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TMI Set Day 4: Gelyn’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Thursday in Toronto. One of our Toronto lookouts, Gelyn (@gelynmer), made the trip out to the set where she got to watch filming at the Institute for the first time and also met Robert Sheehan (Simon) and Kevin Zegers (Alec). Check out the full report:
Just traveling downtown was getting my friends and I SUPER excited! once we got downtown we decided to head to their Java Jones (The Mascot) filming site from yesterday. We walked for what seemed like an hour to get to Java Jones and once we were in the area we looked for the door that we saw a picture of Robert and Lily standing in front of (black double doors) and were so excited because we actually STOOD where they stood. We were in front of Java Jones and decided to go inside and probably sat on the couch Lily/Robert sat in! I ordered a drink just for the heck of it and it was actually good, so I recommend going to The Mascot. After our little fan girl session at Java Jones, we headed to the filming site of the day- The Institute. 

We were walking around looking at maps trying to find the right building, then voila! discovery! we saw the famous orange “TO TMI SET” sign and were so excited to be there! we saw the trucks, trailers and crew. We were walking back and forth in front of the doors to the set wondering if we could go in. We decided why not? all they’re going to tell us to do is leave, so we went inside and was like “wow” the institute! We were standing in the same building as our Jace, Clary, Simon, Alec and Isabelle! We didn’t walk any further in though we just stayed near the door and looked down the hallway the actors were in trying to get a peak. We noticed that there were stairs to the washroom so decided to take a little break. Once we came up the stairs we tried not to attract attention that we were fans looking for our stars and so we took our phones out pretending to fiddle with them. When I looked up ROBERT came into view and I instantly became speechless. The funny thing was that Robert looking so much like a Simon came out from another hallway holding a plate with a sandwich on it! we looked at each other for a moment and he probably didn’t know I was a fan and kept walking the the other hallway. My friend did one of those loud whispers “Robert!” but he didn’t hear us.

When he disappeared out of site, I instantly regretted not screaming out to him. So again we were alone pretending with our phones and I look up to see a man in black with runes passing by, I instantly yelled “can I have your autograph?” and when he turned to me I did NOT realize that it was KEVIN and I was so happy. He said to hold on and that he would be back and he was real nice. When he came back hes like “ok” and we said “can we have autographs/pictures?”  and Kevin smiled his god smile and was like yeah sure no problem and he signed our city of bones book and we were so happy! I got a picture with him and to pose, he put him arm around me and I was soo happy and I’m thinking “omg!! His arm is around me!” so I wind my arm around his waist which was the best thing on earth! and his smile oh gosh his smile.

When my friend asked me to take her picture with Kevin, I took her phone and tried to take a good photo of them but my hand was shaking from excitement so i had to try 3 times to get a decent picture of them and when we were done we said our greatest “thank you!” and he smiled and waved goodbye and soon after a lady told us very nicely that we might get in trouble for being in the building and she was also the lady who went to elementary/high school with Kevin! she was so nice and said maybe we could go out through the main hallway where all the stars were but then she thought better because we might have gotten in trouble. She told us to go around to the other side from an outdoor path and once we got there it was like wow.

We didn’t know that the way we entered the building was the BACK so when went around, the front had a bunch of fans waiting to see the stars. They told us that they were waiting a while and I realized that we got really lucky because we got to see Kevin and Robert. We stayed in the front sitting with the other fans waiting for Lily, Jamie, Robert, Kevin and Isabelle. When I tweeted that I got a pic/autograph people told me that we were the first ones to actually have a picture WITH Kevin and his autograph and it made my day even BETTER. Then other people on twitter were wondering who and where I was and so I identified myself and I got to meet with @hellyjen, @mrwillw,@bassicseb. We talked for a bit and one of the crew said “when I say rolling you have to be quiet but when i say cut you can talk” it was funny because when he say “rolling!” we all instantly shut up.

We saw people come in and out of the set and that’s where we saw a man dressed up as a silent brother with the long robe and the hood but his hood wasn’t up and he was Asian and young, when i tweeted this many people said that it was the possibility of him being Jem and he did look a someone who would play Magnus.

So after all this we kept waiting and waiting and then a crew member came out to say that we had to wait another 90min until the the cast comes out, so we went to get food. Once we got our food we walked around to the back to see if we could find the other cast members and what do we find? Lily’s stunt double. We saw her walking around and going back inside the institute. We took a chance and went inside the building again and there where crew hanging around but they didn’t care or notice us, so again we were walking around looking for the cast. Then I realized what time it was and that I had to leave to meet with some people but I was lucky enough to meet and hug Kevin and to see Robert  who came so close to us in person. I will be back on set in a few days so when I do, I’ll keep you guys posted! TMI FOREVER.

Thanks to Gelyn for the report! Sounds like such an amazing experience!

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2 Comments on TMI Set Day 4: Gelyn’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. Finally a picture of Kevin! 🙂

  2. TMI FOREVER<3 Thank you for the report and AMAZING pictures! 🙂

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