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TMI Set Day 5: Aathy’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Aathy is quizzed about the TMI characters by a crew member.

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Friday in Toronto. One of our Toronto lookouts Aathy (@xoAathyTox) made the trip out to the set where she watched the second day of filming at the Institute, met the cast and got quizzed about Shadowhunters by a crew member. Check out her full report:
Hey Shadowhunter Fans! Today was Set Day 5 and to wrap up today: PATIENCE IS REWARDING! Again my cousin, her friend and sister joined me. We weren’t planning on going today, but we couldn’t resist and the opportunity when it came. I got to Knox College at around 4:00p.m and it was pretty late as it was. We probably walked around and around the movie's Institute about a hundred times, since they were shooting inside in the main hall, as one crew member said. We waited there for about 2 hours, hoping for a glimpse of anyone, especially the Lightwoods.

While waiting, suddenly, a crew member, who later told me it was his second day on set, called me over to him. I thought I was in trouble or something but he shows me a casting list from the scene today. And then he starts asking me all these question about each character. It was really hard not to laugh at things like “Who’s Alec?”

I reply: “He’s one of the Shadowhunters. A Lightwood.”

“What’s a Lightwood?”

I reply: “One of the  Shadowhunter familes.”

And then later, “What’s so special about the Mortal Cup?”

 I reply: “You can turn humans into Shadowhunters.”

 “Okay so Lightwoods pop out of a cup?” LOL

I asked him if he knew when Godfrey Gao would arrive since he asked me who the High Warlock of Brooklyn was. He said he wasn’t there today and that’s all he knew and that he was number 23 on the list while one of Raphael’s vampires was 16 on the list! Magnus clearly doesn’t get the love he deserves…that or the Hotel Dumort scenes were coming up fast! 🙂

Anyways….. We finally saw Jamie’s and others’ vans pull up ( the ones that take them for their breaks). We became really excited that they might come out the front doors but that didn’t happen before a crazy cyclists hits the window and the driver chases him :O That was some drama. But what job doesn’t?

Some more crew people come out after the supposed break given to everyone around 6:00. So again being stalkers we kind of follow 2 crew members and find a road with trailers. Turns out they belonged to the stars. We waited a bit by some stairs and a crew member knocks on the door to the trailer in front of us. A very Lily voice calls him to come in! Mere minutes after the crew member leaves we see Jamie come out and was like 2 feet away. That was the closest we ever got to him…up until that point. So a) he came out of lily’s trailer after a really long break (felt like forever) and b) he tried to cover it up! Like we wouldn’t spot Shadowhunter gear from a mile away! We say hello to him and he goes into the trailer next to Collins’.

But the best part was when he came out again seconds later and we ask him this time for an autograph. He’s all “Sure ladies, just hold up” and goes to give Lily something that looked like a water bottle. I don’t know, but I DID see her give him a really big smile. Man if only I could of seen his face, but his back was to us. But he totally made it up when he came to sign my book and my cousin’s (who still needs to order the books) bus transfers! LOL and he says “I feel really special. I’m to ‘validate’ them now” and signs them with ‘Valid’. I noticed his hands were filthy (with make up) and his pants were torn with fake blood. I asked him how is day was. He replied with a sigh and said “very long.” Aw…Jamie is definitely working hard to become the perfect Jace and clearly kicking some demon butt.

Then when we couldn’t be any happier that we finally talked with Jamie, a very muscular Kevin comes (texting maybe) on his phone. He looks up when I say “Hi Alec!” His smile is so gorgeous. Just putting it out there! And moments later Jemima passes by too! They both enter their trailers to get ready for I think is some night scenes. THEN Robert makes an appearance to go to his trailer. Honestly all 5 stars like meters away from us were just so hard to take in. Robert totally saw our gasps coming and approached us with a smile. I asked him if he remembered us and he replied “Of course I do, from the other day!” Then we also see a crew member bringing another really tall actor with his hair died BLUE! Who else could he be but the demon from chapter 1 right? And might I add even the secondary characters that die like within 2 scenes are EXTREMELY good looking?! Turns out his name is Chad (for the record).   

Kevin comes out then in some tight leather pants, black gloves and all! This time we don’t miss the chance to get his autograph. Just like Lily’s he signs it with an “Alec.” I couldn’t help notice he did have a parabatai rune on! So awesome! He also had the make up artists do work on him with 2 gashes on his perfect cheekbones. My cousin asks “ Are those bruises” and he replies with a “ They really hurt” I’m pretty sure there are about 10000 girls willing to kiss them all better, or maybe they should hurry up and get Godfrey to come do it. And I asked him how Halifax was, since I know how great of a city it was. He totally loved it and you can tell he appreciates the all of the fans’ support. And then my sister, being all starstruck stutters “I like your tattoos” My cousin and I just get offended and reply together “They’re Runes” Kevin chuckled at that. The cast really loves their fans; I just wish everyone could experience it. Jemima also leaves the trailer but couldn’t stay to sign. She was really sweet and apologized to us when she didn’t have to! And then Robert comes up again and this time my sister does something right and says she loves his eyes. Who wouldn’t, they are like emeralds. And he replies “Aw, I love yours too love!” OK, how jealous are all of you? So her heart totally exploded on the spot but that’s what Robert does to you. Seriously.

 So by now it was nearly 8:00 p.m and we decided to go home! It was a shorter visit today but really fun!

Thanks to Aathy for this great report!

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  1. Kaeley Scruggs // August 25, 2012 at 4:59 AM // Reply

    How do I make these email’s stop coming? I liked getting news occasionally about the books. But frankly, 10 email a day about filming is not for me.

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