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TMI Set Day 4: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Thursday in Toronto. One of our Toronto lookouts, Michelle (@MichelleMags), made the trip out to the set where she got to watch the first day of filming at the Institute and also met Lily Collins (Clary) and Robert Sheehan (Simon). Check out her full detailed report:
Hello Shadowhunters! My name is Michelle Mags ( You all may know me from my live tweeting while staying at the TMI shoot. I woke up at 6 a.m. and given that today's my first time visiting, I was confused as to where their filming will take place. My best friend and I headed to Queen's Park (subway train stop) and walked around to find the set until we saw this beautiful building surrounded by fully equipped trucks/ trailers and cables everywhere!

Note: All photographs are taken by Michelle Mags

The picture above is not the Institute. The building to its right (if we face this building, it’s our left) is the Institute. I tried taking pictures of the Institute but made impossible with all the trees and trucks blocking! Here are some parts of the Institute that I was able to take:


Although, it was too quiet and I expected to see more “Shadowhunters” (that’s what I call TMI fans). My best friend (@_my_whispers) and I decided to walk around and see more of the trucks and trailers—to see ANY sign that indicates that we were in the right place. We were along the sidewalk and concluded that this is today’s set and it was proven right when we saw the TMI set board!

We decided to stay closer to the set so we literally sat under a tree which was right in front of the set. On the other tree next to us sat Sebastian “Seb” (@bassicseb) then Maia (@maia_coraseme) and her sister began speaking to him. Eventually, we all came together as one group and became inseparable throughout the entire day/night. Also, a while later, after our phone-charging and meeting up with Gelyn (@gelynmer) trip to Starbucks I met the awesome “triplets”: Amanda (@whyhelloamanda), Annmarrie, and Jade (@doramatique)!

Missing a few people but this is your crew of Shadowhunters bringing you news from the Toronto set: (left to right) Gelyn, Jade (or Amanda/AnnMarie—sorry, I get them mixed up!), Michelle (me), AnnMarie (or Amanda/Jade), Will (you might know him as the guy who first ever spotted Lily and Jamie in Toronto!) and Seb!

Being tired of standing in the field: Seb, Maia, Alleen and I decide to walk around the block/ building and found ourselves in “PRIVATE PROPERTY” (psh, show me the sign). Don’t get me wrong, they don’t kick you out harshly they politely ask you to leave so don’t be intimidated to them! Anyway, right before we were told that we weren’t allowed on this side- I was able to take a picture of the scene. Basically, the crew was setting up for green screens and all the CGI screenings (special effects).

At around 5 pm? (Sorry we weren’t paying attention to time) we began freaking out as we saw Robert Sheehan, our Simon Lewis.

Robert Sheehan is everything the most charming man in the world. He is the only actor who stopped by, waved at us fans sitting down on the benches and said “hello guys” then proceeded to talk to one of the crew members.

and following him is Kevin Zegers who didn’t really notice us because he was hurrying back to the set but look how mighty fine he looks!

A few hours later, Will spotted Lily Collins as she drove by behind us, waving hello. And Seb, being the crazy boy for Lily chased her car.

Nothing, for me, much happened today. In terms of meeting actors or actresses, given that it’s their first day filming in a studio! However, we were able to see around the set and enjoy each others company.

In general, despite the heat of the sun, my unbearable headache, and that we practically did our best to save our phone’s batteries because Seb and I had to share my phone to update everyone, ALSO the fact that we barely spoke or got to see the actors (Robert and Kevin walks by us and NONE of us ask for autographs + pictures, just staring at their beauty)—I, we, had the best time with the best people I could ever think of! I was so proud to be surrounded with such controlled fans that didn’t scream or make a ruckus to get the actor’s attention or make the crew hate us. Seriously, this Shadowhunter lovers-family is the best! Thank you all for making this TMI set visit a memorable experience and stay tuned because I’ll be visiting their sets everyday and updating you all 😉

Until then, stay sexy in black Shadowhunters!
-Michelle Mags (@MichelleMags)

Here are some extra photos from the day!

Here is when we got inside the Institute (squeals) if only I could take a video, I would so I could tour you guys around but as you can tell, I was just sneaking my camera around.


Here is a photograph I took from inside of the Institute. The awesome crew of TMI actually built and designed that door in!

Don’t really know what’s going on in there but this is another photograph from inside the Institute.

 Safe to assume she’s Clary’s stunt double? 

This guy intrigued us the most. Most everyone assumed was that he’s Magnus’ stunt double.

Set up time!

It’s 8:30 PM (and super dark) in Toronto but very much bright daylight in the Institute. Isn’t it SO cool?

Thanks to Michelle for the report! Sounds like she had such an amazing time. She’s headed back to the set tomorrow so stay tuned for another set report from her on Friday!

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