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Leave your ‘CITY OF LOST SOULS’ reactions and reviews here!

Happy ‘CITY OF LOST SOULS’  release everyone!

When you finish reading ‘CITY OF LOST SOULS’ be sure to leave your reactions and reviews here (SPOILERS ARE WELCOME) to be featured in a future story on the site!

Happy reading, all!

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34 Comments on Leave your ‘CITY OF LOST SOULS’ reactions and reviews here!

  1. When you finish reading ‘CITY OF LOST SOULS’ be sure to leave your reactions and reviews here (SPOILERS ARE WELCOME) to be featured in a future story on the site!


    ** spoiler alert **
    4/5 stars
    As much as I love this series I just couldn’t give this book 5 stars. I couldn’t stand Sebastian controlled Jace but I understood that. What truly annoyed me was that it took nearly 400 pages to figure out that Jace didn’t actually want to be that way. I get that Clary needed to start to doubt that Jace wanted to be saved but did it really need to take so long?! A small glimpse of the real Jace a little earlier in the book would have made it so much better to me. I know what about it I didn’t like, and I understand why it was necessary, but it still bugged me to much to give the full 5 stars. Usually when I’m reading a book I’ve waited a year for I can’t put it down or do anything else until I am done but with this I went to bed at a decent hour and did other stuff before I picked it up the next day. From about page 400 (a little before that actually) on I couldn’t put it down though. I basically missed Jace throughout this whole book because even his witty comments just weren’t the same under Sebastian’s influence. Same words but they weren’t delivered in the same way at all.

  3. Have not even gotten halfway through but I just have to say, love crumpet, really Jace

  4. sarah manzuk // May 8, 2012 at 10:54 PM // Reply

    OMG so epic! It kept me guessing the whole time! I devoured that book, it took me less than a day I just couldn’t put it down! I want city of heavenly fire to come like tomorrow. And if i may say clary is a MAJOR badass and i love her!

  5. I finished it, but I’m WAY too tired to say anything more than I was expecting more world burning. I suppose that will have to wait for CoHF (which I now know why it is named so!), but still. The JonathanxJace bromance was awesome, though. I loved the first scene we were introduced to Jace under Jonathan’s control. All I will remember of that scene was a discussion about sexy jackets setting the Institute on fire. Will write a true review tomorrow, though! ❤ All in all, a great book that I will probably read again tomorrow during school.

  6. ~LoViNgYoUuNdErThEnIgHtSkY~ // May 8, 2012 at 11:23 PM // Reply

    My head is spinning!!!!!

  7. *kinda spoilers*

    I was crying. It was so good. Oh my god. Malec :((

  8. Chloe Emma // May 9, 2012 at 7:03 AM // Reply

    So i waited the entire day to buy it after school and finished the book by 1am. Honestly so many things were going on in my mind. The ending with Alec and Magnus almost killed me. And honestly Sebastian is one screwed up mofo, who the hell does that to his sister?! Well at least Simon and Izzy are just getting cuter but could he really not know that she liked him?? Last of all, Clary and Jace, i honestly didnt know how to comprehend what happened to him, the scene where he was himself again and tried to give himself up, well Miss Clare, you out did yourself because i loved that scene.

  9. Melissa Castillo // May 9, 2012 at 1:30 PM // Reply

    Amazing story line but could use less of the same description filler. I was not able to put it down and mine was the audio version…… I walked around for 15 hours with my ear buds in and went about my day ignoring EVERYTHING. It is obvious that Jace is being controlled and the concept of the rings and the traveling interdimentional apartment was awesome and creative and finally the introduction of the Iron Sisters. the epilogue was amazing and heartbreaking leaving the story wide open, especially the very last scene…

    I also love it when you mix the past with the present and include charters from the clockwork series that I am also in LOVE WITH!… like the part with A Tale of Two Cities,With hope at last, William Herondale…. and Tessa’s clockwork angel in the institute library

    Also would you mind putting a family tree at the end of COHF or CP so we can see where everything starts and ends up?

  10. TeamEdwardJace // May 9, 2012 at 1:49 PM // Reply

    so far i am loving the book! it’s riveting!

  11. TeamEdwardJace // May 9, 2012 at 1:51 PM // Reply

    i am going to do a review too when i finished.

  12. I finished the book after lunch today and it was just AWSOME
    I think it’s the best book Clare has written yet. I would like to say I couldn’t put it down but I had classes so I had to eventually.
    I like all the refs to TID and seriously what is up with brother Zaccahria? If TID didn’t happen a hundred years before TMI, I’d say it was Jem….. Well who knows how long silent brothers live.
    I hate that Magnus broke up with Alec but he kinda had it coming… I hope they get back together in CoHF.
    As for Simon and Izzy, there’re clearly meant to be together but Simon’s immortal and I dont want them to go through the same troubles Magnus and Alec did. Maybe the spell Alec wanted to use to strip Magnus’s immortality could work on Simon. Or maybe Simon will end up turning Izzy… Okay I’m starting to lose it.
    I cant believe I waited so long for this book which only took me a day and a half to read.
    I cant believe that I’ll have to wait two more years for CoHF.
    I cant believe that the series will be other after CoHF.
    I just love theses book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Okay so major character dying in CoHF….. Any guesses?? It can’t be jace nor clary they’ve been through way too much for anything to happen and I wouldn’t be able to stand it…. Jace is just too great

  14. mischelle // May 9, 2012 at 2:48 PM // Reply

    I love the series (I have to say that 1st) this book was very different from the others. I missed Jace in this book. The real Jace is what makes these books so appealing to me, especially the continued relationship between he and Clary as well as all of the other characters. It seems like there was a lot more action (demon slaying, “make out scenes =)” etc ) in all of the previous books and up until this book, they seemed to get more intense with each book. This book was much slower paced to me with less action. I would like to see the characters grow more together as they were very seperated in this book. I did like Sebastions character. It was a love/hate kind of thing. I hope that the next book shows more intensity between Jace/Clary (in a good way), Simon/Isabel, Magnus/Alex, Jocelyn/ Luke…I would rather see them fight some major battles together rather than against each other. I also liked that Clary has a new love for fighting and would have loved to see her new edgy side more. I want to see how Jace reacts to it as we know he will love it! and Simon etc…

  15. well im halfway through it now and i absolutely love it, but i think there is just too much kissing. maia and Jordan or Clary and jace and the others too… just kissing and making out half the time

  16. The whole alec & magnus thing just broke my heart! They’re my favorite couple in this series 😦
    Overall though i loved it!!! Especially the references with tessa’s necklace & the tale of two cities! ❤ & how alec's middle name is gideon, & stephen's is william 🙂
    Oh & maureen at the end totally freaked me out! She really killed camille?! :O scary!

  17. The book was incredible but I AM SO PISSED. MALEC. My heart is broken </3 Why, Cassie, why? 😥

  18. Thea Ryan // May 10, 2012 at 4:30 AM // Reply

    Do you think Clary will tell Jace about Sebastion almost raping her? Not that he needs another reason to hate him, right?

  19. The epilogue really got me going. First with Magnus braking up with Alec (Why Magnus? …Why?) 😥 Then finding out Camille was dead. She was one of my fav characters. I’m crying just thinking about it…. excuse me a minute… I have to…. go…. No I’m not crying…. I have…. Something in my eye…. *Sob
    Yeah, it’s called tears. ^

  20. Hey, can someone tell what’s happened with Alec and Magnus and why Magnus decided to break up?
    I’ve read reviews yesterday and keep crying all this time, but I’m from Russia and there is no release even CoLA, what to say about CoLS – it seems to be released only when i will be 99 years old or something like that (((

  21. Basically Camille contacted Alec after he freed her at the end of CoFA and told him there was a way for Magnus and Alec to stay together forever – if Magnus’s immortality is taken away. At first Alec doesn’t even think about it, but after a while he does. He gets curious, especially because Magnus refuses to tell him anything about his own past (e.g. who his father really is). Alec feels really insecure in his relationship with Magnus, and so he contacts Camille to find out more. But then Camille tells Magnus everything, and he gets really angry and breaks up with Alec. He says that even though he loves him, he still can’t believe that Alec would choose to do that to him, or even think about doing that.

    I’m crying so much – I loved Malec. Best couple in the series!

    • Thank you so much.
      I’m crying since I saw first reviews, since I understood that something was wrong with Malec. First time in my life I really feel like my heart is broken.
      I’ve download CoLS on english, but I’m afraid to start reading.

      But I hope that six book will make them together again. Magnus has a long life so he must be wise – and I hope he will understand all the reasons of Alec’s action, because the only reason was love.

  22. Ah its so amazing its totally worth the wait!
    Everything happened so unexpectedly. Like what happened with Camille, and then Magnus and Alec.
    I’m happy to know that Magnus is Indonesian! I’m a very happy Indonesian fan! Really can’t wait for the next book! 😀

  23. It drew me in right from the beginning. CoLS came to house a few days ago; the thought of reading CoLS and watching the Fringe finale on the same day was beyond amazing. I chuckled at the crossovers with tda and especially tid! The Clockwork Angel was probably what got me the most exited though… what was it doing at the Institute? I read reviews accusing this book of being slow paced and virtually action-less. I also heard that Clary left everyone else to do the work… well I can assure you these comments are far from the truth! 🙂 The book was filled with action, although perhaps the only minor complaint I can come up with was that there was too much making out, Cassie could have cut half of the making out parts. I always loved Clary from the very beginning, and she does not disappoint in this book. She didn’t only go to save Jace, she also went to find out what Sebastian was planning! I also loved the Simon- Magnus- Alec- Isabelle story in this book, it was brimming with exitement. Overall this was a crazy-amazing read. 5 stars! 🙂

  24. I took my time with this book, trying to make it last as long as possible because of the ridiculous wait until COHF. i finished about an hour ago and am…. devastated? heartbroken? shattered? i don’t even know how to describe how i feel.
    this book was completely and utterly amazing- different from the others, but in a good way. there was so much action and suspense, never a dull moment, and the plot twists just kept me guessing. each and every character grew and developed throughout the book, and by the end you could just see how much of a different person they had become. I’ve always loved Clary, and I thought that she was an even more epic kickass heroine in this book than the others. Jace….. as much as I hated seeing such a minimal part of him as he really was, but what we did get to see was incredible. That ending with him, though- oh, my God, he can’t touch Clary without burning her to death???? How does he deserve that? And Isabelle! Wake UP!!! Simon LOVES YOU!!
    Sebastian got even creepier, in my opinion- please, you twisted, twisted boy, stop trying to burn down the world and kill everyone. And PLEASE stop trying to make out with your sister!!
    I’ve left a little spot at the bottom to rant about this- MALEC!! No!!!! He told Alec that he loved him… and Alec asked for forgiveness…. and he just said that it didn’t matter!! I am just so heartbroken right now!! I have to admit, I was close to crying- but my grandmother was over when I read the scene where they broke up. And I highly doubt she would have wanted to hear- “One of the most amazing Mortal Instruments couples just broke up!!” as an explanation for why her granddaughter was in tears.

  25. Just realized how much alike the battle of hogwarts and the war at the end of CoG is… The death eaters retreat for an hour, the demons retreat. Jace and Alec walk into the hall and find their brother dead, Ron walks into the hall finds his brother dead. Harry potter contains part of voldemort in him, Jace believes he has demon blood in him. Harry is with Snape when he dies, Jace is with hodge when he dies. But the biggest simaliarty is that jace dies and comes back to life, Harry dies (almost) and comes back to life. They both live with out anything evil inside them. I don’t care really just thought it was funny but still love Both series to death!!

  26. As usual Cassandra Clare has made an incredible installment to her series. With TMI and TID. CoLS was just soooo amazing. The only thing i missed was the humor. This book just was too dark to have enough humor as usual. I also REALLY missed Jace throughout this whole book. It just made me scream! I really think this book was really good because it also showed how much these amazing characters have and are growing up. I was almost crying when i thought Jace died! Also i am very sad that Magnus and Alec are no longer together. They are just adorable. Can’t wait for the next book!!! And of course City of Bones the MOVIE!!!!!!

  27. Okay… am I the only one wondering exactly who Magnus’ dad is? He’s obviously a very powerful demon, seeing as one of the princes of Hell (too lazy to look up his name) seemed to regard him with familiarity. Also, he must be somebody well known (and awful) enough for people to be readily familiar with, seeing as he’s skittish about mentioning him (Like, worst case scenario, “My dad’s Lucifer. Now will you come to my cat’s birthday party?”).

    Now, I’m pretty sure his dad is not the devil (I’m calling that too freaky weird) but… the whole witch light thing got me wondering. Lucifer used to be an angel, a fact well emphasized through the series… and witch lights only work for shadowhunters presumably because they have angel blood (the bright white-ish light, somewhat signaling angelic purity). So… let’s say Magnus was Lucifer’s son (Please don’t kill me I’m just spitballing) that would explain how the witch light would work with him, except in a different, arguably more corrupt way (dark ember red instead of bright white) because Lucifer’s corrupted angel blood would be passed to him.

    Also, Cassie puts a lot of thought into her character names. You see this with the shadowhunters, and even a little bit with Simon. Translate Magnus Bane’s name- Magnus is Latin for “Great” and Bane could be translated to “Poison” or “Destruction”. “Great Destruction”… not exactly the prettiest name.

    Now, I freaking love Magnus, and I’m 100% sure that whoever his father ends up being our fabulous warlock will be on the side of good, but… gah!

    I’m going back to re-read the book. Perhaps I missed something important that would make this make more sense. Did I miss anything? Did I skip over the part where they go into length about Magnus’ dad? Back to the book, I guess. But I’m skipping that last scene where Magnus breaks up with Alec… that is something a fangirl can only stand to read once.

  28. Shadowhunterchan // May 16, 2012 at 4:02 PM // Reply

    Omg…just finished it….and Malec…*sniff* I wanted to cry….it was an amazing book, but my worst fear came true. They better get back together in CoHF!!!!!!!!!!!! They belong together!!!! Although, my lack of immortality theory was correct lol. And thank god for that sword, Glorius…I have to say, this book was awesome!!!!!! I love all the mystery around it!

  29. Can’t get enough of the Simon and Izzy! My fave TMI couple.
    Couldn’t put down the book every time they were involved!

    It was nice how Maureen was just in the background for most of the story then suddenly come up big in the ending.

    Now I’m very curious of the origins of Magnus and Bro Zacariah!
    (I expect Malec to be back anyway. Unless she kills off Magnus of course…)

    A little more of Jordan and Maia and a little less of the Jace everyone loves in this book.

    Overall, it was a fun ride.

    Looking forward to more of Jonathan/Sebastian’s evil schemes and the thrilling finale.
    Also, can’t wait to find out how losing the Mark of Cain would affect Simon’s life.

    Can’t wait for the next installment, Cassie Clare!

  30. Ashleigh. // July 9, 2012 at 6:16 AM // Reply

    OKAY i have read CoLS at least five time now and every time i pick up on something that i missed before. and i hate to say it but i know something terrible is gonna happen im like 71%sure i know whats gonna happen in CoHF and it makes me sad. what makes me more sad is that Alec and Magnus broke up. i was reading that part at lunch and i AWWWED really loud and people stared but hey whatever. Also i LOVE the part were Jace and Clary fight together i loved it even though it wasn’t the real Jace i still just loved that part. but over all my favorite part has to be when Jace was him actual self (:. and also im pretty sure i almost died when Clary stabbed Jace i mean i predicted it might happen but i was beyond shocked when it did. and Sebastian omfg he is WAY past creepy and is like utterly messed up in multiple ways. i absolutely hate him. OH and Simon and Izzy CUTE i love em. Overall its not my favorite TMI book (thats City of Glass) but it was good and i really just want March 19, 2014 to get here already.!! 😀

  31. Brookey Taylor // July 20, 2013 at 12:46 AM // Reply

    I loved city of lost souls. it was way good i like how almost everything turned out in the end and how the ending wasnt too much of a hanger. i cant wait for City of Heavenly Fire and i wish she’d continue it after wards

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