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Cassandra Clare shares original draft of Jace-Alec kiss scene

Thank goodness for the YA Crush Tourney, as we are getting all of these amazing snippets and special scenes.


It’s Alec’s turn in the first round of the YA Crush Tourney so Cassandra Clare is sharing a special scene from City of Glass.

Clare is sharing the original draft version of the scene where Jace kisses Alec to reassure him about Magnus:

“Drop it, Jace,” Alec said in a warning tone.

Jace was having none of being warned. “Magnus says it’s because you’re hung up on me. Is that true?”

There was a moment of utter silence. Then Alec gave a despairing howl of horror and put his hands up to cover his face. “I am going to kill Magnus. Kill him dead.”

“Don’t. He cares about you. He really does. I believe that,” Jace said, managing to sound only a little bit awkward. “Look. I don’t want to push you into anything, but do you maybe want to —”

“Call Magnus? Look, that’s a dead end, I know you’re trying to be helpful, but —”

“—kiss me?” Jace finished.

Alec looked as if he were about to fall off his chair. “WHAT? What? What?”

“One what would do.” Jace did his best to look as if this were the sort of suggestion one made all the time. “I think it might help.”

Alec looked at him with something like horror. “You don’t mean that.”

“Why wouldn’t I mean it?”

“Because you’re the straightest person I know. Possibly the straightest person in the world.”

“Exactly,” Jace said, and leaned forward, and kissed Alec on the mouth.

The kiss lasted approximately four seconds before Alec pulled forcefully away, throwing his hands up as if to ward Jace off from coming at him again. He looked as if he were about to throw up. “By the Angel,” he said. “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Oh yeah?” Jace grinned, and almost meant it. “That bad?”

“Like kissing my brother,” said Alec, with a look of horror in his eyes.

“I thought you might feel that way.” Jace crossed his arms over his chest. “Also, I’m hoping we can just gloss over all the irony here in what you just said.”

“We can gloss over whatever you want to,” Alec said fervently. “Just don’t kiss me again.”

What do you guys think of the scene? Sound off in the comments!

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48 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares original draft of Jace-Alec kiss scene

  1. AWildFangirlAppears // July 16, 2012 at 6:16 PM // Reply

    THAT IS HILARIOUS! XD I love the new version, but it wasn’t as funny as this one 😀 Oh, the irony…

  2. Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! I am only on the City of Ashes and barely halfway through it, but I am going to read read until I drop! I am hoping to finish all of the TMI books and TID books that are out ther before the movie comes out. I really hope I succeed!

  3. Thats so cute, funny and I will admit, kinda hot. The thought of Jace kissing Alec is weirdly attractive. Im not the only girl who thinks so, right?

  4. Isabelle Lightwood // July 16, 2012 at 6:20 PM // Reply

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!! This is just too much! This may be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Alec and Jace are so funny! This is so funny I don’t even know what else to say! THANK YOU CASSANDRA CLARE! Not only for this hilarious segment but for creating such awesome characters!

    • I agree, sister dear! In fact, I could not agree more! I love these books, these characters, and especially this scene!

  5. TeamEdwardJace // July 16, 2012 at 6:44 PM // Reply

    lol jace is awesome. isn’t the new version where jace tries to tell alec to kiss him and he doesn’t

  6. Lol. I LOVE IT! Jace is so hot and bold! Yum. . . I wish Jace was real. 😦

  7. No there isn’t………THAT WAS HILARIOUS:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I sort of wish we’d gotten a new snippet as I’ve already read this one, but it was fun reading it again nonetheless =]

  9. I’ll be the dissenter and say that I don’t like this snippet at all and I’m glad it was left out of the book. I think it’s a pretty insensitive way of dealing with Alec’s crush and homosexuality. It’s far too flippant a handling of what is a very sensitive subject especailly as unrequited feelings for a straight friend is a very common and difficult experience for a lot of gay teens in the real world.

    • Well I am agree, but I find Alec’s situation quite different. In City of Glass we realized he wasn’t truly in love with Jace, he used him as an excuse to avoid having to commit to a real relationship, a possible one. Sadly, he had already fallen for Magnus, and, of course, that really scared him.
      I love this guys…thanks Cassie!

  10. Omg I luv it they should hav kept it in the book luv alec

  11. Dragoness101 // July 17, 2012 at 12:16 AM // Reply

    As stated above I wish that this was really in the book. I think it would of being a brillient way for Alec to finally let go of the affection he has for Jace. I know that we find out that Alec uses Jace as an excuice to avoid being in a relationship, but I think that this helps us as well as Alec realise just what he thought he wanted. I think it would have been really good in the book. I always hated how that part of the book happened. Love you Cassie. 🙂

  12. That was AMAZING and SEXY ❤

  13. Alright I have now become a fan boy of Jalex

  14. .that was awesomely epic, just imagine: what if they didn’t edit Clare’s draft so much, it’ll be something else for sure!


  16. I enjoyed the humor, but I’m glad that this wasn’t included in the book. Alex was going through an extremely emotional time, and this scene is just too lighthearted for that. But I do love when Alex felt like kissing his brother.

  17. isabellightwood // July 17, 2012 at 8:43 AM // Reply

    I love this seen!!! I wish it wasn’t cut of the book.

  18. Alec and magnus forever!!!! // July 17, 2012 at 10:46 AM // Reply

    HOLY SHIZNIT!!!!!!!! THis waz awesome! wish it want cut 😦 alec iz my fave charecter from cassie’s books :p

    • Alec and magnus forever!!!! // July 17, 2012 at 10:47 AM // Reply

      wasnt i mean

    • Hi, you seem like you know a lot about this series, I have a question . Is Malec’s first kiss in city of Ashes? Or did C. Clare just release that scene on the web. If it is in the book, what page is it on?

      • amycims // July 2, 2015 at 12:33 PM //

        No, it wasn’t their first kiss!! If you read The Bane Chronicles, Cassie writes the entirety of Magnus and Alec’s first date. Technically, their first kiss was even BEFORE that, but… Just read it to see!

  19. Mrs Michaela Herondale // July 17, 2012 at 1:05 PM // Reply

    Everyone is being too soft. Alec was fine with it! Hilarious!! Wish it was actually in the book…. I laughed for about five minutes before I had stopped enough to type 😀

  20. KikiLOVESJace // August 19, 2012 at 1:50 PM // Reply

    Hahaha! This is PURE irony! XD Alec (from book one) sort of liked him but after reading this and when jace autcally kisses him he’s so groosed out. Haahaha! Again like I’ve said this is pure irony! XD

  21. ok, that was hilarious.

  22. Oh Jace you sly dog!

  23. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !!! OK so I started the series of mortal instruments and I am on City of Ashes but I can’t seem to find the part where Alec and Magnus have their first kiss, I read in on a website but I couldn’t find in in the book, is it even in the book? and if so in what page ?!

    • Sheechiibii // July 15, 2013 at 3:20 PM // Reply

      It isn’t in the book. Cassie released it as a gift for her fans.

      As for the Jace/Alec kiss scene. I didn’t like how that scene was handled in the book. It didn’t convince me as much as it should have that Alec really wasn’t in love with Jace. This does the job, but it’s too insensitive for how emotional the scene was, especially since it had been built up for three books. A mixture of the two scenes would have done the trick I think. Serious to start with, with more humour after Jace managed to get through to Alec.

  24. OMG, I’m in heaven!! I KNEW SHE WROTE IT IN SOMEWHERE!!

  25. that’s nasty clearly jace and clary belong together that’s just weired I know alec is gay but why jace ewwwww no jace that’s so freaking wrong especially to ur best friend gross!!!!!!!!!!

  26. That was really funny and entertaining lol

  27. OMG!!! speaking of kissing siblings….

  28. To be honest, I didn’t find this funny or ‘hot’ at all. The scene was about honesty and while I think this could have been pulled off differently, Jace managed to end the situation and settle the feelings quite quickly with the bold move. Seriously, if you kissed your sibling, how would you feel? Weirded out, right? Just because they’re not related to each other doesn’t make it suddenly or not suddenly okay deep in the back of their minds. They still feel about each other as they always have, as brothers. It just took a little something to confirm, for Alec, that what he originally assumed was just that: an assumption. A guess, trying to put a label on something he didn’t quite fully understand. Bottom line is that I’m glad Miss Clare wrote this. I just wished it had been in the book. It cleaned up the emotional mess just a little more efficiently.

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