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Business strategy meets urban fantasy


Richard Rumelt and Cassandra Clare. Picture taken from FORTUNE

Cassandra Clare fans always love reading about her and her books but the following interview by David A. Kaplan from FORTUNE does not only focus on one author of the Rumelt/Clare family.

Proud dad Richard and Cassie, who her dad calls Judy, sat down to discuss business strategy, selling books and marketing with FORTUNE:

He’s a leading professor of business strategy.  She’s a wildly successful author of urban fantasy novels for teenagers.  Together, they’re one of the more unusual father-daughter pairings.

Richard Rumelt, 69, is the dad.  He’s been at the UCLA Anderson School of Management since 1976.  His Good Strategy/Bad Strategy was shortlisted for the 2011 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year. Cassandra Clare (born: Judith Rumelt), 39, has been writing the Mortal Instruments series since 2004—following a decade of writing for entertainment magazines and tabloids, and occasional posting of fan fiction online. Set in modern New York City, the series centers on the adventures of the demon-fighting Nephilim (also called Shadowhunters). Clare has sold more than 10 million books and recently signed two multi-book deals for $10 million. The first Mortal Instruments movie, City of Bones, is shooting in Toronto and will be out next summer from Sony Pictures (SNE).

You can read the interview here.

What do you think of Richard Rumelt and the CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS treatment? Sound off in the comments!

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4 Comments on Business strategy meets urban fantasy

  1. I always thought that Cassie was a savvy business woman as well as an amazing author and this is my confirmation! 🙂

  2. She’s 39? Didn’t realise she was quite that old?

    WSJ should have researched the article better. Her books haven’t sold 10 million. That’s a lie. i get a feeling they are also fudging the difference between in print and sales. Printings aren’t sales. Her sales aren’t anywhere near the big guns like Rowling, Collins, Meyer, Rick Riordan, Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, even those crappy “House of Night” books by PC Cast sell better. CoFA put a lot of people off the series and CoLS sales were way down as a result -it didn’t even make the NYTimes Bestseller list. TID sales are only OK but fell with the second book. The only books that sell relatively consistently well are the first three books in the TMI series. She and her publishers need to stop with the hyperbole because it makes her look even worse and her reputation is bad enough as it is.

  3. I always have to laugh when I remember Cassie’s name isn’t even Cassandra Clare. I mean, to me she doesn’t even look like a Judith 😛

  4. A movie coming up, oh that is really nice…

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