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TMI Set Day 5: Photos from the CITY OF BONES set

Day 5 of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES gets underway in Toronto on Friday. Keep checking back here for photos from the set taken by fans in attendance. For updates on filming follow us @TMI_Source and these fans on Twitter: @MichelleMags@humilityc, @iaminpeaces, @Shadowhunting, @fleurdylys

Hit the jump for more photos from Day 5 of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES:

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45 Comments on TMI Set Day 5: Photos from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. I’m loving the building they chose for the institute! 😀

  2. Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 24, 2012 at 1:17 PM // Reply

    When this movie becomes big (because i have no doubts it will be) imagine they make TMI video games…. and you get to choose your character… 0_o realizations like this make me happy

  3. Anybody knows what is this yellow…. something???

  4. I think the yellow thing is for sucking up water….?

  5. Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 24, 2012 at 3:26 PM // Reply

    Pictures online of jamie and lily kissing… I feel like its a sneak peek of the green house scene (;

  6. this movie is going to be grreaatttt!!! ❤

  7. Them two kissing is absolutely pathetic, because I don’t one second believe that their “relationship” is genuine. Seems like they’re trying to pull a RPattz and KStew to sell this movie.

    • I don’t like their relationship either i find it creepy at best… 😦

    • Im not agreeing/disagreeing with if its a PR romance or not.
      But im sick of every famous couple being compared to ‘trying to do a kristen and rob’ im not being funny but two people dont get.together thinking ‘oh yeah lets date then you cheat on me with a married guy’

      Kristen and rob arent the be all and end all of relationships you know.

    • Maybe they were rehearsing, she’s holding a script.

    • I don’t know why ANYONE would want to model themselves after Rob and Kristen. We saw what happened there. Jamie and Lily are going to ruin this movie if they’re not careful. I just… ugh. He was engaged like two months ago and is now kissing Lily?! It just seems so fake.

  8. Going to have be serious her but I don’t think you should post the Jamie/Lily kissing pics. That is very private and has nothing to do with the filming of the movie. They both try to keep their private lives discreet (I know Lily never discusses her private life and I think Jamie is the same).

    This is one of the leading sites for TMI news and has has shown itself to be pretty professional so far. There is enough news about filming now that this site can report on that and show respect for their privacy instead of posting paparazzi pics of a private moment betwen two people who didn’t know that the cameras on them. If people really want to see the pics there are plenty of other places to see them.

    • sorry spelling mistake: *here

    • HighWarlockOfStLouis // August 24, 2012 at 4:40 PM // Reply

      If they didn’t want people seeing this, where there will be potential pictures shot of them, then they wouldn’t be kissing in a fairly public place. It’s not super public, but if they didn’t want people to see them kissing and whatnot, then they could have kissed in the bathroom or something. Somewhere more private. Just saying. 😛

      I think they’re cute, IF they are a couple.

      • It’s not a fairly public place. This isn’t a park, it’s a closed set and the pictures are from long lens paparazzi cameras. You can tell that the J/L kissing pics pics are taken at a much greater distance and they don’t know the camera is there compared to the other tagged newscom pics where everyone sees the camera.

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 24, 2012 at 4:56 PM //

        i agree with the high warlock of st louis, and i think its pretty much said that celebrities dont have alot of privacy and also they’re just kissing… its not like its that private of a thing. You see couples kiss all the time so its not like its a big deal and it wasnt private in the first place cause in the shots you see crew walk by and everything

      • HighWarlockOfStLouis // August 27, 2012 at 7:20 AM //

        Well, that’s the reason I said FAIRLY because I know it’s not like a park. There are people around them, and that’s why it’s more public than private. And I still stand with my comment about if they didn’t want people to see them, then they wouldn’t have kissed right there. A couple weeks ago I remember that they were holding hands in an actual public place, downtown Toronto. So I’m sure they’re not worried about it too much.

        Besides, this is probably rehearsal anyway, we don’t know.

  9. Oh, God, they are so fuckin’ cute together. Love them both.:) When I heard that Bonnie and Jamie has broken up, I was sad, but now I like him with Lily. The only thing what is important, that he will be happy. 🙂

  10. Back to normal commenting now. Jemima, girl, you are pretty but what on earth are you wearing? Kevin is a smoker too! Boo! So only Lily out of the young cast doesn’t smoke. Hope she doesn’t pick up any bad habits from the others. Robert looks adorable eating as usual and Jamie and his arms looks hot albeit like a typical dude.

    • They all smoke! Oh no! I heard that Jamie smokes, and now I saw Kevin, but all of them! That’s VERY disappointing! It makes me like Lily even more though…

      • I know what you mean. I’m always so disappointed when I hear people smoke. Don’t get the appeal of such a nasty habit at all.

        Yeah, we have pics of Jamie and now Kevin smoking today. Fans met Jemima yesterday and today whilst she was on smoking breaks. Robert used to but there haven’t been any pics or sightings recently so maybe he has cut down or given up? Hope so! Lily definitely doesn’t smoke. She’s one of the few young starlets that isn’t a smoker which is yet another reason I like her so much. She’s a smart girl so I hope she stays smoke-free but she’s the youngest memebr of the cast and there’s the risk of peer pressure with everyone smoking around her.

  11. In response to Ronnie’s question about what the yellow tubes are for- its likely to pump air conditioning into places where otherwise it would get unbearably hot with all the equipment. They wont run the air while actually filming, but will cool it off in between scene/camera set-ups.

  12. Great hope we get some gropping in The Midnight garden scene at least in the movie. Because we would have to wait City of Glass for some Jace/Clary on the grass moment.

  13. I am very excited for the movie, but I don’t buy this “Dating” B.S for one second xD

  14. spencerwebb // August 24, 2012 at 5:05 PM // Reply

    I’m living everything so far a d thanks goodness cassandra clare is working with the director.

    The only down side is the girl playing isbella i’m sorry i don’t see it she short and doesn’t have that tall sexy kiss ass look the book describe i was expecting a jennifer lawerence from the hunger games mix with the looks of megan fox .. that’s my only disappointmenr =\friendship anyone elsw agree??????

  15. they are not dating, its just keeping chemistry between them because of how serious their characters are in love. But alot offen actors do fall for their costars, so its could work but i know for sure that they arent dating right now.

  16. I’m just happy to get a glimpse of Jamie+Lily’s amazing chemistry! They look smoking hot together ❤

  17. A KISS 😀 I’m loving this too much.. JCB please get in my pants. and Kev mate your too sexy

  18. Is it me or Jamie is like hotter than ever???? I was like thooosee arms!!!

  19. actually the pic of them kissing was taken beside the director. that means it’s sort of rehearsing for the greenhouse scene. perhaps they’re filming it next. if they were to RP, they wouldn’t have kissed in the first place. RP is usually in front of cameras to make sure the press would post pics about their fake love, which is not the case with jamie and lily cuz they didn’t know they were shot in the first place. if they were really willing to romantically kiss they would do it in an isolated corner.

  20. Jamie and Lily’s “relationship” really rubs me the wrong way. It just seems so fake. :/ Jamie and Bonnie were never photographed everyday like this, and I followed them a bit after Jamie was cast and they seemed really cute because they were so lowkey and very private. I don’t buy Jamie/Lily and I really wish they wouldn’t go there. The movie doesn’t need it.

  21. People their obviously rehearsing :reasons; their holding scripts ; , they spent all the time reading it and then they kissed a little which didn’t seem like it was an Im into you ,kiss ; the directo or producer whatever is there watching them so they were obviously reahearsing , if you would watch ALL the pictures closely u wud see the type of vibe they were kissing with. SURE for someone who only saw the kissing one it would look weird but it’s not it’s called acting and kissin scenes r really hard you can’t just do an improvise kiss while actually filming the scene , u hav to practice and see what you end up doin, it didn’t seem like the actual one cuz they were just probably goin over it, but ( they did look like they were very comfortable with it and with each other sooo…maybe we don’t really know anything and u can’t just blame things and say their bad the wont be like kstew and rpatt, bcuz she cheated on him , and it’s normal for love co-starts to eventually start to like each other especially when they have intimid scenes, they hav to look good and they hav to be comfortable too, so it’s normal a lot of celebrities get like that and it’s really fucked up to compare it to the twilight one ‘_’ sometimes when their done filmin and the movie fever goes down then they could actually fall in love or fall out but even then it doesn’t matter; I think their very cute and she would’ve had to like him cuz she did vaouch for him at the audiction ) SORRY FOR IT BEING LONG THERE WAS ALOT TO SAY .!!!!!!!😉

  22. Soo.. when are the adults showing up? We have seen Aidan aka Luke but what about Hodge and the rest of the Circle?

  23. Who cares about their “kissing” or their “relationship”. What I wanna know is where Lily got her wedge sneakers.LOL 🙂
    On another note…. I can’t wait to see pics of church the cat 😉

  24. I swear that does not look like Lily to me. Maybe her stunt double? Look closely, it really doesn’t look like her.

  25. Isabelle Lightwood // August 25, 2012 at 7:10 PM // Reply

    The “made in Brooklyn” t shirt!!!! Thanks so much for posting these photos! You are getting me soooooo excited!!!

  26. Isabelle Lightwood // August 25, 2012 at 10:11 PM // Reply

    You guys should make one post with all of the pictures from filming so far. That would make it easy to keep track of what’s happening on set. Just a thought! 😉

  27. Aleja Kingsley // August 30, 2012 at 5:44 PM // Reply

    Iam am so disappointed in this movie. The cast doesn’t seem right, besides lily.
    The actor playing Alec looks like his 30! What Is he wearing! The actress that plays Isabelle doesn’t look like an ” Isabelle” to me. Dont hate me for this but I rather have Megan fox play Isabelle. Simon, oh! I love him so fucken much!!!!The actor playing him totally fits the part! I love him! Oh and clary being Played by lily; loving it! Unfortunately can’t say the same thing about Jaime. No offense but he looks like a little anorexic girl. He’s not at all what I expected jace to look like. The shadow hunter outfits I hate because they seem so costume-y and look to me like something Found in a “S&M” section at a sex store.What’s with the 3 inch boots alecs wearing? Also the marks on the skin-😞- they look like little scribbles done with sharpy marker. I expected more tattoo like markings. Longer and thicker and covering more skin. Anyway back to Jaime, ughhhhh!!!!! I don’t like him one bit! I wished that someone more taller and manlier would play him! I am so mad! Hopefully this won’t be one of those movies that ruin the book!!!! By the way, this is just my opinion.dont like it?get out!❤

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