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First Look: Jace, Clary, Isabelle and Alec on CITY OF BONES set

Check out the first photos of Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace), Lily Collins (Clary), Jemima West(Isabelle) and Kevin Zegers (Alec) on the set of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES on Monday.

Filming on the highly-anticipated film began Monday morning near St. James’ Cemetery in Toronto. Most of filming will take place in Toronto and some in New York City.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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151 Comments on First Look: Jace, Clary, Isabelle and Alec on CITY OF BONES set

  1. Wow, Lily’s hair just screams fake to me.. and I also don’t like Jamie’s hair 😦 and what about those outfits? What if they’re going to mess up?

  2. the guy wearing the leather is Magnus right?

  3. I love Lily’s boots and I am super excited to see this movie when it comes out. I can’t wait!!!

  4. WTF is alec (kevin Zegars) wearing he looks like a transvestite.. and why is clary (lilly) wearing that get up I cant remember her wearing clothes like that in the book!! or does my memory not serve me well???

    • Alec’s outfit is ridiculous. Poor Kevin having to wear that.

      I think this muight be the scene where they go Magnus’ party and Isabelle gives her a makeover. They are putting her in Shadowhunter black in the film rather than the dress/skirt (can’t remember) from the book. Putting her in the same kind of gear as the rest of them makes sense to me especially with all the action that happens afterwards rather than an impractical dress.

      • Right?! Alec is meant to be uncomfortable in his own skin, not all flashy with his bulging biceps on show. And that heeled boots? No, just no.

      • I so agree. Alec would NEVER wear something like that. Hence my hoping that that was Magnus. Ridiculous.

    • TeamEdwardJace // August 20, 2012 at 4:33 PM // Reply

      that might be her party gear to mangus’s house. it might also be their shadowhunter gear too.

      • tiffyyabmerr // August 20, 2012 at 4:49 PM //

        But Godfrey is supposed to be coming in around september, that wouldn’t make sense to do Magnus’s scene now… maybe a photoshoot?

      • its during the day, magnus visit was at night, maybe its when they go get the mortal cup

    • Why is everyone freaking out over kevin’s outfit and little things like that? Just be happy that this is even happening!! I don’t care about all the little details THIS EARLY into production. Just shut up for a sec and soak in the fact that CITY OF BONES IS FILMING RIGHT NOW! I mean, that’s something to be happy about, right!?

      • WORD

      • THANK YOU, all I am reading are these hate comments and it doesn’t sit well with me because, Kaylynn, you are absolutely right, we should be happy that this is even happening AT ALL. Also, that it is TOO early into production for them to get every detail correct, We can’t expect it to be perfect.

        Here is a question for all you haters…

        Has there EVER been a movie, that was based on a book, and was EXACTLY like the book it was based on?

        JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah how can you tell what exact scene they were filming by the exact clothes they are wearing? I think this will be a great movie and people should just be happy that it’s happening. Think of the chances it being turned into a movie. Most books arent even considered for a movie let alone made into one

      • At least someone had the guts to say it! I am super excited and I think everything looks awesome and Jamie looks just like the Jace I imagined!

  5. This is exciting! Lily, Jemima and Jace look great! I like the contrast between cute, inoocent, everyday Clary and Shadowhunter gear Clary.

    I’m sorry but I do not like Kevin’s outfit at all. The sleeveless vest looks kind of silly like he’s an extra for the Village People. The steles look odd too-I imagined them as more slender and not so bulky

  6. OMG.OMG.OMG.OMFG,OMFG.OMFG!!!! They are so damn perfect! Jamie is the cooleset, and Kevin is OMG!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I am so excited!!! I love this cast! I wish I could be there… πŸ™‚

  7. OMG IM SO EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN IT!! They all look so Hott!!!!

  8. What’s up with Alec’s hair? Isnt it too neat? Alec is always described as not caring about his appearance

  9. I’m sorry, but in these pics Kevin looks unconvincing as a teen. :/ You can tell he’s in his late 20’s by looking at face.

    Btw, why’s Lily in Shadowhunter gear? She doesn’t wear one until CoG!

  10. Guys, post-production EVERYTHING is enhanced with CGI. Whatever looks bad or fake or whatever here will be smoothed over and bedazzled after filming finishes. I think they look awesome and this only makes me even more excited for the movie.

    • I completely agree; the little things will be fixed, who cares if not every small detail is exactly as you imagined it: it will be different in everyone’s mind and it will be great movie regardless of the outfits or the hair or anything. I’m am just ecstatic that this is finally happening. And by the way, do they have a Raphael yet?

  11. I cant believe that really happens… Jamie, Jemima and Kevin look great in Shadowhunter costumes….:)

  12. just asking.. but don’t you think Jamie’s hair is still looking very messy and kind of awful? I just wished they would hide his ears. Kind of don’t like them, but it could be worse

  13. Jamie looks amazing, but…poor Alec 😦

  14. Those photos are amazing! ahhh so happy! They look amazing, specially the shadowhunter gear, didn’t expect it to be thattt much leather though! And the runes eeeep!! Jamie looks like a fab jace so hopefully people will ssh and stop moaning! Can’t wait to see what day 2 brings πŸ˜€

  15. I seriously hope they do not change it too much, like I understand why Clary would be wearing these clothes even though she never did in the book. Plus the shoes Alec is wearing is just umm…unbelievable. wtf. He just looks kind of ridiculous but whatever..maybe it will look better when the movie comes out? Fingers crossed;)

  16. I like the costumes, I really do, and LilyΒ΄s hair and clothes are nearly perfect to me. I am exited, I mean TMI is on filming! but Kevin…oh Kevin, I already get over his age but that costume doesn’t fit him that much.
    Somebody must give him a jacket, and mess up his hair. AlecΒ΄s look is quite and sober, and cold not flamboyant like Magnus. (I do not know if that makes sense)

  17. Ok everything looks great and I am soooo happy and exited! BUT there are 2 things bothering me;
    1. Izzy is supposed to be taller than Clary. So they should have at least made Lily wear flat boots to make her seem short
    2.Izzy is supposed to have JETBLACK hair and here it looks…brown

  18. What is the problem with Kevin?I think he is really cool and Alec-ish….I think the main problem is that why doesn’t Jemima’s hair black as Alec????
    Please stop hatink Kevin’s clothes…. It is perfect! πŸ™‚

  19. Sorry… but what is your problem with Kevins clothes??? I think he is very cool in it… if i must say anything what I dont like about their appearance, I would say that why Jemima’ hair is not black and Lily’s lighter red?

  20. I hate the outfits! Shadowhunting gear shouldn’t look like.. punk rocker clothes!

    • yes!! Personally I think everyone who hasn’t read the books will directly notice that Alec is gay, I mean come on! Alec isn’t supposed to be very confident and who the hell would wear something like that if he wasn’t confident? They look kind of ridiculous 😦

  21. I think, Ed was better choice for Alec 😦

  22. sorry to say this. But Alec looks terrible. 😦 Wtf is wrong with his boots? And outfit? Everything. Just everything. It’s kinda sad. Cassandra Clare you need to help them out!!!!

  23. OMG. The day has finally arrived!! πŸ˜€

    What up with Alec’s outfit, and where’s Robert? Wasn’t he supposed to be there yesterday?

  24. Jamie still looks like the ugliest person on the planet… its awful

    • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 20, 2012 at 4:59 PM // Reply

      explain to me whats so ugly about him?? you must live in some damn pretty town to call him the ugliest person (which he isnt, hes sooooo hot) on the planet or maybe your home schooled and dont get out much? Just saying i dont see what your seeing…. and have you seen the new pics of him? (: beautiful

      • A Homeschooled girl with good taste // August 20, 2012 at 5:33 PM //

        Excuse me, but don’t insult us homeschooled people. *Some* of us have very good taste.

      • A Homeschooled girl with good taste // August 20, 2012 at 5:33 PM //

        And it’s not like we never go outside either!

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 20, 2012 at 5:43 PM //

        sorry didnt mean to insult you, i was trying to figure out why she thinks hes sooo ugly? Ill just stick with the first one and assume she lives in a beautiful town cause i find jamie very attractive, and once again sorry if i offended anyone ;( and i realize my sorry statements sound stupid but i truely didnt mean to offend anyone

      • A Homeschooled girl with good taste // August 20, 2012 at 6:59 PM //

        I was kidding! (or being sarcastic – not sure which) πŸ™‚ Definitly did not want to make you feel bad.
        And if there is a town where Jamie would be the ugliest…where is this town, and how do I get to it πŸ˜‰

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 20, 2012 at 9:07 PM //

        Hahhaha okay just making sure i didnt offend anyone… But im not sure where this town is… Any one who insults jamies looks obviously lives there or needs glasses or something… he is sooo gorgeous and jacish that it makes me giddy

      • A Homeschooled girl with good taste // August 20, 2012 at 9:58 PM //

        I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical of him at first, but he won me over, and this was the confirmation πŸ˜€

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 20, 2012 at 10:57 PM //

        Yeahh me too, i read the books last august and then this year i really got into the whole fandom and when i first found out i wanted someone else to play jace then i started liking jamie more and more then i watched sweeney todd and ive been like THATS MY JACE! Ever since… And this… Him as actually jace? Well im just a little more than estatic (:

      • Look everyones entitled to their own opinions, and I am genuinely sorry that we dont agree. There are people who are still of the same opinion as me, and many (probably more) who are of the same opinion as you. I just dont find him at all appealing. Like at all. None of his pictures have done anything for me, and yes, Ive seen the new ones, and am inclined to strongly STRONGLY disagree with the statement that theyre gorgeous. I don’t mean to attack you at all, I’m just stating my opinion, and isn’t that what the comments section on any website is for? To voice you opinion?
        The same could be said for books. The beauty of books is that you see in your head the characters as you want to see them. And they are not set out for you in stone on a screen. Now, do I enjoy watching books-turned-movies? Yes, I do. Sometimes the person that is on the screen looks similar enough to your mental image that you are able to adapt your imagination, only slightly, so that you can enjoy the story much the same as you were reading a book. But, in this case, the person on the screen does not correspond to my mental image. And I know that for some of you it does, and thats fine. Maybe someday I will adjust, and ill actually enjoy watching Jamie play Jace. But for right now, I don’t enjoy seeing him in costume. It’s too far away from anything I imagined Jace as looking like.
        Sorry for rambling, you just seemed curious as to why I feel the way i do, so i wanted to explain…

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 21, 2012 at 10:05 AM //

        I agree that you are entitled to your own opinion but to call him the ugliestest person on the planet is streching it a bit dontcha think?

  25. TeamEdwardJace // August 20, 2012 at 4:42 PM // Reply

    i think they all look great and i really like the gear(maybe it’s their party outfits and not their gear keep with the whole shadowhunters looking great in black). i think kevin will be really good as alec but i don’t like his boots. and jamie looks hot in leather and lily looks great. her hair really is red but sometimes the way the lights hits it might make look like a different colour

  26. Just so you guys know, I don’t mean to sound bitchy, but we haven’t seen the movie yet. We can’t judge when they’re on their first day. For one thing, I like the outfits. Sure, Alec’s is not what I pictured him wearing, but for all we know, Izzy (Jemima) might have forced him to wear that in the script. Maybe she wanted them to look cool. Not quite the most characteristic thing of Isabelle, but it’s a possibility. I know it’s easy to judge immediately, but you guys should try to keep an open mind.

  27. By the way, August 2013 cannot come fast enough!

  28. I must say…
    I don’t like Jamie’s hair… I thought they were going to do something about it… ~
    And… his pants T_T Alec is too damn hot ;___; too hot ~
    But, we must wait ~

  29. I have to say the costumes look real good. I mean they could have redone their whole look and made them wear like space outfits or something totally wrong. I like how Lily’s hair in the sunlight comes off real red. I don’t think we should judge everything just yet. Sometimes on film things look better. This is only one scene. I prefer to reserve judgement about everything. Jamie is looking good though.

  30. I didnt picture their shadowhunter gear like that at all. They should all have very similar gear right? Jamie looks good in what he is wearing but it still isn’t right. I pictured something like a black long sleeved shirt that was outlined by muscle and then something similar to a bullet proof vest puff up in the front. And the pants… Black jeans maybe? I’m not sure but they did get the heels right with isabelle because i remember her wearing in the book alot.

  31. skjfijdsijfjdsd. I wanna be really positive. Cuz I always have been this whole process so far. But some things really just annoy me :-/

    First of all, why didn’t they just dye Jemima’s hair black? Say whatever you want, but that is brown. At best. Hate to be nitpicky but it’s true. I just don’t understand why they just couldn’t dye it black.

    Secondly, I will admit that Kevin zegers looks DAMN HOT. Yes, I said it, he is really really hot and looking awesome and I mean, who could deny it. But he isn’t ALEC. Just because they chose someone beautiful doesn’t mean he is the perfect Alec. His hair is slick and gelled back when we all know Alec’s hair was a mess and his outfit screams a guy who is sexy and he knows it. Isn’t Alec like the exact opposite?! I’m so scared as to how they are going to handle him and his sexuality… I will cringe if they make him some stereotypical, feminine-isc gay guy.

    Thirdly, about Clary being in the leather clothes… Everyone agrees that it would make sense for her to be wearing the outfit if they were going to Magnus’ party (and that’s been the rumor going around). But WHO goes to a party in BROAD DAYLIGHT? Not to mention, where’s Simon? I think a better bet is when they go to get the Mortal Cup, but still, none of this is really matching up with a particular scene…

    Before I get torn apart for the negative comments, I WILL say that everyone is looking pretty awesome so far, such as Jamie as Jace (looking great!) and Clary’s hair. Also, I am a major Sheehan-lover after seeing the photo of him on set… He IS Simon. It will be interesting to see how all this comes together.. I feel right now like the film will either be a hit or miss for the fandom. Either way I’m really excited to keep following along. πŸ™‚

    • Jesus christ! Reading all of these negatives posts. First of all we have no idea what scenes they’re filming, it might even be a scene that’s not in the book, cause’ this is a movie adaption! Maybe they’re just doing test shots! Who knows?
      I THINK THEY LOOK COOL! I kinda gagged when I saw Kevin – poor dude in leather – and I agree, he looked a bit too comfortable-gay-ish but that doesn’t mean the movie is not going to kick ass.

      About the hair dye. Brown or black – could care less! I have black hair, but in the sun it sometimes come off as dark brown, and that’s how the beauty of haircolor works. Jemima might also have asked for a dark brown color, as it’s very – VERY – hard to get rid of the black hair, unless you’re going to bleach it (very bad for your hair) or you’re going to let it grow out. Ashley Greene in Twilight wore a wig throughout the first two movies as she was not comfortable with cutting her hair! It’s very common!

      Actually, I think Clary/Lily is looking fine! I love her casual out-fit! I don’t get why she’s wearing shadowhunter gear either, but I’m sure there’s a reason to it. We can’t expect to figure out every move the production team making.
      I like the gear – Alec’s is a bit too gothic though, but I never really imagined how the gear would look like..

      TMIFAN: Where’s there a picture of Robert on set as Simon?

    • Totally agree about Alec.
      If it were any other male character (Jace, Raphael, Luke, Simon) in that getup, I’d laugh it off. Whatever, it’s just clothes.
      But the fact that they put the gay character in a leather vest and those heeled boots is sending up alarm bells in my head. I’m terrified that they’ll turn him into a stereotype.

      • mina blak // August 22, 2012 at 12:32 AM //

        Maybe he’s wearing healed boots to appear taller on screen next to Jamie, coz Alec’s supposed to be taller than Kevin is in real life. I don’t know, but that’s my guess. I love the costumes but I do have a bit of a problem with Jemima’s, Lily’s and Kevin’s hair.
        Still I’m ecstatic that this movie’s being made and am happy to wait and trust that the movie’ll turn out great πŸ˜€

    • Woah!!! Chill out it is just the first day! Like honestly be happy that they are filming it nobody wants to hear your complaining

  32. Firstly, “They look too punk” … Its a steampunk novel. Thats what the genre is..
    Secondly, “Lilys hair looks too fake” … You complain when its too dark and you also complain when they make it lighter? They CGI things like this to make them seem more real guys.
    Thirdly, “kevin looks ridiculous” is a horrible thing to say. Kevin looks great, as does Jemima.
    “Jamies hair is too long” .. this is the stupidest comment because jaces hair is jaw length.. and jamies hair is jaw length here, and obviously in the in between take pictures he might have it pushed back behind his ears but they obviously pull it foward and make sure its perfect before they start rolling.
    “Lily is wearing shadowhunter stuff” .. can we take a second to think that they might be filming the part after/before magnuses party where she gets all dressed up? I know she wears a dress in this scene but maybe they changed it to a leather outfit instead.

    I dont understand why people are being soooo negative. Your getting a movie BE HAPPY stop complaining about silly things and wait for the movie to come out before you pass judgement! Its silly to preconcieve that the film will be rubbish from a few pictures of one scene!



      • @Rybo: Be for real, now. Her hair isn’t going to be black. They wouldn’t go through the effort of CGI-ing it for every scene unless it had importance in the context


      • Will you stop all the caps? You look like you’re shouting and it’s hard to argue any point maturely if you’re shouting. I never said the whole flipping movie depends on whether or not Jemima’s hair is black. ALL I did was bring up that people should just get used to the color it is, because I DON’T agree that they’d use CGI for it.

    • Im not arguing? Lmfao im just saying even if they dont cgi her hair why does it really matter. I wasnt even addressing my answer at you i was addressing it to the people who are still moaning about hair colour..

      • arΒ·gue: verb – to present reasons for or against a thing. If you read my post carefully you would see that I used argue as a verb meaning to argue your point. Seeing as we had two contradicting points, I’d say yes, you were arguing. And if you don’t want to address your answers to me than don’t hit ‘reply.’

    • Um. Don’t mean to be rude or anything, but TMI is definitely not steampunk, it’s urban fantasy. Perhaps you were thinking of ID?

      • mina blak // August 22, 2012 at 12:38 AM //

        Thank you, Steph!!! I was just about to say that, rofl.
        If anything, it’s “Infernal Devices” series that is “steampunk” and the genre has nothing to do with the “punk look”, lol. πŸ™‚

  33. Is that shadowhunter gear??? Because it looks nothing like how I pictured it!! Or am I wrong?
    Hope it turns out good though πŸ™‚

  34. Is that what they look like in the movie? I think they need more runes

  35. Alec is gay but theres no reason to make him look like he came from a gay biker bar. Not really excited about his look. Why is Clary wearing leather? Which scene is that from? I like Jace and Isabelle. Wishing Jaces hair was a bit less scraggly. Dont mean to be so nit picky, Im THRILLED about the amazing pics, but I wouldn’t be a fan if I didn’t care so much.

  36. Not going to lie, it seems like people are bitching for the sake of bitching now.
    There is nothing to be bitching about.
    Stop. Its so negative and annoying for the 97% of people who are happy to have to read.

    • i know right, the movie isnt going to be awful just because some hair colours are wrong.

      and guys… Alec is wearing shadowhunter clothing in this scene.
      Its when hes wearing his normal clothes (his jumpers with holes in them) when he looks underconfident and sweet..
      His shoes are obviously to please those fans who were complaining about him not being tall enough (and its not like their going to dedicate a 10 second frame to alecs feet)

      • Alec Bane // August 26, 2012 at 1:04 PM //

        So True. I want to see him in his black sweater that turned brown!!!! I can’t wait!!!
        And Alec and Magnus in the same pic? I will die when that happens!!!!

    • Im not bitching. If I am I dont mean to be. I think they look good, well except Alec. The shirt bugs me. But that is such a tiny thing compared to the excitement I feel that this day is finally here.

      So excited!!!!

  37. GOODNESS, people need to understand that JUST because we are nitpicking at stuff, it doesn’t mean we aren’t big fans or we aren’t supportive. It just means we CARE about the story and the way they handle it.

    Yes, the comments on stuff as little as Jace’s hair or whether their outfits are too punk or their height.. that stuff is pretty ridiculous to nitpick at. But seriously, LOOK at Kevin as Alec… His muscles showing off and his hair all neat and looking hot… if that doesn’t bother you AT ALL, I don’t know what will. I’m a positive person but I’m also a realistic person that isn’t going to sugar coat stuff just because I want the movie to be perfect. I’m very excited for the movie, but the way they dressed Alec just irks me. Period. Stop shunning people that don’t sit there and say “OMG THEY LOOK PERFECTTTT!!” cuz obviously if you read the books you’d know that it isn’t exactly perfect. Am I saying the movie is going to suck? No. I’m very excited and I’m sure everyone else that has commented is. We are just giving our say as of now as to what we don’t feel is exactly “right” to the book.

    Gosh. /endrant

    • Dont tell me i dont care about the books, ive read them since city of bones was first released in 2007. And ive been waiting for the movie ever since and so have many of us and thats exactly the reason we ARENT bitching. Because we’ve been waiting for SO long that jamie could have pink hair and kevin could be a dwarf and at this point i would still be happy because MY FAVOURITE book will now be a film after all this time of waiting. Negative bitchy commets about little things seem ridiculous when the film isnt even out yet!

      • Alright, well first of all, if you can find anywhere in my post that I said “Rybo, you definitely don’t give a sh*t for the books,” please, let me know because I’m almost positive I did NOT say that. Oh, and I also read the books that long back and have too been anticipating this movie for over a year. But like I said, I am NOT trying to sugar coat stuff just because a movie is being made. So what, just because a movie is being made we should all just go, “Wellll, I don’t care at ALL if they TOTALLY flip around the story, cuz after all, a movie’s being made! That’s all that matters! And it will be freaking PERFECT no matter what because it has the words ‘City of Bones’ plastered across it.” Ha. No. Cuz that went over SO well for the Percy Jackson fans when they totally changed up the movie.

        And about your comment saying it’s ridiculous to “bitch” about things before the movie has come out, I never once sat there and tried to complain about something I’m not sure of. I didn’t sit there and say “the acting is terrible” or “the movie will suck” because that is obviously things I will not know until I see the movie. However, with these pictures, I DO know what Alec is wearing and that is something that doesn’t change after seeing the movie and I know that Alec wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that stuff or looking like that. Does this make the movie destined for failure? NO, and I as I said SEVERAL times, that is NOT what I said. All I’m doing is pointing out what isn’t right as of now. Goodness, God forbid someone sits there and acknowledges what isn’t like the book. Sounds to me like the only one bitching here is you.

  38. To be honest, I’m trying to like it, but I just can’t. I have 2 major problems with the outfits. First, they just aren’t what I expected. To me, they look more like people cosplaying as shadowhunters, rather than actual shadowhunters. The second problem is Alec. I’m going to be blunt and say he looks like he belongs in Magic Mike, rather than City of Bones. Alec, staying true to the book, would rather stab himself with his own arrows than wear that. He’s a shy boy and he’s not het comfortable in his own skin. On the bright side, those boots (is that Lily or Jemima…) Are fabulous. I actually really like how Jamie looks, though his hair is kind of ugly.

  39. i just died and went to heaven. they all look soooo hot in their outfits! cant believe the movie is actually happening! yayyayayayayyyyy

  40. What have they done to Alec! no no the look is all wrong,I personally think Alec would kick himself in the balls before wearing that…sorry am just giving my opinion.To me Alec seems more on the done low like he would wear a black sleeve T-shirt or maybe blue since his eyes are in fact blue. Hmm.. well at least Jemima & Lily look pretty kickass & on Jamie no comment…:\

  41. MYKENA (FUTURE MRS. HERONDALE) // August 20, 2012 at 8:12 PM // Reply

    omg i wanna crie! lillys hair looks like crap! jamie oh jamie cut your freakin hair! and poor kevin i am sorry that you must wear that!and i thought of alec mabe wearing black jeans and t shirt but what ever i guess and what on earth is on lilly’s body come on i thought she wore a dress to magnus’ party and she deffinately didn’t wear anything like that in the book and i like the dress better than that! and i just want to make this clear they are not even 24 hours into this and are messing this all up! Jamie i luv ya and i will admit in some of theese pics he looks pretty sexy but he’s not jace!!! anyone else agree!!! ugg! omg i will agree with ollie except for oh yeh your an idiot how can you say that they look awful!!! i died and well then i wondered if anything would look worse than they do yes they all look hot but no not the characters i sorry they suck at this k next week lets all put money in and buy this production from them and we could do way better!!! haha ahhhhh i want to rip out my hair grrrrrr! what have they done to alec? and jace… and clary ? i can live nono i luv izy but everyone else i want to throw up on them! oh while i have everyones attention guess who i tink should be camille?!?! katie mcgroth! go to google and type in katie mcgroth blonde and look at i tink the first pic i tink and omg purfect plz tell me what u tink below! oh and haha moment cuz i have issues staying on topicha i showed my friend who was gunna be valentine, she was like wow now vwlentine is going to be a sexy warlord and i looked at her like your a dork! but its true!

  42. Is the fact that the Shadowhunter outfits are basically leather somehow a new concept for people? Of course they’d be dressed like that… and Alec is much more into Full on warrior than casual so it makes sense he wouldn’t be hanging out in a shirt and jeans.

    Wait till we get some institute pics, then we’ll see them all as we always pictured them

  43. So excited for the movie!!!! but remember, the movie can’t have everything that is in the books, I mean it would be perfect, but sometimes things change, the script isn’t going to be exactly as the book, somethings are going to change, others going to be added and others won’t even appear in the movie 😦 . As a potterhead I still don’t like some of the things that are in the HP movies and that somethings are not even in the movies but i still love them!, and this happens with all the other sagas, it isn’t going to be a 100% like the book,remember that they film what is possible for the production to do., but i kow they won’t let us down, All we can do is expect the movie to be great, to be as loyal as possible to the book and to support the movie and the cast no matter what happens…. just saying πŸ™‚

  44. After seeing Clary’s hair, Jamie’s hair, thr tunes and Alec in general, I think any hope of this movie being good has been destroyed for me.

    • MYKENA(FUTURE MRS. HERONDALE) // August 20, 2012 at 9:11 PM // Reply

      i agree 100 percent. i told a friend of mine i would be crying thru the movie but not cuz its sad, becuz it sucks!!!

      • I’m terrified that it will be awful so I don’t know if I want to watch it. I want to preserve how awesome the books are and not ruin them with punk goth outfits and screwed up characters and hair

    • You guys need to stop bitching. This is the FIRST DAY of filming. You’re being way too judgemental and need to be patient for when the movie comes out. When you watch it, then you can say you don’t like it. Don’t trash the movie just because some pictures you see. You guys obviously aren’t real fans of the series because if you were you wouldn’t be complaining over something that can easily be changed. GOSH. Just enjoy that the movie is even being made.

      • YOU need to not tell me what to do. And YOU can’t tell me that I’m not a real fan. I am a real fan. That is why I’m so scared they’re going to ruin the series. I’m not going to just “enjoy that the movie is even being made” if they are going to ruin it. Just because they are making a movie does not mean that I need to fangirl and freak out of excitement. It means that I am cautious. Sure, it could be good, but for me (and it seems like other people too) it is not looking promising.

  45. I think they all look amazing!

  46. A Homeschooled girl with good taste // August 20, 2012 at 10:02 PM // Reply

    Everything looks great! And you know who looks the best to me?


  47. I’m super happy City of Bones has started filming!!!! But I’m really disappointed with Clary’s hair color. It looks almost brown…but maybe once the movie is out, the lighting will make it look more red? And I’m also not happy with Jamie’s hair, he just doesn’t look like Jace in these scenes..but I shouldn’t fuss about all this so early in filming, I can’t wait to here more about the sets and such!!!! πŸ˜€

  48. All of this “blah blah blah” about Alec’s outfit…. did anyone think that maybe he has a jacket?! lol….And why all the sadness about the hair?! At least they all aren’t wearing awful looking wigs! (ex. The Twilight films. LMFAO). If any bitching needs to be done I will save it for after the trailer comes out. πŸ˜‰
    Personally I think they all look great! I’m sorry to all the “Jamie as Jace” haters but he looks amazing! I can’t wait!!!!

    • Hahhaha Anna, you’re cracking me up girl! πŸ™‚
      Yeah exactly, at least they aren’t the Twilight wigs (OMFG!!!!).

      • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Yes! I would be soooo pissed if they wear rocking bad wigs! LOL!
        I am glad someone is seeing the up side πŸ˜‰

  49. The movie just needs to hurry up and come out so everyone can calm down…So excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I. Am. So. EXCITED.

    And I am totally sold on Jamie as Jace now- I mean, I have been for a while, but that top picture! Look at it! That smoldering stare? That “I am so much cooler than you” way he carries himself? That is TOTALLY JACE.

    And though I must admit there are some things I’m not totally thrilled about….I won’t even talk about them because I am just so happy that this is finally happening! I can’t wait for next year so I can watch this all play out on the big screen!!

  51. Guys, stop complaining. This is just the FIRST DAY of filming. Stop jumping to conclusions.They’ve chosen a perfect cast so far and that’s rare for some movies. Usually, when there’s perfect casting, there’s perfect filming. So calm down and just fangirl/boy over the fact that the book is coming alive at this very moment.

    • I agree with Cindy. ENOUGH HATING!!! I can’t be happier that the most amazing book series ever is getting it’s own movie series. Why can’t you be?

  52. The only problem I actually have with these pictures is the lack of a Voyance (the eye) rune on their right hands.

  53. So I read all the comments and I really don’t know what is your problem with the cast. Someone said that she/he love the books, that’s why she/he cares about the movie too. And? So as we, but a true fan (at least I imagine myself one:D) cried and screamed when saw the pictures NOT seeing the “big problems”… it’s just scoff, nothing else. Kevin is too sexy? OMG,and is this a problem? Why? Ok, Alec should be cute and awkward all the time but maybe this confidence is just for the hunting and in the normal scenes he would be “real Alec”. And his clothes? What’s the problem with his clothes? I really don’t get it… IT IS COOL, and I really feel sorry for those people whose cannot see this… Kevin is a good Alec (not as good as Nicoas Hoult would be, but OK :D) END OF THE STORY. I don’t wanna hear no more about him.
    Jamie. Jamie is the perfect Jace! So much better Jace than your so loved Alex Pettyfer would ever be. And what about his hair? I think it is cool… The same hair as in the book cover, so what is the real problem? Please stop hate him just because he is not Alex Pettyfer, the “perfect bo”y… yes, he is not A. P. he is better than him in so many ways.
    And if someone would write hate comments about them after that…. the only thing I can say that:


  54. EVERYONE… can we please stop wwith the hate ? Imagine if you were in their place and saw people writing that you’re ugly, or that you look gay in what you’re wearing. You’se should be greatful that we’re getting a movie of this. I think it’s very mean with the way everyones treating this !
    We are a fandom, we should’nt be hating on something that we are so passionate about. How do you think Cassandra Clare would feel about reading all these comments from yous ?
    I’m not hating and I’m not loving either, We should just be greatful that we’re getting a movie anyway.
    Other fandoms don’t get movies like Vmapire Academy fans, at least the TMI fandom is getting a movie.
    Personally, as a huge fan of Kevin Zegers, he blew my panties away ! Especially JCB like WOW, and Jemima and Lily look beautiful. To me they all are going to deserve an Oscar when the film comes out.
    So please stop hating, as a Fandom we’re supposed to be a big family ! and all this conflict between us isn’t working out guys ❀ FEEL THE LOVE PLEASE ❀
    Kevin Zegers… Please get in my pants πŸ˜‰

    • Just wanted to say that for the record, Alec IS gay so Kevin really doesn’t have a reason to get upset if he saw what we were saying. I think that people are just pointing out that he shouldn’t noticeably look that way.
      And I do agree with this post that we should all band together. πŸ™‚ we are the best fandom after all, right?

      • SeldsTurk // August 21, 2012 at 6:47 PM //

        LOL yeah he is gay. No matter what yous shouldn’t be saying all these means things to them, Imagine if yuo were them and were reading all these comments?

  55. Am I the only one who really REALLY love Kevin’s Boots xD

    • No way. I absolutely ADORE Alec’s entire outfit. He looks so cute! i’m glad I’m not the only one. πŸ˜€

  56. ASongbirdDigna // August 21, 2012 at 9:39 AM // Reply

    I think Alec looks absolutely ridiculous. That is totally not how I picture Alec, poor Kevin. Other than his hair, I think Jamie looks pretty delicious in his Shadowhunter gear. Izzy looks fine, love the boots. The clothes they’ve got Lilly in don’t exactly scream Clary to me, but they’ll do.

  57. Dont be so negative guys! You cant expect every movie to stick to the books! Cant you see the cast and crew are doing they’re best? Dont be such a perfectionist, imagine if the movie sticks to the book, it will be boring right?

  58. Wow, well… Hopefully the acting is better than the looks of them. They didn’t do anything about Jamie’s hair. Or the outfits, look like they were all dressed by Magnus, and Clary looks like she just woke up, rather than in her usual attire. :\

  59. I highly doubt Alec in the books would wear something like that… Sleeveless?… he like the shyiest guy, Alec would look better if he had his hair like a Zac Efron look like kinda shaggy… and Isabelle why is her hair still BROWN!!! it supposed to be BLACK!! either than that, Isabelle looks great! And Jace I still don’t see him as Jace but its not Impossible… if they would at LEAST CUT HIS HAIR A BIT MORE!! Because Seriously Jace’s isn’t really long enough to tuck it behind his EAR!!! And where is Simon!

  60. Some people should stop saying that we should just be happy that they are making a movie. I disagree. If the books aren’t going to be done justice, the movie shouldn’t be made. It would just ruin the series.

  61. The movies are never as good as the books. Directors don’t have the best judgement sometimes and in this case its some of the actors. But you never know, they might have some really cool effects. People who haven’t read the books won’t be disappointed like we will. We will live!

  62. Jamie looks mouth watering HOT & Lilly is gorgeous too! I also read somewhere that Jemina’s hair will look darker in the movie, it’s just the natural sunlight that is making it look lighter. And yes, Kevin may look older than Alec but hey, if he’s a great actor then I don’t care! And maybe they wanted him to look more flamboyant so it would be more obvious to those who haven’t read the books that he is gay. At this point, I’d rather not judge and just sit back and enjoy the filming process and be excited that my favorite series is being made into a movie! YAYAY!!! ALSO, Cassie doesn’t have the power to change costumes and stuff like that, it is totally out of her hands, so no hating on my fav author please!

  63. Alez❀ // August 21, 2012 at 7:22 PM // Reply

    Ok it’s a HOLLYWOOD movie nothing’s ever kept the same and stuff are added to make people who haven’t read more excited , imean be happy we’re getting a moving and yes I can tell when stuff are wrong but that’s HOLLYWOOD, I mean I not a huge twilight lover but look at it it sucked and people ❀ it, and NEVER going to be exactly like the book, it might be like the hunger games , they kept a lot of the book in the movie but if you can tell they added stuff and took put
    Parts it’s normal ,,, you can’t tell how it will turn. Out by looking at this ,,,, i don’t get it what does hair has to do with anything yes is important but jemima hair is not dark ENOUGHT , at least it’s DARK, Lilly’s hair is not the red u want it to be well, at least it’s RED….that’s good enought,,,,u can’t say it sucks bcuz that’s not how YOU imagined it a lot of people imagined it differently too…. But if it helps then have low expectations so the when it’s good it’ll suprise u and if YOU don’t like then it won’t disappoint you , there…. Just let the movie turn out how it’ll turn out in the END don’t assuming ( ass+u+me) plz don’t start with UR negative comments now really there all very excited 4 it and are tryin as best as they can do ….. Thank you , peace out ✌

  64. I still hate Jamie, ugh. Sorry, but I’m just never going to find him attractive. Lily’s hair also looks cheap and fake.

  65. The only character they have half way right is Lily as Clary.. And Jamie SO DOES NOT FIT JACE ! He just isn’t attractive.. he’s all bird chest and Jace shouldn’t be.. isn’t even.. I’m afraid this will come up way short compared to what it could be.. I dont think whoever did the casting even read the books.. if they did there wouldn’t even be a question.. I have to say I am disappointed and the movie has just started filming.. 😦

  66. I LOVE Kevin as Alec!!! His outfit is so freaking cute!!!! I love it and it’s very close to what I imagined Alec wearing in the books. I will say that I agree with his hair being too neat. Someone needs to cut it a little and run their fingers through it like seven times, them smooth it down so that it almost covers his eyes, and then ruffle it.
    I like Jemima’s outfit too, she looks amazing!
    Jamie needs to seriously hit the weights real quick and dye his hair gold…. Then he’s perfect.
    Lily is going to make an ADORABLE Clary.
    I can’t wait to see Robert as Simon……

    And wait a second…. My baby isn’t there….

    Where’s Geoffrey Gao as Magnus freaking Bane? I NEED to see him and Alec in a picture together so I can Fangirl out and totally die of sheer bliss. MALEC FOREVER!!!!!!!

  67. I’m worried that this movie is ganna suck

    • I’m the same. Despite how much I love this series, I really don’t think they should be trying to adapt it into a film. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely go and see it when it hits theaters, but I really don’t think it will do the books justice. The Mortal Instruments is heavily reliant on fantasy and ‘magic’, which would require an exorbitant amount of CGI to look believable on screen. Think about it: we’ve got glowing runes, demon creatures, people and demons vanishing into thin air, vampires, fae, werewolves, transformation potions, flying motorcycles, portals, magic cages etc. etc. etc. Practically half the movie would need to be shot with a green screen on standby and with the key stunts left solely to the post-production crew. Honestly, considering this film’s budget, I don’t think the ‘City of Bones’ will be able to pull that off.

      Plus, even if that weren’t a concern, I have a feeling that this might flop at the box office. While TMI does have quite a large fanbase (which I’m proud to be a part of) the majority of viewers will still be people who haven’t read the books and are just interested in seeing whatever’s on at a trip to the cinemas.

      Viewers will ‘find out’ that Jace and Clary are siblings and be disgusted. Only they won’t have a chance to see any subsequent films to realize that they aren’t actually brother and sister because I’m sure that will put people who have not read the books off of the film. If it’s offputting, then others might not want to see it and then the film will suffer at the box office. If the film suffers at the box office, it probably won’t gross enough to warrant a sequel or continuation into a franchise.

      Who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised when I see the final product. But to me, ‘City of Bones’ is the kind of story which I definitely think works a heck of a lot better on paper, not on screen.

      (BUT: On a positive and totally unrelated note, Jemima’s shoes are both kickass AND sexy. I want them…)

  68. I really fear that this movie might be a flop 😦 personally I am so disappointed in the casting, I intended to drool over Jace Wayland not cry over that fact that he now just not what I picture at all. Alec just sounds like a more vunerable character and the actor just looks so big and confident but I guess i’ll wait to see the acting before I start Hating. MAGNUS BANE… I LOVE YOU GODFREY GAO!!!! Clary and simon and Perfect Perfect and Isabel is kicking ass with those heels ^_^ !!!! but good lord I hope someone stops Jamie Campbell before he ruins it… I guess I’m still happy there will at least be a movie!

  69. For some reason I imagined Jace with a a sexier chizzeld jaw line

  70. KikilovesJace // December 29, 2012 at 12:15 PM // Reply

    I see Alec’s stamina rune!


  72. Just hope the movie will do decently enough for a sequel, but im not puting my hopes too high after what happened to Beautiful Creatures which was done with the same amount of budget as TMI movie, so best of luck to TMI and its fandom, and if worse comes to worse at least i get to watch my fav beloved Malec and Magnus Bane comes to life on the movie screen, and both Godfrey Gao and Kevin Zegers will gona be looking soo hot together in the movie, so cannot wait. ^^

  73. I imagined Jace so differently: similar to the cover of city of lost souls. So It’s hard to look at the Jace’s Actor…. 😦

  74. I like what alec(kevin) is wearing.SO HOT!

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