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TMI Set Day 5: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Friday in Toronto. Our Toronto Correspondent Michelle (@MichelleMags) made the trip out to the set where she watched the second day of filming at the Institute and Check out her full report:

Hello Shadowhunters!

I’m Michelle Mags and here I am again bringing you set report for #TMISetDay5! I headed towards the set location around 11:30 because I remember one of the crew guys telling me they won’t start until noon during my visit for #TMISetDay4. I met up with Maia by the field and she says, “I think I saw Rob and Jamie by the bench!” Adrenaline pumping in our veins, we ran to the closest bench and looked at them. I got ahead of myself and began tweeting, which now I should find the time to address that I really am sorry for the false alarm guys. Seriously, I felt like crap for two hours (that’s until we meet Kevin Zegers). The weather was not as beautiful as yesterdays so it made my day even worse. Maia and I decided to walk around while waiting for Gelyn. Minutes dragged by and we decided to walk to the fries and burger truck (love that place, their poutine is to die for). After eating half our poutine, we began walking really slowly back to set because we practically thought that the day was so boring and dead. All of a sudden, as we walk around this gigantic machine that’s blocking the sidewalk (it’s on the second picture) Maia began walking really fast then I looked up and saw this man in all black and sleevless shirt with Mr. Sideburnsguy with him.

“Kevin—Kevin! Hi!” yelled Maia “can we, um, have your autograph?”

Kevin Zegers quickly glances to Mr. Sideburns guy who gives a nod and he said “yeah of course”

I pulled my book out and nearly fainted because I stood right next to him. Exactly on his right and I stood arm-to-arm with him (skin touching skin) and as creepy as this is, he smelled like Old Spice—if you are unfamiliar with this body gel/soap then go visit your local drugstore or grocery and smell. Glorious smell. I felt so embarrassed when I handed him my book first and I had no pen so, I would say this again, thank you Maia for lending me the pen! He laughed and said, “that’s alright” (beautiful, beautiful sound) then glanced up and said “we gotta make this quick though the herd is coming”. I took my eyes off him for a while then saw the group of girls + 1 boy speed walking our way.  I looked back at Kevin Zegers and took all my will power not to wrap my arms around him.

Kevin Zegers was wearing his skin tight pants with black sleevless shirt, runes all over his arm and neck and one make up gash on his right eyebrow (of course I remember).     Mr. SideBurnsGuy said they had to go as “the herd” was rushing in. I bid my love goodbye and thank you and he grinned and said “welcome” and seriously, my knees went jelly and I couldn’t stop shaking, even when was walking away! Although, I did come to my senses and pulled my camera out to snap a few photographs of him.


Kevin Zegers and Mr. Sideburnsguy walked much faster and by the time they reached the machine “the herd” stopped running right in front of the Institute doors. I totally lost all appetite for my poutine. Maia and I couldn’t believe what just happened. The herd, who are now my really, really good friends came to us and said, “Oh my god, Kevin Zegers just gave you his autograph!” then one girl named Kim said, “Can I give you a hug? You have Kevin Zegers all over you!” And at that point I didn’t even know her but gave her a tight hug because my knees were all too jelly and I was just so filled with happiness. Yes, that is how we Shadowhunters make awesome friends!

My fellow Shadowhunters from everywhere, I present you “the herd” that Kevin Zegers was talking about.

After meeting Kevin and getting his autograph, hours dragged by yet again but it wasn’t boring anymore because “the herd” as I like to tease and call them were such entertaining people. Still waiting but looking down the road I see a woman holding black clothes and I just quickly assumed that those were the Shadowhunter wardrobe. I pulled out my camera and took a picture

True enough; she turned to her right and into the Institute doors. Thank goodness I snapped a picture before it was too late!

Minutes dragged by again as we wait for our other friend from yesterday, Amanda (@whyhelloamanda).  We watched people just walking by the set, completely unaware of the awesomeness that’s going on around them and inside the building (I’ll give that a month or so then people will start reading CoB). Two girls passed by and one says, “ooh, what’s going on?” and the other girl, with complete confidence “oh they’re filming Star Wars” Thanks Mr. Starwars guy. Unforunately, the only good picture I have of him and he’s blocking the part where it says “Star Wars” but it’s better than nothing, eh?

Quickly after that, Ann-Marie and Amanda came! We decided to walk one round around the building and came back with nothing. We settled at the bench near the field and just talked. Gelyn pulls out her instant camera and we snap pictures from the Institute doors from the back.

 Much hours later: Gelyn, Ann-Marie, Amanda and Maia go to the cheeseburger and fries truck while I continue making friends with the Herd. Thankfully this group of people understands me: my snide comments, my absolute love for everything TMI, and we all seemed to watch the same shows (spanning from Doctor Who to the Vlogbrothers, any show you could think of, we talked about).

As soon as Gelyn, Ann-Marie, Amanda and Maia came back and ate their food, we decided to walk around the building again and to the trailers then stopped by the steps by the trailers and just at there. Eventually my phone was losing battery life, I asked that if we could go to Starbucks to charge my phone.

See, even telling this part of the day as quickly as possible is already boring, imagine how boring it could get when I put all the details on this dead times.

Anyway, we stayed at Starbucks, abused their free, ice cold water and after half an hour we left and walked back to the trailers. Still nothing going on, we walked back to the Institute.

Fast-forwarding to cool part because honestly, the day just seriously dragged by…Really agonizingly slowly.

Gelyn, Maia, Amanda, Ann-Marie and I walked again to the back and stayed by the field near the lunch room/building for the TMI cast. So bored out of our minds we ran around and tried doing the jump-click-ankles thing. I don’t really know the legitimate title of what we did but we practically looked like a crazed monkeys running around the field.

Then we saw our good friend, Laura who lived literally across the lunch building for the TMI cast. She said for us to wait for her, we did and thankfully we did because when she came out I see this guy wearing this gray shirt and very much looked like Robert Sheehan so I go, “is that—isn’t that Robert?!”

Laura, who stood closest to Robert just looked at Rob, shrugged and said “yep, that’s him!” all us four girls went crazy and I ran to him and asked if we could get an autograph. He turned, smiled so brightly and said, “of course I’ll sign your book, love!”

Because I didn’t have a pen again, my savior Maia lent me her pen. Rob signed mine and I said “thank you so much!” and he goes “you’re welcome, love!” Oh the way his tongue rolls at that word, thank you Robert Sheehan’s accent!

When I handed Rob my book he grinned and said, “wow, that’s a well-read beautiful book!” commenting on my copy of City of Bones because this one I got back at 2008.

We all simultaneously said “thank you” and he would always respond with “of course, love” “no problem at all, love”. We spoke about Misfits and telling him how great he is and he would grin and say “why thank you, love” (I could never get sick of hearing him say ‘love’. Ever. It’s like falling in love all over again.) When he was doing signing all of our books, Amanda takes a shot for it and goes “hey Rob, wanna sign my sock?!”

Rob laughed and said, “I’ll do my best!” and squats down and Amanda nearly falls so I catch her and hold her still by the knee as Rob said, “someone hold her”

We couldn’t stop shaking and laughing because Robert Sheehan is the biggest sweetheart of sweethearts. Ann-Marie wanted to take a picture of Rob signing Amanda’s sock and quickly stops, remembering that he cannot have pictures when wearing his costume then he looked up and said, “that’s alright, just don’t tell them we saw you”


About 5 minutes later, Robert finishes signing her sock. Gets back to his feet and we all say “thank you so much, Rob!” and he grinned and said, “I got to go quickly grab my stuff guys, it was a pleasure meeting you” we all smiled and as soon as he turned and walked away, we ran back to the field near the lunch building and went on full crazed monkeys. Running around just because we were too giddy and happy with what just happened. By now this would have been my third time seeing Robert Sheehan!

Laura, being all amused with us crazed monkeys offered to take us around the lunch room building. How awesome, right?! Although, as much as I wanted to make it a great night for you guys and take a picture of the massive lunch room, I couldn’t. It’s basically massive, like a dining hall and as soon as you come inside, it smells of pasta and bread. Some crew members were there having coffee, others were major crew members like producers and such. We left the building and exit to the doors at the front so that we could just turn left and head back right in front of the Institute doors.

An hour or so later, Robert Sheehan comes out of the Institute and we all waved hi and he turned, gave a lop-sided smile and said, “hello ladies!” (fourth time for me) but they were too star-strucked to ask for an autograph.

Following after him was Kevin Zegers walking back to set. I said hello, he smiled (with teeth) but again, the others were too star-strucked to ask for an autograph. A few more hours later, Robert comes back to set. I see him crossing the road wearing his ‘Made in Brooklyn’ shirt (fifth time) and immediately took my camera out. He was walking towards us as he pulled his red sweater around him with all big smiles as we snapped photographs of him. Adrienne, my favorite 4”8 20 year old turns and ask “can we have your autograph?” Robert turns and says  “of course”

He signed their books and I snapped pictures of him.


Right after Robert left us. It was another dreadful, agonizing wait for the rest of the cast. But totally worth it. Also, Jemima West must be crowned as the best sneaky person ever because when Robert went in, Jemima went in right after him and here we are thinking, “how did we just miss Jemima?!” if you have been on set, you’ll understand what I mean about how difficult it is getting Jemima to sign or to even meet her! If not, now you know.

As we tried to kill time, we spoke to the crew and just spoke to each other and got to know each other more, which was a great thing! All of a sudden, I don’t know what time this occurred but Mr. StarWars guy says, “you know I check TMI_Source daily. You guys do a great job at this!” and I couldn’t help but see “yeeey!” and tweet it straight to @TMI_Source. She’s awesome, she deserves much more praises than that.

Then we walked around and to the trailers and the guard by Jamie and Lily’s trailer goes “don’t you kids have bedtime?” and I turn to him and say” FOR TMI? No”

Seeing that nothing will happen here for a while, we head back to the Institute.      

Another hour later, I know right? How many more hours does it have to pass!? Anyway… Kevin Zegers walks out of the Institute and they finally ask for an autograph. He smiles and begins signing off while I pull out my camera and quickly said, “sorry about the flash!” a friendly warning because the iPhone 4’s flash is brutal on the eyes. He looked up and smiled so sweetly, “that’s no problem” I was SO close to fainting. Oh his eyes, his beauty—just EVERYTHING

By the way, that smile he’s wearing was the one he gave me when I warned him about the flash then he looked down to sign other books.


After seeing Kevin Zegers for about the sixth time in the past two days, he smiles as soon as he was done signing and we thanked him and said goodnight. That’s not the last time we’ll be seeing him for the night, though.

Another hour, just talking to the crew and we decided around 11:15 pm to check out the trailers again because logically, they ALL have to head back their trailers anyway. About five minutes waiting by the trailers, we see this tall, blond hair man walking towards us.

I whisper, “isn’t that Jamie?” it was until he was opening his trailer doors that he heard us say “Jamie could we have your autograph?” and he said, “I’d love to but they’re calling me back quickly. I’m so sorry!” then we say it’s okay, which it really is. Think about it, if we forced the autographs he wouldn’t be able to do his job as Jace. His British accent. Oh my god, it is to die for.

Then Kevin Zegers comes out of his trailer and we said our hello’s and he smiled (with teeth) – he knows we won’t bother him anymore because I’ve seen him about 7 times in total and the other got his autograph already. I yell “have a goodnight!” just before he was too far to hear, he turned and glanced over his shoulder and said, “thank you” and I’m still seeing a hint of his smile.

Gotta pull off a Canadian on him on the “have a goodnight thing”, I don’t know maybe it’s just me but Canadians do that a lot. Also, I like the sound of ‘Michelle Zegers’… yeah? You guys won’t agree though.

Anyway, Robert Sheehan followed Kevin Zegers about two minutes later and we’re just so used to seeing him already that we said, “hi, again, Rob!” he chuckled and said, “hello again”. I also pulled off a Canadian on him and said, “have a goodnight!” and got a bright “thank you, you too!” (trust me, babe, because I saw you all of course I had a good night). As he was walking away, he was pulling his brown coat to himself.

I watched as Robert walked away then walked faster when he pulled Jemima West to a hug and kissed her on the cheeks, bidding good work and goodnight! I’m SO sorry guys, I had my phone on my hands but was senseless and just watched the entire thing. I’ll have to work on my photography reflexes much sooner.

As Jemima walked to us we asked for her autograph and she was wearing her day clothes (not TMI costume) so she said “of course, yeah” – her ACCENT people. I know she’s gorgeous and all but holy crap her accent is wowza. I was standing right next to her the whole time! She signed Adrienne’s book first and she even asked for our names when she signed our books! We all couldn’t stop saying “thank you, thank you so much” and she would chuckle. Her voice was wearing down which explains her rugged voice but she still sounded like an angel.

Jamie steps out of his trailer with his all Shadowhunter wardrobe and black leather jacket then turns to us and says with his delightful accent “I’m so sorry guys, really…” his face man, he was really sorry. We said brightly “really, it’s alright!” then he smiled and I also told him “have a goodnight” and he quickly glanced over his shoulder and said “goodnight!”

 Jemima was still talking to the rest of my Shadowhunter friends when I turn and see Lily Collins! Clarissa, one of my friends asks for her autograph but she was also in a hurry and gave a sincere apology. We said it’s alright but my god, I knew Lily was beautiful but I up close and personal? She’s SO stunning! She was wearing a graphic t-shirt with black pants and boots. She got on a car and sweetly said hello to the driver. Then she was gone. I turned my attention back to Jemima West who still smiled and said “welcome” each time we said thank you.  I took all my courage and asked “can I have a picture with you?” and she said “yeah sure of course” and I think I died even more because of her gorgeous accent and voice! There were two shots taken because one was blurry due to my iPhone’s casing then I asked to take out the casing and we got this all in general:

In general, the cast of TMI is everything that I hoped for and wished it to be. Perfection is everywhere on set! All actors assigned to their characters are the best choice. No doubt if you guys will agree with me when you meet them up close and personal, the casting is just so beautiful! They were all very lovely and nice to stop even when they’re hurrying back to set. The day was a ride of excitement! From “the herd is coming” to “may I have a picture with you?” I still can’t get over this set visit and that explains why I’m fan-girling too much in this report. Also, a girl I met yesterday Helen (the one in the very right on the picture with Jemima) spoke to the wardrobe/costume people and said that they’re filming the “end scene” today.

I hope to visit the next days even more and goal to get Jamie and Lily to sign my book and update you all with the set things. I love you all, Shadowhunters! Hope you enjoyed this #TMISetDay5 report.

Until then, stay sexy in black Shadowhunters,

Michelle Mags

Thanks to Michelle for this awesome report!

Check out the full gallery:

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15 Comments on TMI Set Day 5: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. I read it and all I can say- write- is wow. You’re so lucky

  2. wait where is the location of the institute in toronto? I want to go see them! 🙂

  3. wow i really would love to meet them! michelle is so lucky!

  4. Lucky girl (: Im so glad to have read this! I love how detailed your report is….. makes me imagine im actually there…. wish I was!!! haha, I hope your having fun and enjoying it!! Im smiling and happy just reading this! Have fun girl, I wish you luck (:

    • Haley,
      thank you for the wonderful comment! I’m super happy that the report brought you that feeling because I make sure, at least try, to make my reports something everyone could enjoy. I do have fun and thanks! Hope I won’t disappoint anyone for the next few set days 🙂
      Much love,
      Michelle Mags

      • I look forward to reading those reports as well! (: I’m super happy that your getting such an amazing experience!! I would love to be in your shoes! Haha, make sure to give everyone my love (:


  5. I was wondering where they’re filming tomorrow 🙂

  6. Ableeblueblah // August 26, 2012 at 1:58 AM // Reply

    Omg I’m so glad I live in torontoooo. It looks like U of T… But idk for sure. I’m such a big fan of robert sheehan (And of course the books too haha) I want to meet him sooo bad!!!!

  7. I think I love Robert. Lol. He’s just so cute!

  8. *sighs* I love that pic of the institute!!!!! Totally geekin’ over this movie!!!! Robert is freckin awesome!!!!! Such a sweet heart!!!!!!

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