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Cassandra Clare has dinner with MORTAL INSTRUMENTS cast in Toronto

L-R: Jemima West, Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, Cassandra Clare, Kevin Zegers, Aidan Turner, Harald Zwart

Cassandra Clare had dinner with the cast of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES on Thursday night in Toronto.

Lily Collins (Clary), Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace), Jemima West (Isabelle), Kevin Zegers (Alec), Aidan Turner (Luke) and director Harald Zwart were all in attendance, along with Cassie.

Cassie revealed that the cast that are already in Toronto are those that have to do fight prep, including Jamie who has to do a somersault mid-air. Also that both Kevin and Jemima have dyed their hair black (like the photo suggests) for their roles as Alec and Isabelle Lightwood.

Lily’s hair also appears to be more red than in previous shots from Tuesday.

Robert Sheehan (Simon) is arriving in Toronto on Sunday and Godfrey Gao (Magnus) won’t be in Toronto until September.

Cassie was sharing tweets from fans with the cast:

Cassie on the evening:

Who else is betting Jamie is the one who said that?

Cassie is leaving Friday, but will be back in a couple of weeks to watch filming.

Filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES begins on Monday.

How beautiful is our cast?! Sound off in the comments!

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25 Comments on Cassandra Clare has dinner with MORTAL INSTRUMENTS cast in Toronto

  1. Jemima and Kevin have black hair!!! And is it just me or does Lily’s hair look redder in that shot? This is awesome!!!

  2. I thought it looked redder too, so excited!

  3. JamieJace and things // August 16, 2012 at 11:09 PM // Reply

    Jamie stands out ^.^ Hes so much taller than everyone there !

  4. I find this absolutely funny and I am not there…

  5. Oh my God! First picture with most of the cast, how exciting! 🙂

  6. tiffyyabmerr // August 17, 2012 at 12:23 AM // Reply

    Ahhhhh~ Shit just got REAL 😀 ❤

  7. Where’s Jocelyn’s actress, Lena???

  8. What can I say that hasn’t already been said?! I AM SO FUCKIN’ HAPPY!

  9. Yes, yes, yes. OMG, It’s fuckin’ great! They are so beautilful together! Kevin is perfect with this black hair, Lily is not red…, Jamie fine and Aidan perfect in this picture!:) Love them! Miss Magnus and Robbie,,,, 😦

  10. it makes me laugh that jamies stood with all the girls haha
    hes really tall 😮
    Jemima looks really pretty, her a lily look kind of similar

    i love this cast

  11. We have four Shadowhunters and a former Shadowhunter turned Downworlder.

  12. What a lovely cast (and the director looks like a nice guy as well!). They all seem so nice on top of being gorgeous.

    Lily is taller than Jemima so I guess Clary in the film won’t have any stupid height envy. Jamie is taller than Kevin too! Little Lightwoods!

    Aidan looks like he will make a perfectly believable Luke so that should silence those complaining he looked too young. I wonder what they are going to do wirth Jamie’s hair becuase it’s so long and shaggy at the moment. I thought he would have cut it by now as everyone else has done something to their hair.

  13. im so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The true winners are the authors of these books. How thrilling for Cassie seeing her creation come to life.

  15. Where’s Magnus?!

    • From the post:
      “Robert Sheehan (Simon) is arriving in Toronto on Sunday and Godfrey Gao (Magnus) won’t be in Toronto until September.”

  16. I may have just been swayed over to team alec after this pic.. kevin is HOT!!

  17. This is spectacular. It’s happening you guuuuys. I can’t even imagine how Cassie Clare feels at this moment…I know I would feel elated having dinner with the faces of my book characters.


  19. isabelle is shorter that clary, what is this!!
    nahh don’t really mind, i guess they will just have to cut out the whole clary being really really short compared to everyone. an the “on me that’s a shirt” line. oh well the cast already looks great!
    so glad lily made her hair redder, hope they curl it. JAMIE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING WITH HIS HAIR!!!!!, needs to look different

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