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First Look: Lily Collins sporting red hair

Check out the first photos of Lily Collins sporting her new auburn red hair while out-and-about in Toronto with co-star Jamie Campbell Bower on August 14.

While Lily’s hair looks a bit dark keep in mind that the dye job could be a process that takes a few days to undergo.

UPDATE: One of our readers (Clary) has a background in cosmetology and provided this explanation for Lily’s current color:

Her hair is red. There are different shades of red. Warm and Cool red. For Lily to do a lighter warm red, her base color would need to be lightened to achieve the lighter red featured on the book cover. This is a more involved process. The color looks like its a deposit only color, which takes into consideration her natural color, and doesnโ€™t do the damage of a lifting color. Itโ€™s a pretty color. Great job. And yes. Iโ€™m a cosmetologist.

What do you think of Lily’s hair? Sound off in the comments!

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41 Comments on First Look: Lily Collins sporting red hair

  1. It doesn’t look that red to me, her and Jamie look totally gorgeous together though! They’ll be amazing on screen together!

  2. I wonder if they are still in the process of getting it red..I dyed my hair black for a while. When I finally wanted to change it up, it took a while to lift. They started slowly, and I ended up with a color like her current one. Just guessing. Anyway, I agree with Katie! They look awesome together and I am excited to see their chemistry in action!

  3. Same, I dont think it looks that red. I thought she would have had a more ginger red, that looks more brown to me! Hoping it’s so they can dye it lighter ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree: it’s more of a reddish brown, when I inagined Clary as having flaming red hair. I hope it gets a little lighter, but if it doesn’t, that’s still fine by me.

  4. In what world would that colour ever be called red? It look more like brown to me, hopefully it’s a process like *bobb*i suggested so we can have our redhead Clary!
    Can’t wait for more good stuff from the shooting and the film!

  5. I agree it dosent look red but yea maybe they hav just started n in the end it will be reder bgut they do look gorgeous together I cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It’s not red!!! But they are still damn cute together! :)))) And what about the rest of the cast???? Kevin, Godfrey and the other?

  7. I think the hair should be more Red. (:

  8. Her hair is suppose to be more RED ! I read some where that they were going for a lighter red, and that the red she has no is just a precolor or something xD

  9. Her hair is red. There are different shades of red. Warm and Cool red. For Lily to do a lighter warm red, her base color would need to be lightened to achieve the lighter red featured on the book cover. This is a more involved process. The color looks like its a deposit only color, which takes into consideration her natural color, and doesn’t do the damage of a lifting color. It’s a pretty color. Great job. And yes. I’m a cosmotologist.

  10. i loved her hair color, i think it looks veryyy natural, and i can totally picture her like clary now! buttt i just can’t see jamie as jace, i mean, he’s cute and all… but jace is… jace! he is my idea of a perfect guy, and jamie is kind of behind that :/

    • i really hope they curl her hair, i just imagine her with curly hair that is a little lighter. jocelyn should have darker hair than clary though. and i agree with the whole jace thing. every person has their jace.

  11. Lily is beautiful and that color is great. Wish I looked that good in a sweater and jeans.

    Alright I’m sorry to be rude to Jamie because I’ve been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt for months now but literally EVERYBODY in the cast is better looking than him. Even 50 yr old Jared Harris as Hodge is way more attractive in my opnion. It’s not just the other men in the cast either. I’d take Lily, Lena and Jemima over Jamie in a heartbeat and I’m a heterosexual female.

    The hair and make-up people on this film are going to have to work some actual miracles on this guy to make us believe he is hot. If they manage it they should be given Oscar nominations. Seriously!

    • “Everybody in the cast is better looking than him”
      Well i personally think jamie is the most attractive, its a matter of opinion so stop stating yours as if its a fact.

      • Emmmmmmmmma // August 15, 2012 at 6:13 PM //

        AMEN!Jamie is the hottest to me!!

      • Jace/Jamie (: // August 15, 2012 at 7:36 PM //

        Dittoo! everytime i see him in a movie i start yelling THATS JACE! (and get odd stares)… I dont get the whole “hes unattractive” thing… Like… Hes beautiful… And who would rather have hodge!? Thats a little scary that you would think hes more attractive than jamie…. And is looks all that matters? I mean lets use Alex P. as an example he cant act and is just pretty compared to jamie who is quite attractive and can act. Id rather have someone who can act as jace rather than someone who cant

      • Agreed, toally agreed. Jamie is drop dead sexy. But well… haters are ust gonna hate. Too bad for them.

    • TMI_for_life // August 15, 2012 at 11:14 PM // Reply

      I totally agree. I don’t have anything against him, he’s great, but he’s not the golden boy I imagined as Jace. I think Alec’s actor is more attractive. I’m not gonna lie, I am kinda disappointed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • I don’t think your sorry to be rude & Jared Harris are you serious?? you must be on something & yes i mean to be rude ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. TeamEdwardJace // August 15, 2012 at 3:38 PM // Reply

    Lily looks great and it’s a nice auburn red. jamie looks great too!

  13. MagnusBanefan // August 15, 2012 at 3:59 PM // Reply

    They are so adorable together. I love how they’re looking more and more like Clary and Jace (like how Jamie is dressed in black just like Jace would be! and Lily’s hair is reddish now!). So excited; can’t wait to see photos of all the actors in costume.

  14. I’m disappointed. It is really pretty, but I imagined a little more orangey-ness to it. Just my opinion of what Clary looks like. Not much of a change from her natural color, really, like the cosmetologist said.

  15. Lilys hair is more like auburn colour. In the books Clary s hair describe as flaming red hair. Cause she is a ginger. Hopefully this is only the first step in dying her hair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. kinda really upset about this one. i mean… it one shade asay from brown. its very upsetting to know that they will just throw out the part that made clary unique from all the other characters. its not everyday a movies main lead girl is a red head… sigh… if they dont lighten it, this movie will be a big joke.

    • Catherine Valentine // August 16, 2012 at 9:05 AM // Reply

      How the actor/actress looks is not the most important thing in a movie. It’s how well they can act. I don’t mean to call out on your opinion but the movie won’t be a joke if they don’t all look right. Each actor isnt our exact image of the characters. And don’t worry I’m sure *Clary* the cosmetologist is correct. We will probably all get our redhead Clary.

      • Catherine babe what can except from a resident of Planet Bimbo? Who cares about acting or the story!

        The story is about Clary’s hair color. Pathetic

      • I understand that, it was always just a main part in the series about how she had such a stunning red hair color. It won’t change the story, of course not. I wasn’t saying it would, I was merely upset at the fact that Cassy was changing so much because of the cast. But as I saw the new photo I am quite glad that the cosmetologist was right.

        @ Adriana: I’m not sure if you’re trying to say accept, or expect. Also, I’m not quiet sure why you are calling me a Bimbo? I haven’t used any harsh terms to you, or anyone else for that matter. And as I stated above, I didn’t say it was going to change the story. It was just one of the key elements that made Clary stand out amongst the other characters, and I’d hate to see that taken away. I do not understand why you would act so childish toward my comment, but kids will be kids I guess.

  17. I hope they make it way brighter then that in the movie. Because that isn’t bright enough.

  18. How anyone can look at these photos of Jamie and say ‘hes ugly’ has serious acceptance issues.
    Theres nothing wrong with him!
    I dont see any crazy acne or deformities so how the hell is he ugly?!
    Some people really make me ashamed to be a part of this fandom.
    Being purposely rude and nasty about the way someone looks is disgusting.

    Just silly alex pettyfer as jace fans who cant accept that alex didnt want the role and jamie did (and will do a better job)

  19. I want that colour. How do I find out how to get it? Everytime I ask my hairdresser to do red it comes out orange. My hair is naturally dark so I am excited to know that it really is possible! Tell me how I get it please.

    Lilly looks great. Her skin looks good to. That hair colour is beautiful on her

  20. he isnt the jace that i imagined but hes still hot. the thing that gets me is how r they going to make her look shorter than every on else. she is normal height. and what about her freckles. she isnt the clary i imagined but the none of the characters are exactly how we imagined. but it will all be a good movie no matter how it turns out. and all u haters(and *kat* im talking about u.) need to stuff it. i was taught that if u cant say any thing nice dont say anything at all. some of you need to learn that to *kat*!!!

    • Honey I want to hug you, but let them hate after all same thing happened to Robert Pattinson when he was cast as Edward Cullen, the guy got hate mail and now he can’t get out of his house without getting mobbed.

      So in a way we who like Jaimie are the majority while the haters are the minority.

  21. @ Sharon- Best way is to take in a photo of this color. Lily Collins snapshot, or find other magazines that have that color in it. If your hair is black, it’s going to have a harder time, but it can be done. If you are a medium brown you are perfect for it. It’s a red brown color, not just red. Hope that helps…

  22. I hope they re-dye her hair to make it lighter. I guess it looks auburn because she had it dyed black for Snowhite, but it looks more auburn than ginger. I really hope they go for it. She looks lovely in a more carroty color and she looks younger too.

  23. What are they doing about her “green” eyes? Does anyone know?

  24. Her hair needs to be more ginger. End of.

  25. I personally like that colour auburn, reddish brownish colour way more than ginger, since its a lovely colour, but Clary has ginger hair, so they are probably just doing it as a process to get that copperish ginger colour Lily used to have before.

  26. It looks more like my hair color red, a dark auburn, as opposed to what I always thought of with Clary, but as long is it’s red and she pulls off the character well, I’m alright. I also would hate to hear that her hair was damaged because of this role, so there is that.

  27. I fell in love with these books and as a redhead myself i am very dissappointed to see that Lily’s hair is not CLOSE to a real ginger. Although Lily is beautiful and talented, i don’t know how well she fits the role, RED hair? GREEN eyes?

    Im not surprised that i dont find Jamie hot enough to fill the role of Jace but Jace is the ideal perfect guy and its impossible to find anyone to be perfect for everyone.

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