa to be with will I mean Jem will get a over it and will probably die anyway but will will just be heartbroken the rest of his life and tessa likes will more u can just tell xxxxx

      • tessa gray // October 17, 2013 at 6:31 AM //

        *SPOILER!! *

        Well if u read clockwork princess you will find out that jem doesn’t die and I think that in the end tessa and will well be together !! Oh. Don’t get me wrong I love will heronadle to !! I’m kinda torn …. So kinda like tesa hehehe
        But I really like jem also !! 🙂

    • Have u noticed that Alec in TMI name is Alec Gideon Lightwood and Isabelle Is Isabelle Sophia Lightwood and In TID There is a Gideon and sophia and u can see time line in The cover of Clock work princes

  15. I just finished the clockwork princess and I don’t know what to do with my life! That book was amazing but it is still driving me insane! I promise to not be a spoiler but if you are planning on reading it just be prepared to be traumatized! And i cannot wait for city of heavenly fire! I am hoping Tessa will be in it!

    • Yeh I feel the exact same way I have no clue wat to do wiv my life apart from look up teasers about COHF !! And jem and tessa will be in it !! Cuz cassie put up 2 teasers that say so !!! Omg I can’t wait I LOVE JEM !!!

  16. I loved clockwork prince !!! I was so glad about the ending but also a little sad becouse I feel like tessa gray myself I can’t choose who I like better I mean will is funny and realy DOES love tessa but jem oh my jem I just love him !!! He’s so sweet and kind and so loyal !! But I absoloutly love your books cassandra clare !!!! You are the best author I have eva known and I have read mostly all of the ya books like : vampire academy , harry potter , twilight , shiver . Ect love the books

  17. Oh and I also can’t wait till COHF !! But I really hope that tessa and jem don’t get killed or anybody !!! ( Apart from sebastion !!!!! )

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