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Dirty Sexy ‘D’ Scene coming in CLOCKWORK PRINCESS

Something that fans have been looking forward to discovering in the previous three Cassandra Clare books are the Dirty Sexy Scenes. It all began in CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS with the scene Clare termed "Dirty Sexy Alley Scene." It soon after became a phenomenon in the fandom and spawned two similar scenes in chronological order: Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene (CLOCKWORK PRINCE) and Dirty Sexy Club Scene (CITY OF LOST SOULS). Last week Clare revealed that there would indeed be another Dirty Sexy Scene in CLOCKWORK PRINCESS, which is due out March 19, 2013.

There’s a DSDS.
Looks like we're keeping up that chronological order...exciting! Let's take a look at the previous Dirty Sexy Scenes:



Jace and Clary



Will and Tessa



Jace and Clary

Photo Credit: kara-lija


So we know that that mystery word begins with a D. And could we assume that it takes up a similar pattern with THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS as both Dirty Sexy Scenes involving the same two characters–in this case Will and Tessa?

So what are your guesses as to what the “D” could stand for? And which two characters do you think find themselves in this DSDS? Sound off in the comments!

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31 Comments on Dirty Sexy ‘D’ Scene coming in CLOCKWORK PRINCESS

  1. Dirty Sexy Dungeon Scene?

    • Ria Jace Herondale // December 20, 2012 at 7:17 PM // Reply

      BTA! That was EXACTLY what I was thinking, but it could be dining room, or den. AHHHH, I have NO idea! I PRAY it’s between Will and Tessa!

  2. Door, desk, drawing room?

  3. maybe the d stands for dream?

  4. Jace campbell lightwood (; // September 2, 2012 at 2:37 PM // Reply

    Think about COHF were gunna have a DSES scenes…. (E= egg, evening, ending, east) idk… But D= dirty, death (thOugh what they could doing while someone is dying / dead i have no idea), dancing? Dragon, dungeon, destiny, dreary, drugged (o_O)
    Dirty Sexy Drug Scene…. Wow…

  5. teamedwardjace // September 2, 2012 at 4:25 PM // Reply

    ooo what’s it gonna be and i hope some one posts a video version of the dirty sexy club scene soon!

  6. Dirty sexy dance scene?

  7. dirty sexy downworlder scene

  8. Reblogged this on justthatrandomblog and commented:
    LOLOLOL. OMG. THERES A PATTERN. Ahaha, but this is too beautiful.

  9. zoe louise wilson // September 2, 2012 at 8:01 PM // Reply

    dirty sexy duck scene!

  10. My favorite Dirty scene was Tessa and Jem in his room when he declared his feelings for her. Now that was a dirty sexy scene!

  11. Dungeon. It HAS to be a dungeon… I mean… what else would you do down there? hahahahhaa.

  12. Reblogged this on Writing Haven and commented:
    Oh my god, oh my god! I’m dying out of excruciating excitement! >.<

  13. I think it could be Dirty Sexy Devil (Tavern) Scene, if we ignore the “T” for Tavern. But it makes sense, sice it’s a place Will clames to go frequently, and since Jem will be dying he’ll have a reason to be there, drowning his sorrows and so on, and Tessa would go there to “rescue” him and the rest you can figure… : )

  14. You didn’t even mention Fierce Midnight! Where Tess and Jem almost practically did it! So that means that the dirty sexy scene could be her and Jem, and it most likely will since you know, THEY’RE ENGAGED! Come on now people you don’t really think Will would get all dirty with Tessa when she’s going to marry his best friend do you? That’s just a horrid thing to hope to happen no matter how “great they are together”. She’s with Jem, for now anyways. 😛 (I like both Jem & Will BTW, didn’t want you to think I was a crazy Jem shipper, even though I do prefer him :3)

    • thats why i agree that it would be a dream..
      from other snippets it seems like jem would be too ill to be involved in some sott of DSS.

      and jem can kiss her whenever he wants. they are engaged.

      after the DSBS with jem, it didnt stop her from kissing will on the balcony..
      I think she’d still kiss him even though shes engaged.

      But it would make more sense for her to dream about will. It would explain why in the other snippet she says something about not being able to look in him in the eyes or something

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // September 3, 2012 at 10:05 AM //

        Theres also the fact that Cassie loves plot twists so jem and tessa could break up half way through the book, its not as if an engagement means that theres no way they can break up now. I think this will happen between Will and Tessa dream or not. (i like the dream theory alot) also i feel that Jem is a very dull, calm part of the books and he will do something drastic in the last… (no offence Jem shippers)

      • I find jem real creepy.. the things he says and does make my skin crawl and it feels like Will loves Jem alot more than jem loves Will.

        I really dont know why i dislike him. I just get the feeling hes not all as nice as ‘full of goodness’ as everyone seems to think.
        No one is devoid of flaws. We have seen Will’s and i think we will see Jem’s in CP2.

        Most people when you say you dont like jem go ‘only because you ship will/tessa’ but i actually dont, Will deserves better than Tessa in my opinion.. its like jem and tessa should be together because i think they are both rather unkind. I hate the way they gang up on Will and laugh at him. I know its supposed to be a joke but it really pisses me off

  15. When was that?^^

  16. I hope its not dining room… that would be very inapproproate…

  17. Does it really have to be between Jem and Tessa or Will and Tessa? It could be between two other people.

  18. dsds…
    Dirty Sexy Drunk Scene?
    Dirty Sexy Den Scene?
    Who knows, but I cant wait to find out!!!

  19. courtneyryn // March 22, 2013 at 6:30 AM // Reply

    There is a dirty scene in the clockwork princess!!!!! I have read it, but im unsure of where they were. Its in the 19th chapter: To Lie and Burn. If you wanna know between who, then scroll down, if not, dont!!! Spoiler!









    Tessa & Will 🙂

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