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TMI Set Day 2 Recap: The Frenzy Continues

After the whirlwind that was Day 1 of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES in Toronto on Monday, you’d think that it would be all downhill from there.

But, in fact, the exact opposite happened and we got even more set photos and fan accounts on the second day, as well as two big news items pertaining to the film franchise.

From set photos to news about the CITY OF ASHES screenplay, catch up on everything that went down on the second day of filming:




View more photos from Day 2 of filming


Humility: “…They had many areas of filming… One was at some little playground, one on the street (mostly stunts) and then they (lily & robbie) were acting in front of a cafe. Based on the acting we saw, Clary & Simon were having an argument about something & the something is probably Jace ^.^ just guessing! Omg I could hear Robbie talking w/o his Irish accent! It was incredible how he can switch back & forth from his accents *drools*. Lily & Robbie had to film that scene so many times (prob around 20 times) because there was so much traffic & the TTC trains kept coming by.…” Read more

Rebecca: “…Eventually we noticed that Robert was down the street a little. We walked towards him but stopped because we weren’t sure if they were filming a scene or not and we didn’t want to intrude. We soon realized that he wasn’t filming, he was just talking to someone so we held up our books and sharpies, grinning like crazy people while nodding our heads. He grinned back and literally WAVED us over to HIM. We took off running towards him. He seemed so genuinely pleased that we were there too. He is such a sweetheart! Two of the girls asked him to say SAVE ME BARRY!! (a line from his Misfits days). I told him that he was missed on Misfits and he was all “Aww! :( ” We asked him for autographs too but instead of an autograph I wanted a photo because It’s. Robert. Sheehan.…” Read more

Raian: “…The scene they were filming was of Clary & Simon who were clearly in an argument. Clary stops, looks at something as if she’s trying to see through it and gets a ghostly look on her face. I definitely thought it was of her seeing a glamour. Afterwards Simon calls her name she shakes her head and starts following him again. The director yelled cut and Robert started to do this silly dance and almost fall over a pylon that had everybody cracking up. Robert and Lily’s relationship is awesome they kept smiling and making jokes with each other.…” Read more

Hailey: “…At that point we saw Robbie in his adorable glasses. We wanted to get even closer so we crossed the street to the side where Lily and Robbie were standing. We stopped right behind a shop and were about 10m away from them. I looked behind me and saw Sandra (@Shadowhunting) from twitter! We said hi and chit-chatted, but then Sandra, my friend and I decided we wanted to get even closer so we moved up a bit. The scene they were shooting was where Clary gazes and the ground and Simon walks over onto the street and goes “Clary…Clary…CLARY!”, we were almost catatonic with joy at seeing our favourite book being filmed.…” Read more


Jessica Postigo working on CITY OF ASHES script

Screenwriter Jessica Postigo, who penned the screenplay for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, was on-set on Tuesday and met with several fans that were on-set watching filming.

Postigo revealed that she was leaving Toronto on Wednesday, but also that she is about to start working on the screenplay for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF ASHES.

Elyas M’Barek cast in CITY OF BONES

German newspaper Bild is reporting that Elyas M’Barek has landed a role in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES.

Executive producer Martin Moszkowicz shared the link on his Twitter page on Tuesday with the message: “Stay tuned.”

On Wednesday morning Moszkowicz confirmed: “It is confirmed. @Elyas_MBarek is in TMI.”

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that M’Barek will be playing a vampire, but it has not yet been confirmed if he will be playing Raphael.

After the flood of set photos and fan accounts in only the first two days of filming, one can only imagine what Day 3 of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES will bring.

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5 Comments on TMI Set Day 2 Recap: The Frenzy Continues

  1. Wow…Jamie looks hot in shadowhunter black. I’m pleasantly surprised. Not to big on Kevin’s outfit, but I trust the actor can make it work. I’m stoked, dudes!

  2. I love Simon and I think Cleary is looking more Clary-nerdish day by day.

  3. Some people(not here…yet) were kind of worried and mad about Lily’s hair color, at first I was too, but looking at these pictures I see that with the light hitting Lily’s hair at certain angles, the red looks really bright. So I feel that with the right lighting Lily’s hair will look just fine in the movie
    And to address Kevin/Alec’s clothes, no doubt less studs and bling would have been Alec’s style but I think that if we think of the clothing as standard Shadowhunter Clothing it might make more sense.

  4. oh great, we get a Turkish German guy to play Raphael.. how wonderfull.. couldn’t be more overjoyed T_T

    but hey, good of them to think out of the typical English/American box for once in a while.. Europe’s got great actors as well..

    Well, apparently I just don’t like Germans or Turkish, or both.. 😛 meh.. Racist me..

  5. i still don’t like lily’s hair. it isnt red enough, or natural looking enough. :/

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