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TMI Set Day 4: Photos from the CITY OF BONES set

Day 4 of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES is underway in Toronto on Thursday. Keep checking back here for photos from the set taken by fans in attendance. For updates on filming follow us @TMI_Source and these fans on Twitter: @gelynmer @CityGirlScapes, @MichelleMags, @hawz_carstairs@BassicSeb

Hit the jump for more photos from Day 4 of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES:

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36 Comments on TMI Set Day 4: Photos from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. Awesome! Where in Toronto is this?

    • viyemellexdolcemelodies // August 23, 2012 at 7:39 PM // Reply

      No idea O_O but the first time I saw that huge castle-like building, I was like CASA LOMA!!!

  2. university of toronto, i think…

  3. Tweet from someone who met Jemima today. Sad she’s a smoker though 😦

    MR.WILL-W.:POP MAVΞN‏@mrwillw
    Just met Jemima West on the set of “The Mortal Instruments”; on smoke break. She tells me set is strict. Photo another time. Nice Girl!

    • So what? Doesn’t make her lesser of a person! Jamie smokes too. They’re Europeans and in Europe smoking’s a lot more acceptable and not a big deal 🙂

      • I know Jamie smokes and Robert too. I didn’t say it makes her less of a person, I just think it’s a disgusting and self destructive passtime. There are huge anti-smoking programmes and campaigns here in the UK and Ireland where Jamie, Jemima and Robert are from so I’m not sure where you got this idea that smoking is acceptable and not a big deal. And even if you were correct (which you aren’t) that doesn’t make it any better that they smoke with all the knowledge about how bad it is for you.

      • smoking IS a bad habit. but u cant consider a person disgusting just for that. if u really think smoking is self destructive, u should also say drinking is a bad habit too, consuming drugs is an awful habit as well. many Hollywood stars died of drugs or heavy drinking incidents, we should be thankful for god that they smoke only, cus even if that was considered suicidal, it takes time to take out your life. hopefully after the TMI franchise is done. NO REALLY JUST KIDDING I LOVE THESE PEOPLE I WANT EM TO LIIIIIIIIIVE

  4. Why didn’t Jamie take off his earring? Jamie, you’re not playing yourself, so take it off because Jace doesn’t have any body piercings!

  5. teamedwardjace // August 23, 2012 at 4:56 PM // Reply

    love it and Jamie looks great! sexy (and i imagine that he probably keeps his earring) off while filming) jem and robbie do to! she’s a great Izzy! I’d love to meet her!

  6. Jamie actually looks pretty decent in these photos, maybe it’s because of the glasses. Also i totally agree about the earing.

    • agreed! I think Jamie looks hot.. I wasn’t that impressed when he was cast to play jace but now I think I am totally won over 🙂

  7. Jamie looks so good. I love all the effort the costume designer has put in to there costumes. There are even runes on his belt and straps. Amazing!

    Robert looks adorable as always.

    Jemima looks good but from these pics she really is short isn’t she? She looks about 157-160cm (5ft2 -3). Not that it matters as I’m sure she will be short and suitably dangerous!

    @Ayabassa: Awwww Jemima is a smoker. Hate it when I find out celebs smoke 😦 Bad habit!

  8. Dude, Jemima looks beautiful, but Isabelle has black hair, not brown .__.

    • DoesntevenlooklikeIsabelle>. // August 23, 2012 at 10:46 PM // Reply

      I know dude! Like you think she would be like dedicated and all but no. She’s probs to afraid that if she dyes it black it will be to hard to get it blonde again.

    • Well, that’s BS if you ask me because there are so many rince’s and semi-permanant black hair colours that wash out easily as they contain no ammonia and don’t damage person’s hair – so as far as I’m concerned – the lack of Izzy’s trademark BLACK hair is bollocks on studio’s/Jemima’s behalf.

  9. jamie has never looked more like jace! SEXY

  10. I still think Jamie looks horrible lol but the sunglasses sort of mask his face. Normally I don’t find him cute

    • I dont think its fair to say he looks ‘horrible’ if you dont find him attractive then fair enough thats your opinion but saying hes ‘horrible’ is just rude.
      You have to respect that other people DO find him attractive, he might not be your taste but he IS other peoples

  11. Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 23, 2012 at 7:38 PM // Reply

    I wanna see your golden eyes jace!! Jamie is so much jace and lord he looks good in sunglasses….

  12. Rob and Jemima haha so cute!!

  13. WOAH WOAH WOAH not to sound nitpicky but Jamie has the fearless ruin on his strap and that isn’t created by Clary until City of Ashes!!!!

  14. i dont think we are allowed to see jamies golden eyes, they seem to want him to hide his face/eyes a lot

    Jace is supposed to stand out and idk about anyone else but jamie stands out for me completely, i notice him first in any picture no matter who else is in it, this alone makes me think hes a perfect jace

  15. I luv it how people were saying that jamie will be a horrible jace n now there saying his perfect lol 🙂 I just think its funny

  16. I don’t know why but Jamie’s got something special!!! Like I don’t find him hot hot but I like him!!! That’s what makes me think he’ll do just finneee as Jace….

  17. I am so damn excited about this movie! My fangirling has reached an all time high. I’ve been re-reading the books for the 100th time and now I can’t imagine anyone else as Jace, Clary and all the rest of the characters. I think the casting is perfect. I can’t wait till we can see a trailer 🙂 🙂 Also, I am suuuper stoked to see Magnus…That man is F’N gorgeous… I suppose if you don’t think Jamie is hot well you can always swoon over Godfrey 😉

  18. LOL! What is Lily doing in those photos? It’s like she is attempting a mean face but she’s too cute to pull it off and then she totally breaks character by looking all concerned when she is talking to the lady next to her. She is so adorable like when a puppy or kitten tries to be scary-I can totally see Jace and the Lightwoods acting all patronising towards her even though she isn’t a midget like in the books.

  19. Jamie is strutting like a pro. he is so Jace in those pictures! but I still wish he’d be more muscular,..maybe in the next movie? 🙂 i still love him though!

  20. Jamie perfect, love him. 🙂 Kevin too. Some minutes after that I realise that the girl with Robbie is Jemima. LOL. They are so cute, love them too. 🙂

  21. it`s funny `cause when i saw “New Moon” I thought “that Caius guy has some Jaceness going on.” then he got cast and I was all ” ok…not what I wanted but let`s see.” and I began to watch Interviews and “Camelot” and I really started to like him. I think with Jace it`s really not all about the looks, the attitude is much more important. And Jamie nails it already. I`m old enough to remember the hype on “Titanic” and Leo DiCaprio…he wasn`t at least attractive to me but after watching the movie I found him attractive …sort of. And so did tons of fangirls worldwide. I believe there will be a hell lot of girls that will scream Jamies name when it comes to the premiere. After all he deserves it.

    • I know what you mean, same happens with every film, harry potter cast, hunger games cast, even the twilight cast, people complain and dislike them then when the movie comes out they see they the actor was always perfect for the role

      I just feel kind of sorry for the negative people because they are missing out on all the fangirling fun :’)

  22. I’m all for th eye colour JCB has but doesn’t Jace have Golden eyes ?

  23. it doesnt look like new york though! i always imagined it the area to look like the backstreets of new york city with clary living in a dingy new york apartment. it looks like a nice suburban neighbourhood! its annoying meeeeeeeee.

    but the cast looks great! lovin the romance blossoming between robert and jemima! dont like jamies hair though. he looks too girly. but still love him!

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