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TMI Set Day 2: Humility’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Tuesday morning in Toronto. One of our Toronto look-outs, Humility (@humilityc), made the trip out to the set, where she saw filming and met Lily Collins and Robert Sheehan. Check out her full report:

SO MUCH HAPPENED TODAY! I'm so surprised how calm I was... well most of the time! lol! It was UNBELIEVABLE! GOSH! Still shaking from today!   OK! So there's so much to mention here I go!   Woke up at 6 am this morning to get to Toronto to look for them at the St James Cemetery.... I was so excited when I saw large trucks & security in front of the cemetery but once I caught up with some TMI fans they found out that it was for the TV show called Rookie Blue (btw for those who watch the show we saw Missy TWICE! We were screaming while we drove by & she just stared at us hahahaha!). Anyways, I met up with many TMI fans and decided to find the TMI set together (it was so funny how we didn't know each other but because of twitter we got together!). We spent an hour driving around downtown Toronto still nothing! ....   FINALLY! Through EXTENSIVE research through twitter & google, we FOUND THE TMI SET! (the set was made to look like it was fall time, they had leaves all over the place :)!)   Once we got there, we were trying to contain ourselves or else the crew wouldn't let us stay there. Then OMG guys as soon as we got to the set we were completely start struck! Right across the street from us was JAMIE/JACE, LILY/CLARY, ROBBIE/SIMON! Such a beautiful sight! We took so many pics of them on set. We were so surprised we were allowed to take pics! :O Unfortunately guys Jamie/Jace had to leave like after 5 minutes we got there but we managed to take pics of him! :)  

They had many areas of filming… One was at some little playground, one on the street (mostly stunts) and then they (lily & robbie) were acting in front of a cafe. Based on the acting we saw, Clary & Simon were having an argument about something & the something is probably Jace ^.^ just guessing! Omg I could hear Robbie talking w/o his Irish accent! It was incredible how he can switch back & forth from his accents *drools*. Lily & Robbie had to film that scene so many times (prob around 20 times) because there was so much traffic & the TTC trains kept coming by. So while the traffic was disturbing the filming, @stolethenight & I waved & talked (well more like screaming) across the street to Lily & Robbie. When Robbie saw us wave he was like “Hello, how are you?” btw in his Irish accent! *drools again*. All we could do was smile & wave (starstruck!)! Liiy also saw us waving and she waved back. Then @stolethenight & I screamed to Lily, “you look ADORABLE!” and she was so sweet, she responded, “Aw thanks guys!”. As the traffic died down, filming continued.
We TMI fans just stayed across the street & watched & were so shocked from what was in front of us! Then two women approached us & asked us what we were doing there & if we were fans. We responded, “BIG FANS!”. Found out a little while later that one of the ladies was the screenwriter (Jessica Postigo) and the other woman was a publicist of the movie! We talked to them for quite a while! They were curious as to how we found the set & we explained our EXTENSIVE research & they laughed but so proud that we got to find it! They said how they were amazed as to how strong their fan base was! Great job guys ❤
OMG! Then as we took out our City of Bones books, the publicist lady asked us if we wanted autographs! Honestly, I nearly fainted. She was AMAZING! She took our CoB novels & brought it to Lily. Then we see Lily starting to walk OUR WAY!!! (THIS PART WAS ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MADE MY DAY THE MOST). She was soooo sweet and stunningly beautiful! Once she got to us she was like, “I have to personalize these” *faints*. She wrote out all of our names & signed her name & below she writes ‘”Clary” xo’. ISN’T SHE SPECTACULAR guys??!?! We got to talk to her for a bit but she had to go straight to filming. One of the things we got to talk about was about her hair colour. Btw guys her hair isn’t as dark as you think it is, from my opinion it looked great the way it was! Lily was like yea some fans thought her hair was sorta dark than it should be and she’s like how once you see it on camera it looks a lot brighter! Hopefully that helps with the “hair situation”. 
Then they took a little break from filming the cafe scene & we see Robert Sheehan just up the street from where we were standing! He was talking to one of the crew members & I feel guilty for disturbing his convo but as a fan I’m waving at him & show him my CoB novel so I could get an autograph. OMG! SECOND BEST PART OF THE DAY! He’s staring @ us and he calls us over in the funniest way!! *sigh* *faints* and all of us TMI fans run towards him!!! Amazing!
Robbie was so down to earth, witty, kind (need more adjectives!). He’s REALLY TALL! And OMG! I got to HUG HIM guys! Best hug EVER *BLUSHES*! OMG he was so cool about it too! Then he signed our CoB books, took some pics with us, & we got to talk to him for a bit :D! I asked him how he liked Toronto so far and he was like how he’s only been here for 2 days & didn’t get to many places yet. So then I decide to tell some places to go to around Toronto (e.g. CNE so watch for him if you see him). And he’s like sure I’ll go try the CNE thanks for the suggestion! Robbie is such an amazing guy! ❤ :’). Oh in between cuts he would fool around it was cute! OMG! and if you look at one of my pics he’s standing behind a van staring right at us (look closely)!!! Oh I forgot to mention he was wearing glasses during the scenes :)! After our encounter w/ him they went back to filming.
Once Lily and Robbie were done w/ the cafe scene they had their lunch break. But the extras & stunt doubles did some stunts on the street. One of the stunts included a nyc taxi about to crash into another car!
Since Lily, Robbie, and Jamie were no where to be scene we decide to call it a day because we got everything we wanted! We got more than we expected! 🙂 But before we got to leave we got to talk to the screenwriter AGAIN!! We got some pics w/ her & she autographed our books. She is an fantastic woman! So nice to us all! I was hoping to see her next week when i go back shadowhunting for them but unfortunately she has to head back home to do some stuff for TMI. OH! And she told us she had a cameo in the movie! so excited to see her on the big screen too! Thanks Jessica Postigo! OH she wrote in my CoB novel, “May the Angel guard you” OMG! can you believe that guys?!?!
 OKAY! WELL that’s all I can remember right now because there was so much to process and take in from what happened today! Hopefully this satisfies your TMI craving!
I’ll try my best to go back to Toronto to look for them next week! Thanks to the TMI gals I was with today! If you look through the pics, I got some of the TMI w/ their AUTOGRAPHED City of Bones Novels!
ANYWHO! THAT IS ALL! Hopefully that was a lot! Sorry if i talk to much but honestly so much happened today! Until next time ❤

Thanks to Humility for this amazing set report! What an experience!

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  1. Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is so cool!!!! She is so lucky! 🙂

  2. Words can’t explain how jelous i am of you!!!

  3. OMG! Thanks for sharing!!!

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