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It’s Here: Watch the full ‘Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene!’

It’s finally here: the full ‘Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene’ from Clockwork Prince!

The scene was produced by Vania Stoyanova of VLC Productions, who produced the Clockwork Prince Masquerade Ball Teaser, and clocks in at just under two minutes.

Check it out:

In order to watch this hot little scene you’ll need to have all 6 letters, which you’ve collected one letter from each of these sites here:
12/8- TMI Source (US)

You’ll need to put the letters in order to form the password that unlocks the scene. Once you’ve figured out the password, you can watch the


The scene was revealed by Mundie Moms, who were the final stop on the week-long ‘Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene Blog Treasure Hunt’ that we were honored to be a part of.

The username is williamherondale and you must unscramble the letters E C I R N P to form the password.

What are your thoughts? Team Will anyone?

Source: Mundie Moms

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5 Comments on It’s Here: Watch the full ‘Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene!’

  1. Hey, how come I need a special username and password to watch the DSBS scene? And if so, how do I sign up for one?

  2. whats the password?

  3. urrghh…forget the comment above!^^^
    feel kinda stupid now …

  4. does the vid not show on iphone/Mac?

  5. What a question…Team Will all the way ! 😀

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