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TMI Set Day 1: Humility C’s Report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES began early Monday morning at St. James’ Cemetery in Toronto.

One of our Toronto Correspondents, Humility C., made the trip out to the set and was live-tweeting her experience.

Check out the full account below:

First off this experience has been amazing!!! It was so unreal that the novels (which I love dearly) are being made into movies! The atmosphere on set was unbelievable! I got goosebumps just hearing “ACTION, ROLLING”.

Even though I could not get any closer… But I managed to take photos of their trailers & the set.

It was tough to find the set but once I finally saw the gigantic camera, I knew it I was in heaven! LOL! The photo I took of the huge camera had a black BMW motorcycle in front of it and I suppose the motorcycle is the vampire cycle… Hopefully! it was a sexy bike! I gotta say.

I was able to watch the acting a bit but was told to move… This was when I got a glimpse of Mr Bower :D! He was wearing black which is obviously shadowhunter gear & his hair was shorter compared to the picture Cassie posted from their dinner. He looked amazing in the gear! Ready to kick some ass! I was skeptical about him as Jace but once I saw him in person [20 meters away ;(] and in gear, it was… IMPRESSIVE!

I guess the house they were filming at was Clary’s house.

OH yeah! Also, I managed to talk to a props guy and told me some interesting things! Like how he managed to get a see a scene of Lily/Clary drawing runes for apparently a cafe scene. The man did not know a lot about the novels but he said he was explaining how we’ll get to see (once it comes out in theatres) the runes come alive or something like that. Well from the runes and her drawings we know that her drawings become pretty life-like!

The props man also told me that most of the filming will be inside. Based on the photo the executive producer posted I’m guessing that’s where! The man told me that the ceilings were beautiful because of the angelic paintings… which OBVIOUSLY means somewhere inside the Institute! 😀

I hope this sums up my exciting from today’s AMAZING first day of filming! Sorry for my extensive amounts exclamation marks, just fangirling!

I’ll try to hunt them down again tomorrow @ st james cemetery!

Humility will be back at St. James’ Cemetery on Tuesday to report from Day 2 of the CITY OF BONES set.

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3 Comments on TMI Set Day 1: Humility C’s Report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. You’re very lucky! Thanks for your report and the pics. The rune drawing scene sounds very interesting and the cafe scene sounds new as there’s nothing like that in the book. I already think they are going to handle Clary’s artistic inclination better in the films than the books.

  2. I would die and go to heaven if I got to chat to a props guy. It sounds awesome! I am so excited for the runes to come to life and totally can’t wait to see these paintings!

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