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‘Clockwork Princess’ epilogue title revealed

While fans are clamoring for Clockwork Princess, the third installment of the bestselling The Infernal Devices, there is a bittersweet feeling as it will be the final installment.

Cassandra Clare, who has been generous with Clockwork Princess teasers lately, revealed that the title of the Clockwork Princess epilogue is LONDON, 2007.

Clare wouldn’t say whether or not the prologue will talk about Tessa’s life in the past 100 years.

That would take us from the 19th century into the 21st century and the world of The Mortal Instruments, which takes place between 2006-2007. Tessa made an appearance in the City of Glass epilogue, where she talked with Magnus.

Clockwork Princess will be released on March 19, 2013.

What are your thoughts? What do you think we could learn in the epilogue? Could Tessa make an appearance in City of Heavenly Fire? Sound off in the comments!

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14 Comments on ‘Clockwork Princess’ epilogue title revealed

  1. Yes! Tessa should definitely make an appearance in City of Heavenly Fire, that would be so awesome ^^ But than actually saying something, or doing something more than talking to Magnus in the distance (still wondering what they were talking about). And why did Clary recognize her? Did one of her descendants look like her?…. [I want to know!!!]

  2. How cooool would it be if Tessa appeared in COHF? I know I’d be squealing and wanting to consume the book out of excitement. xD I wonder if she looked familiar to Clary because she’s related to Jace? Or, we at least assume she is!

  3. Dang it I didn’t want Tessa to be immortal though it would be awesome for her to show up in COHF. But what about Will and Jem they don’t know that she’s not gunna die. And my big wanting in CWP is I want Will and Tessa to be together PLEASE!!

  4. I’m dying in curiosity right now!

  5. Oh my god i cant wait for COHF! and i think Tessa should make an appearance in it…i wonder wat her and magnas wer talking about?

  6. Maybe it’s not from Tessa’s perspective at all. We know that Brother Zacharia may be from TID, and it would make total sense for there to be a brief scene at the end of Zacharia’s pov at the end, when we know who he is. We know that he was out of town when most of them were killed by Valentine, so he could have been in London. Just a thought.

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LIKE THIS A LOT! I have my thoughts about Will and Jem, But we do know that Tessa lives forever…It would be a great twist to see her in COHF.I love you Cassie for having a twisted mind like myself.. LOL On pins and needles for CWP and COHF!

  8. OMG….I can’t belive it. If Tessa showed up in 2007 she will not end up with both Will and Jem because she is immortal and if she is, she won’t have decendant……please let Tessa be a shadowhunter and have kids with Will or even Jem and the dafk brown hair girl in the CoG isn’t Tessa…please just be another girl!

  9. I think Tessa will make an appearance in COHF! Also, if the epilogue is about Tessa, there is something that has kept her in London for more than a 100 years. Why else would she stay someplace that would be painful memories (also good memories) of Jem and Will.

  10. TeamEdwardJace // July 2, 2012 at 7:24 PM // Reply

    I’d love to see Tessa make an apperance in cofhf. so maybe tessa reproduced with both jem and will, or jem found someone that mutally loved him the same way

  11. O M G, after Magnus breaks up with Alec, Tessa and him should get together :3

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