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Happy Halloween from the cast of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES

The MORTAL INSTRUMENTS movie Facebook wished Shadowhunters a Happy Halloween and shared this photo of the cast:

When you’re dressed like a Shadowhunter, every other costume seems horribly mundane.

Who dressed like a Shadowhunter for Halloween? Be sure to enter our Costume Contest (Deadline: Nov. 3).

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8 Comments on Happy Halloween from the cast of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES

  1. Reblogged this on Writing Haven and commented:
    I went to my exams in gear 😀

  2. I was really sick so I couldn’t wear my gear! ;(

  3. I couldn’t take a pic. of my gear… too shiny no camera! Happy halloween Cast!

  4. I went the whole day in mine! XD It was super hot but fun! I picked out Jace and clary but then would the guy by Jamie be Alec? Cause the two by Lilly Look like her parents? Eteir Luke not valentine, or simon. Then ethier Jocylen, Mayryse, or Izzy!
    Grr. I can’t tell them a part! Less than 300 Days till the movie yay! Just 200 and somethin more days!

  5. didn’t have gear but I took clothes from the books and went as Clary. I just painted runes on my arms, dyed my hair and wore clothes she would wear. Everyone said I was a beautiful Clary except my best friend who said I looked stupid. I also had a Magnus, Izzy, Alec and almost Simon. Movie!!! August 23rd 2012!!! YAY!!

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