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TMI Set Day 4: Maya’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Thursday in Toronto. One of our Toronto lookouts, Maya (@bohrutherford), made the trip out to the set where she got to watch the first day of filming at the Institute and also met Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace). Check out her full detailed report:
I used to class myself with the many shadow hunter fans that thought Alex Pettyfer would be a far more preferable actor to represent our sexy, sexy Jace Wayland to Jamie Campbell Bower but after my experience yesterday near the set of The City of Bones I am convinced that Jamie is the perfect Jace.

I only got to the set around two o’clock and by that time there were already about 6 fans there. When asked they told us they hadn’t seen anything/anyone of interest. So we sat around and discussed the actors and the books. We waited two and a half hours before they started rolling and although it may seem like a long time it really was not because of the anticipation and the company. The man who was to tell us when they had started filming would yell “ROLLING” and we would all jump and stay absolutely quiet then he would yell “CUT” and we would all start again but this time we could talk quietly amongst ourselves.

At five o’clock, the man who was yelling about filming came over to us and told us that he didn’t want us to get sunburn or get dehydrated (an hour later they brought us out water bottles) and to be careful. Everybody was so nice.

At five thirty, a group of movie people assembled in front of us and I spotted one of them carrying Clary’s leather jacket. We all inferred that this meant they were shooting a scene in which they were dressed in shadow hunter gear. There was also a tall Asian man in dark long robes that we thought might be Magnus?

The filming man then told us that we wouldn’t see any actors or much of anything for 90mins so a bunch of us got up to explore the surroundings a little. This is when I got the photo of me by the lunch signs.

Next we went and found the actors’ trailers, which were all closed. We were walking away when I spotted Robert Sheehan’s red singlet from behind. My heart was having palpitations. Having before seen him in Misfits I already thought him to be a very funny, sexy and talented actor but before we got very far we were stopped by a crewmember. He told us that it was Robbie’s break and he really wanted him to just be able to have some space and asked us very nicely if we could let him go. Of course we complied.

We then sat on our ledge outside Knox college, or should I say the institute, for quite a while having a brief moment of excitement when we thought we spotted Jamie in a second story window (this later turned out to be false). Lily’s stunt double also came and chatted with the crew in front of us.

 Then our fan friends who had been looking about ran back to us with some very exiting news… they had just met Robbie, Kevin and Lily. We hyperventilated for a few seconds before racing off to find the spot and hopefully the actors. When we got to the previously mentioned street there was no one to be seen and although sorely disappointed thought we should double check to see if anyone was still there. As we were walking down the street I saw a trailer door open and just inside the doorframe was a tall, sexy, fit Jace casually smoking a cigarette. He was honestly the hottest person I have ever met and he did have about him that sort of cavalier look about him. I walked past the doorframe because I literally could not believe my eyes but then snapped back to reality. We walked the couple steps back to the door and I timidly approached him my book held out. I couldn’t speak so he asked me if I wanted my book signed I helplessly nodded yes. Then out of the blue a blonde man with long sideburns came running towards our group yelling  “NO, no, that is not how it’s done around here!” he thought we had knocked on Jamie’s trailer door. Jamie then assured him that that was not the case and he had been outside already. He finished signing my book and then signed some other peoples too. I can safely say he is all that you could want in a Jace.

That was sadly the end of my day on set at the City of Bones for I had to return home. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.

Thanks to Maya for sharing her experience with us! Sounds like she had an amazing time!

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6 Comments on TMI Set Day 4: Maya’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. aww maya’s lucky and jamie seems like such a nice guy!

  2. Thanks for sharing your report. Jamie sounds so lovely. I’m happy you got his rather unique signature 🙂

    • Oh and I forgot to say that it’s really cool that you guys were so respectful of the actors private space. Some fans can overstep the boundaries.

  3. Wow you are really lucky to be able to get so close to the actors:)

  4. wow i just passed by knox college today and totally didnt notice any filming happening! i must have been blind =O i go to uoft so i hope they`ll still be there when the school year starts!

  5. What I want to know if the question hadn’t been up and ask yet and to for those who have seen Jamie in gear as Jace is: Is he wearing yellow eyes contacts as his role for for Jace??

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