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Cassandra Clare meeting with ‘City of Bones’ director, producer and writers on Tuesday

Remember when Cassandra Clare said she was meeting with the new director of  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in a couple of weeks?

Turns out Tuesday, March 13, is that day.

Clare revealed on Tumblr that she has arrived in Los Angeles and will be meeting with not only the new director but also a producer, as well as having a writers meeting where they will go over certain parts of the script and different concept art (could that be what this concept sketch of Clary was for?) on Tuesday.

While Clare doesn’t promise news, she said that she will try to give us something–anything–as fans desperately want some news.

I have director, producer and writer meetings tomorrow about ‘City of Bones.’

I honestly don’t know what I’ll find out, or what of what I do find out I’ll be allowed to report. Hopefully something, since I know everyone is growing cobwebs waiting for news.

Now, I’ve no idea what I will be able to say, if anything. I know there are points in the script we want to go over, and concept art, etc. For all I know I could sit down and be told that they now see the film as a parable reflecting the age-old conflict between Mr. Peanut and his arch-enemy Alejandro, the Spanish almond. Life is mysterious.

Hopefully they will be good meetings. Hopefully I will have something to tell you about them. I have my fingers crossed, but I won’t make promises ‘cause I don’t want to say I’ll know something and then not know something. And it might be ‘I know something but I can’t tell it’ which is annoying, but quite possible.

She also teased some non-movie related “fun” news that she will be sharing this week.


I will have news for you about something fun before the end of the week. That I can promise. 🙂

Any guesses as to what it could be?

Who’s ready for another Tuesday anxiously awaiting for some movie news? Hopefully this Tuesday turns out better than the last one.

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5 Comments on Cassandra Clare meeting with ‘City of Bones’ director, producer and writers on Tuesday

  1. she is not going to tell us anything. I’m not going to get excited like I did last time when Marlene king had a meeting.

  2. Maybe this “something fun” will be the Q&A with tmi characters!!!!!!!!
    Here’s hoping!

  3. Please let this “something fun” be the casting for Simon! (Preferably Logan Lerman as Simon ;P)

  4. Reblogged this on cityofhogwarts and commented:

  5. Above all, I wish Cassandra a lot of luck at the meeting! I hope that she knows by now that she’s got a ‘one in a million’ amazing product and she should be confident in being the one calling the shots with all those movie people!
    From what I know about Cassie is that she’s the nicest person you could ever meet and I hope that doesn’t mean that she’ll be too lenient in her negotiations – her wonderful books deserve to be made into one hell of a successful franchise, surpassing the successes of both HP and Twilight!
    Cassie, I’m keeping my fingers and tootsies crossed! 🙂

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