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The release date for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES  is still nine months away, but there is already hype and excitement for a film adaptation of THE INFERNAL DEVICES, the prequel series to THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. Constantin Films owns the rights to both THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS and THE INFERNAL DEVICES. On Saturday, Martin Moszkowicz, a member of Constantin Film's executive board and executive producer on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, posed a question for Cassandra Clare's fans: That question sent the fandom into a frenzy about the possibility of an INFERNAL DEVICES movie. In light of that question, Clare has seen more frequent questions about THE INFERNAL DEVICES being adapted into films. All we know at this time is that it is in the early stages of development with a screenplay in the works.

Of course the possibility of THE INFERNAL DEVICES becoming films depends on the success of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES.

But there is already a lot of hype for that film and for the series as people begin to discover it. And there is still nine months remaining until its release in August 2013.

Are you excited about the possibility of an INFERNAL DEVICES movie? Who is your dream cast? Sound off in the comments!

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217 Comments on THE INFERNAL DEVICES: CLOCKWORK ANGEL movie ‘in development’

  1. Jace campbell lightwood (; // November 25, 2012 at 5:35 PM // Reply

    WILLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! Thats all i have to say…

    • okay, first of all you don’t have to completely 100% agree with these choices, these are just actors I thought best depicted the description in the books, the three most important ones are Tessa, Will and Jem, the actors for them have to be absolutely detail for detail like the book describes them, the Dream Cast for this movie should be people who aren’t particularly famous already so here’s what I can picture:

      Tessa Gray – Emma Rigby. Emma is my favorite actress for Tessa. Come on, SHE IS TESSA! Probably the only reason I see her as our Clockwork Princess is because she was in a period show for BBC called Ripper Street this past winter. The hair and costumes help with the imagination. She’s a British actress known for her roles on soap operas such as Hollyoaks and Prisoner Wives. She has previous experience in a similar production, and she just looks the part, yes Tessa has to be pretty, but not like Astrid, she has to be more pale and sullen looking but still pretty.

      Will Herondale – Joshua Anthony Brand because he is absolutely perfect as Will. We will never find out the name of the model on the cover of Clockwork Angel so Joshua is the closest thing we have to getting Will right on screen.

      Jem Carstairs – Mitch Hewer. He may bit a bit older than what Jem is but that’s nothing make-up and lighting can’t fix, plus they still have to whiten his complexion/skin tone and dye his hair vibrant silver, he just has the face for it and he’s gorgeous.

      Charlotte Branwell – Jenna Louise Coleman, she just has the physical appearance.

      Henry Branwell – Simon Woods, so does Simon, he suits the goofy role of Henry just by looking at him

      Sohpie Collins – Alexis Bledel. She’s beautiful, so she would suit Sophie because Sophie was beautiful before she was scarred (not saying she isn’t beautiful now because she is)

      Jessamine Lovelace – Tamsin Egerton. Tamsin isn’t perticularly famous, but from the role she played in St. Trinians, she has the potential to be the perfect Jessy

      Gabriel Lightwood – Kevin Flamme, he’s hot, so is Gabriel

      Gideon Lightwood – Daniel Sharman, he’s hot, so is Gideon

      Cecily Herondale – Willa Holland, she’s so beautiful, she just looks like Cecily

      Camille Belcourt – Amber Heard, she’s got the bone structure to be an elegant vampire

      Magnus Bane – Godfrey Gao, you know why

      Thomas – Jake Abel, just a suggestion, Thomas still has to look the part

      DeQuincey – Joseph Morgan, purely because he’s blonde and wicked, but i’m not too sure about Joseph myself anyway

      Axel Mortmain – Michael Fassbender, YES YES YES he’s just the right age, brilliant actor, he could pull it off so well

      Nathaniel Gray – Xavier Samuel, I don’t know about Xavier as Nate, but this is just from what I’ve seen on other people’s lists


  3. I CAN’T DESCRIIIIBE HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME :’D I actually prefer TID over TMI, which I think is a bit weird in this fandom? BUTICAN’THELPIT. I love historical dramas D; I’m crying. OHMYGOD.
    AND THEY MAY ACTUALLY FILM IN LONDON!!! Oh I hope they do. I will be there every single day!!!

    • Even though the concepts and the writter are the same, I find that the TID series has a completely different feel to it. It’s not that it is better, but it is more “grounded”, a bit darker and more complex.

    • LizzieBennet // January 14, 2013 at 8:32 PM // Reply

      I also really like TID over TMI, I love historical fiction, and the characters are so wonderful 🙂 I would much rather watch that than the TMI movie, it looks super dark and gory.

    • OMG SAME!!! I absolutely LOVE stories set in the Victorian era. AMAZING… I feel super excited now.

    • Me too, but didn’t realize it until I read both series all the way through a second time. I’d really love to see Will come to life, but I’d be super concerned about the casting.

    • Same!!! Love TID so much!

    • Omg you are so right I prefer TMI wayyyy more and Jem is such a sweetheart but WIll is broken and it makes me love him more ❤ But I love them both equally. KInd of. :3

  4. I’m so excited! I don’t have a dream cast because I don’t want anybody famous playing the characters, I want the RIGHT actors, because I want to be able to relate to Tessa and fall in love with Will and Jem and it has to be perfect!!!!

  5. On a side note, those lucky immortal characters in TMI will be getting a nice sum of money for all these films 😛 Hahahaha

  6. I’ve never been so excited for a movie in my life! Will Herondale – Douglas Booth,
    Jem Carstairs – Anthony Neely, Tessa – Astrid Berges-Frisbey. Check out the youtube video’s cheer4volleyeva put together using these people. Amazing!

  7. KikilovesJace // November 25, 2012 at 6:27 PM // Reply

    I’m reading the first book of the inferal devices and I would love to see a movie, cast, and a offical trailer of the infernal devices.

  8. Genevieve "Gen" // November 25, 2012 at 9:33 PM // Reply

    They just can’t cast Astrid Bergès-Frisbey as Tessa because honestly I just can’t see it at all whatsoever other than the hair. I mean she can’t even do an accent that would sound somewhat American or like a New York accent (trust me I know what I’m talking about, being from Manhattan). Is she pretty? Yes. Is she a good actress? Yeah, she’s alright. Is she Tessa? NO WAY IN HELL!!!

  9. Yes, yes, yes Im excited! ID is my favorite! In my opinion there’s something so much more sinister than MI. The fact that we know theres a threat but dont quite know who it is…
    The lack of technology, the dank dirty London city, the old fashioned clothes and accents… I just love it! Cassie certainly wrote a modern Sherlock Holmes mystery, but for it to be turned into a movie? Squeeeeee!!!!!

  10. My personal thoughts on some people worth looking into for casting:
    Will Herondale: Aaron Johnson
    Douglas Booth
    Tessa Gray: Sarah Bolger
    Lucinda Dryzek
    Charlotte Branwell: Carey Mulligan
    Natalie Dormer
    Jessamine Lovelace: Gabriella Wilde

    • not feeling Aaron Johnson but Douglas Booth, yes please 🙂

    • Will:Douglas Booth
      Tessa:Sarah Bolger
      Jem:Anthony Neely
      Charlotte Branwell:Carey Mulligan ( maybe not sure for Charlotte)
      Jessamine Lovelace:Gabrielle Wilde ( maybe or Nikki Reed?? Again not sure for Jessamine)

    • I think Aaron Johnson is more suited to Will’s physical appearance than Douglas Booth, Douglas isn’t attractive enough and doesn’t have the described facial features

  11. Happy Happy Happy. please please please Will has to have black hair and dark blue eyes…

  12. And… do you know what this means more Godfrey … SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON 🙂

    • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 11:07 AM // Reply

      I agree cant wait!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MAGNUS. and I think Godfrey Gao was a perfect fit

  13. I reckon Ed Westwick as Will – I never really saw him as Alec but as Will – ohhh *fanning myself to cool down” I see the attic scene all over again!!!

  14. Anna Herondale // November 26, 2012 at 11:08 AM // Reply

    Please, please, for the love of the Angel, cast Zac Efron as Will Herondale.

  15. If there’s one thing I learned from CoB, it’s that I’m in no position to pick a cast.
    I hope they pick casting based on who’s the best actor, and who’s best at bringing the characters’ personalities to life. Not based on who looks the-most-exactly-like-the-cover-image-models.
    Yeah there will be an initial backlash, because we all had pictures in our heads and furthermore have coverart images to shape our perceptions of these characters. It will be even worse for ID than for TMI, because the full face images are out there in cover art form.
    But I think if they cast the right actors based on acting ability, then they’ll win over the fandom. Just as Jamie and the rest of the TMI cast has (for the most part).

    • I completely agree, but then again I still have images in my mind of what the cast will look like

    • I agree with you Jenna, that to have some on play the part but you still want some who looks a little like the characters, because I’m sorry but I honestly disliked Jace after the movie, he certainly could play Jace but I hated it because he was too angular and was pissed that he wasn’t hotter or anything!

  16. I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!!!! my dream cast is the following|
    Will: Ed Westick
    Tessa: Astrid Berges-Frisbey

  17. teamedwardjace // November 26, 2012 at 5:52 PM // Reply

    sweet! i can hear the halliejuah chorus!

  18. YES!! So excited about even the possibility of it being made into a movie! have no idea who I’d fancast as Jem and Tessa, but my Will will always be Jeremy Irvine. He’d be perfect for the role!

  19. I am unbelievably happy 😀 !!!!
    No one really thinks of Henry but I want: Matt Milne he is really tall 6″4 and is ginger and from England and plays characters which link to Henry, he was in War Horse and Downton Abbey which really make me think of Henry.

  20. I think im going to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so happy:)

  21. ed westwick for will
    he is an amazing actor first and foremost
    with loads of charisma

  22. YESSSS! I love Anthony Neely for Jem! But dear God don’t make Ed Westwick Will. I think Douglas Booth and Aaron Johnson are just too calm of dudes for the role…

    • I saw some youtube clips of Douglas Booth playing Boy George, not my type of thing I like to watch, but I had those concerns myself, until I watched him in those clips. He has great emotional range. And he plays the tormented soul so well.

  23. I think douglas booth would play a better jem

  24. I’d want Josh Hutcherson to play Jem or Will even though I don’t like Josh Hutcherson that much or at all.

  25. I think the people on the cover of the infernal devices should be will, Jem, and tessa

    • Kymmylovescassieclare! // June 18, 2013 at 11:50 PM // Reply

      OMG yes!!! thats what I thought!! it would be really cool, I just hope they can act! 🙂

  26. or, Tessa be me. feel free to email me the auditions if they have not started!!

  27. ShadowhunterObsession // December 30, 2012 at 9:45 PM // Reply

    If Will not superHOT, Tessa is not pretty, and Jem is not silverboy I will cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the upcoming books and movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kymmylovescassieclare! // June 18, 2013 at 11:49 PM // Reply

      I am soooooo with you!!!!!!!!!!! and I hope they live up to the expections of teh character of the book and that they keep the book relativly in the movie not like Twilight was, that was crap, nothing like the book.

      • I agree about the boys, but I don’t want tessa to be amazingly pretty because the character I see as tessa isn’t the prettiest but still pretty!!!! And mostly because tessa isn’t suppost to be amazingly pretty, she’s suppost to be ugh I don’t know how to describe it but she’s suppost to empathise with people and understand!!!! That’s not completely what I meant but u get the idea

    • andrea herondale // February 8, 2014 at 5:52 PM // Reply

      oh my god! i was thinking the same thing. i mean i cant imagine tessa not being pretty, will not being hot, and jem without silver hair!!!!

  28. I want to cry!! i love the infernal devices series and the mortal instruments series with all my heart but if they came out as a movie i would not go see them. no one in this universe could play the characters and then if i saw the actors playing the role it would just muck up the images of the characters in my head 😦 And my heart breaks to know that they are already making a movie for the mortal instruments let alone for the infernal devices!! what am i going to do?? sorry to be a depressing muck on some of your parade…..

  29. I am super excited about it, Will herondale-Joshua Anthony Brand or Jeremy Sumpter
    Tessa Gray- Nina Dobrev
    Jem Carstairs- Gaspard Ulliel or Landon Liboiron
    Jessamine Lovelace- Izabella Miko
    Henry Breanwell- Daniel Radcliffe or Shia LaBeouf
    Charlotte Branwell- Joanna going
    The magister/mortmain- Steven strait or Jonah hill
    De quincey- Hunter Parrish
    Camille Bellecourt- Ol;ivia Wilde
    Thomas-Anton Yelchin or Shia Lebeouf
    Sophie-Yvonne Strahovski or Elizabeth Banks
    Agatha-Rhona mitra or Jessica garner

    • I agree with Joshua Anthony brand for will, nina dobrev for tessa, I think for Jem Anthony Neely, for henry i agree Daniel Radcliffe, for mortmain maybe Jonah hill??, for De Quincey hunter Parrish, for camille Nikki reed??, for Thomas anton yelchin, for jessamine Yvonne strahovski not sure for Charlotte or agatha??

    • Tessa: Sarah Bolger
      Will: Joshua Brand or Nicholas Hoult
      Jem: Max Irons or Anthony Neely
      Charlotte: don’t know?? But she needs to be perfect
      Henry: Daniel Radcliffe
      Sophie: Dakota Fanning
      De Quincey: Hunter Parrish
      Camille Belcourt: Nikki Reed

  30. JOSHUA ANTHONY BRAND FOR WILL. HE’S PERFECT. He even posted a video of himself saying never trust a duck. He’s just…wow. perf.

  31. I would love to see TID made into a movie. All i have to say is Ian Somerhalder must play Will in it!

  32. If they made a movie of TID that would be so amazing in already getting excited!!!

  33. Helli, my name is Andrea Dillard and I would like to audition for the film. If you do decide to produce this motion picture. Please allow me to try and audition for it. All my infobis on a profile called Explore Talent. I can also send it myself. All I need to know is where do I go for the auditions? Thank you for taking the time in reading this. I have longed to be in a film as this, since I srarted school for acting back in 2009. Once again. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and reading this. Hope to hear from you.


  34. WILLLLL he is the best character ever i love him

  35. Joshua Brand as Will Herondale is all I have to say 🙂

  36. I honestly hope that they cast unknown people as the main characters. Mostly to allow the audience to have an unbiased opinion of the characters, and let them truly fall for their story!

  37. I actually prefer TID to TMI so to hear there is a possibility of TID becoming a film franchise makes me extremely happy. I also hope they cast unknowns or cast Brits in the roles. I for one would love to see how TID comes to screen, even more than TMI.

  38. For Will Herondale I would definitely recommend the actor Douglas Booth

  39. Will. Hands down. Looooove WIll Herondale ❤

  40. Can I be Tessa?? Lol

  41. Nicholas Hoult as Will, no question about it.

  42. They definitely have to get some good looking people to play these characters whoever picked the actors for mortal instruments needs to do the cast for infernal devices also that would be awesome!

  43. I think William Herondale should be Graham Wardle… He is my idea of what Will should look like… A tall, dark, and handsome dude ❤

  44. I know we probably won’t hear anything of the movie until after City of Bones, but I am so excited for this. I mean, it will really bug me because it won’t be as I imagined it but these are my favourite series of books ever so of course I’m excited.

    As much as I love Josh Hutcherson, I don’t see him as any of the main characters. Maybe later on… Someone like Gabriel…
    I’m with the majority of people who seem to want unknow actors playing the main characters. This way there won’t be as much prejudice as there could be. And there will be a lot, way more than there was for City of Bones.
    I personally think open auditions would be a good idea, because while there will be a lot of people who are just there because they’ve read one book so they think they can be the main character, it gives people who want to go into acting a chance of being in something big, especially if they aren’t sure how to go about getting into acting. And it will also mean that new faces are out there, and that people won’t necessarily know the actors so won’t be quite so judgmental (maybe).

  45. OMGGGG this is the BEST!! But they have to choose actors that actually look close to the book covers. New actors, we want new faces for this movie!! Im sooooooooo excited!!! YAAAAYYYAAAAyy

  46. JOSHUA ANTHONY BRAND FOR WILL… Have you guys even seen the fan pic of him??? he’s PERFECT, TO THE POINT OF NO MORE… Even Cassie says that he looks like Will….

    CLICK ON THE SECOND GOOGLE PIC…,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=129d4de158f3716&biw=1680&bih=857

    And Anthony Neele for Jem…. He’s perfect as well!!!

  47. Is Zac Efron too old to be Will? I hope not, because he would be perfect!!! You need a good actor in that role to portray the kind of emotion Will has to show in these books. The dark hair and piercing blue eyes are also perfect. Also, the asian guy in Twilight would make an excellent Jem. He has the perfect look and build.

  48. If they messed up Will…i would be VERy angry.

  49. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very impressed with the choice for TMI the actors and actresses just don’t reflect the pictures in my head but I definitely think Antony Neeley for Jem is all I can say I really don’t know about Will. All I know is I will be FURIOUS if they don’t mess up Will. As much as I love TMI, TID is just so much better!!!!

  50. On my last comment I said I was very impressed with the actors of TML. Typo I mean’t to say wasn’t impressed AT ALL.

  51. mess up will i mean’t mess up will
    (normally I can write better 😉 )

  52. omg i love TID i think my dream cast is
    ian somerhalder -will
    jon foo – jem
    malese jow – tessa

    i love cassie’s writing
    im sooooooooooooooooo excited
    xxx cara

    • Kymmylovescassieclare! // June 18, 2013 at 11:47 PM // Reply

      I think it would be hard for Jon Foo to get such white hair though, I think they shoudl get someone with naturally blonde hair and silvery eyes, but I guess that will be very hard to find but he is very hot! good choice! 🙂

  53. i think zac efron is an ideal candidate for will… he has that pretty boy look and the piercing eyes, but he also has that ability to act cocky and confident, but at the same time display a vulnerable side… its a hard range of emotions, but i am confident that given a chance, zac would nail it… cant wait to hear more!

  54. copy and paste the whole link below in your search engine:…0.0.0..1c.1.15.img.AxZvslPfW54&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47244034,d.dmQ&fp=ed48c7853c102e58&biw=1366&bih=667&facrc=_&

  55. Will: Joshua Antony Brand. He’s perfect.

  56. Personally I think the cast should be
    Gaspard Ulliel as Will Herondale
    Anthony Neely as Jem Carstairs
    And Brittany Snow as Tessa grey. (The reason I picked her is because of her eyes. Just picture her with brown hair if you disagree.) or Astrid Berges-Frisbey. (She looks a lot like how I imagined Tessa, minus the eyes. But they would not likely cast her as Tessa because she would probably struggle with portraying and American girl.)
    You would not believe how long I have waited to hear that they might make a TID movie! I am with you all who ever says that they prefer the TID books over the TMI books. I just like the characters better for some reason.

  57. If they don’t pick a good cast for TID. I will cry.

  58. Kymmylovescassieclare! // June 18, 2013 at 11:40 PM // Reply

    I really hope that Alex Pettyfer will play “Jace” cause he just feels right and I can’t wait! I am so happy that they have decided to make city of bones a motion picture!!

    • ultimatebonesfan // July 5, 2013 at 5:56 PM // Reply

      Jamie cambell bower is playing Jace and to be honest I think they did it perfectly and Kevin Zegers plays Alec my favorite character and Mr. Zegers is an amazing actor and continues to blow my mind and also my favorite actor so my favorite actor plays my favorite character in the movie based on my favorite book. but my least favorite actor plays Clary but Jamie and Lily are and amazing couple and I just need to say congratulations even though I said it before and I wish them a happy long life together and hope their wedding is no less than magnificent sorry to rant I don’t know what happened there

      • I agree I mean at first I didn’t think Jamie would be a very good jace but now I think he is!!!! I’m going to see the film on Friday!!

  59. Kymmylovescassieclare! // June 19, 2013 at 12:01 AM // Reply

    I don’t know about all of you fan people!! 🙂 But I REALLY hope they pick a good cast. I am expecting a lot from these movies and maybe I am sounding realy dramastic but I REALLY love these books and I have fallen in love with Jem and Jace so I hope that they get a good cast, I can’t wait to see it and I want to the first one in the cinema, I just really love these book and I am so excited to see them!! ❤

  60. I’ve always had a hidden passion for acting and I knew from the first chapter of Clockwork Angel that my dream role would be as Tessa. As I try often not to dream such ridiculous dreams, I thought it appropriate to voice it if you were asking. So my Dream Cast is centered around my dream with me starring in it. If that sounds selfish or vain, I apologize, I’ve just never felt something this passionately before.

  61. Micheal Fjordbak all the way for Will!!

  62. I want Douglas Booth as Will soooooo baaaaaaaad ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  63. WILLHERONDALEISMYBBY // August 10, 2013 at 6:57 PM // Reply

    Nina Dobrev for Tessa, Douglas booth or Joshua Brand for Will Herondale, Max Irons for Jem, Joseph Morgan for Mortmain, Dakota Fanning for Sophie(Idk I pictured her) and ill be happy!:)

  64. i cant wait to see all the movies will will will

  65. I live the Infernal Devices more than the Mortal Instruments and I can’t wait for the Clockwork Angel movie to come out

  66. Gabriella Gonzalez // August 17, 2013 at 5:55 PM // Reply

    I think that the people they used to do the covers for the books should be the ones to play the roles of Will Tessa and James

  67. I’d love for the infernal devices to become a film I enjoyed the books so much!!!!

  68. All I’d love for the infernal devices to become a film, I loved the books so much!!!

  69. I WANT TO BE TESSA SO BAD!!!!!! just hoping they wait until filming for City of Glass is over so they follow the order the books were written in….

  70. Susie Simons // August 23, 2013 at 2:48 AM // Reply

    I am a student actress in grade 12 of high school. I hope to audition for the role of Tessa Gray. I’m trying to get into shape for the role and sadly I don’t have gray eyes BUT I love wearing coloured contacts so I know I can do this. I wouldn’t let the fans down. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the chance to audition for the role. ❤ this role would really help me get into the business.

  71. Kallan Roberson // September 7, 2013 at 5:54 PM // Reply

    I don’t know about the rest of the cast, but I would love to audition for Tessa!

  72. I love the infernal devices I have read them like 100 times I just cant get enough of them

  73. Ella Herondale // September 19, 2013 at 2:50 AM // Reply

    Idk but I want will…

  74. Emily Milner (15) // September 28, 2013 at 1:25 AM // Reply

    I just want to play a role in the infernal devices 🙂

  75. Will Herondale: Max Irons
    Jem Carstairs: Anthony Neely
    Tessa Grey: Sarah Bolger

    • Agree with everything!!!!! Max Irons probably wasn’t my first choice but he’d fit the bill and I love both Anthony and Sarah so yeah!!!!!!! I really do hope they make the films

  76. I am psyched !!!! They would have to make the cast perfect , cause i love the infernal devices so much more than the mortal instruments ( but i still love TMI too ) . For my opinion , douglas booth should be Will , anthony neely should be Jem and sarah bolger should be Tessa !!!

  77. Emileigh Dobrowski // November 29, 2013 at 2:48 AM // Reply

    As a great fan of The Infernal Devices, I can see myself playing the role of Tessa. While reading the books multiple times, similarities are revealed between Tessa and myself. Being able to become Tessa in real life would feel rewarding nonetheless. Would an open-casting call be such a terrible idea? You never know what talents are hidden in this average world.

  78. The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // December 12, 2013 at 9:51 AM // Reply

    I am a much bigger TID fan than TMI. I do love both books and the idea of Shadowhunters and downworlders existing in a world hidden within our own. I do not know of many characters that ”MIGHT” live up to TID fans expectations , but I agree that the cast should not be ”world famous”, yet also not someone that has no experience. Personally I would like to thank Cassandra Clare to show us an amazing new world, also all the people who are actually going to make the movie happen and last but not least I would like to thank the fans because without us who would read the books or watch the movies or even fight with each other over witch guy gets the girl.
    I do not know witch actors will play witch character but I think

    Jem Carstairs – should look both Chinese and British . he should be almost build like a shadowhunter should be build ,strong etc. but yet as if he is weakened by his illness [addiction to Yin Fen]. Jem is described as being quite pale and having odd bright silver colored hair. His eyes are said to be the same silver but with a gentle curve that hints at his parentage, and he has a fine-boned angular face, with a slight curve of his eyes. He looks youthful, partially because of his slightness. He is also tall, very slender and handsome too.

    Tessa Gray – Tessa has smooth, brown hair and steely gray-blue eyes. She thinks herself average and her hair unruly. She is also considerably taller than other girls and boys her age. Magnus, in City of Fallen Angels, says she has a serious face. When reminiscing about past times (bonus content of Clockwork Prince), Magnus thinks of Tessa as pretty (along with Sophie). Not traditionally beautiful, but kindly attractive. also she comes from NYC so she should look American.

    Will Herondale – should look like a fearless fighter, a bit arrogant, like someone who makes jokes but takes serious things serious. and someone who has made a habit out of hiding his true emotions, yet still can steal the heart of the audience , and HOT definitely HOT. also Will is described to have deep violet-blue eyes and black hair that falls in his eyes. He has elegant features – high cheekbones; long, thick lashes; full lips and an elegant throat. He is muscular and well built with broad shoulders. He is mentioned to be 6 foot tall and have callused hands from his years of training as a Shadowhunter. He is said to be extremely handsome by most people.

    For the other characters I do not exactly know… so good luck with that.. I hope they will pick the perfect people to play the perfect roles.
    P.S. I am sorry for the LLLOOONNNGGG comment. but I want them to get it perfect.<3

    • TID/TMI fanatic // July 12, 2014 at 8:24 PM // Reply

      As a newbie to this site I could agree with you more!! I think the problem with some fans is that they want the cast that THEY want and not someone who would fit the role of the character well. Just because they’re a famous actor or actress doesn’t mean they fit the characters role. Maybe they could but its a big maybe.

      Also, with what other people are posting, I think that the main characters (Will, Tessa and Jem… and maybe even Sophie and the Lightwood boys) should have a new or fresh vibe to them, they should definitely look like they do in the book or it wouldn’t BE TID !! I’ve read comments saying that certain people that should play Jem and I’ve looked them up on Google and they look nothing like he does in the book, no offense! He has to have some kind of Asian feature in his face but also a British flare to it too. I’ve read a name Eiji Wentz, and though I’ve never seen him in anything before, after looking him up I believe he could be a potential Jem!!

      My point to this long message is that actors and actresses that have had their chance at a big role in a tv show or another movie already, like Nina Dobrev in the Vampire Diaries, wouldn’t really give a fair chance to the others trying out because they have already had a big role. People reading this can agree or disagree but this is my opinion 🙂 I just think that the main characters should give off a fresh vibe to the movie if it does indeed become one. Yes, please follow the book. Yes, please make the characters actually look like they do in the book. And yes, please try not to make 30-year olds play 16/18 year olds no matter how young they look 😛

      Message done 🙂

      • Oh my gosh finally someone agrees with me!!! I swear when I say they need to look exactly like the character description in the book no one understands. Honestly I want the models on the front of the books to play the three main characters, but the problem is we don’t know who they are and what name they go by. The model on Clockwork Angel is absolutely gorgeous from the profile shot but we know nothing about him, whether he even speaks English or can do a British accent or can even act for that matter, but the actors who played Jace and Clary were sort of wrong in a way, Jamie fit the role of Jace on an emotional and personal level not on an appearance level and I envisioned Jace as the model on the front of City of Bones faceless or not his body was damn fine and I’m sure his face was too, I don’t know if I’m the only one who pictured the characters in the books as the models on the covers for both series but that’s just me trying to get a good mental picture that Cassie is trying to describe and don’t hate me but Jamie as Jace and Lilly as Clary just makes me cringe. I was impressed with the actor who played Magnus, him and Simon were the only actor choices I was actually happy with though, everyone else just didn’t suit the characters in the books, the movie was too different, there were too many changes, it may have been a low budget movie but they could have done so much better!

        I don’t want the TID actors who end up playing the three main characters to be stereotypical like Clary was in the TMI movie, she was typically slender and fit society’s ideas of a perfect weight and her hair wasn’t naturally red and she wasn’t short and adorable and naturally beautiful, sure Lilly is gorgeous but she has that kind of obvious in your face I’m pretty sort of beauty whereas book Clary had no idea that she was beautiful and even said about herself that she wasn’t the pretty type, I wasn’t sure who I pictured as Clary but it sure wasn’t Lilly Collins, the girl I pictured in my mind had real freckles and shorter curly hair and an actual heart shaped face with rosy cheeks that were slightly chubby and pinchable and you could just tell by looking at her that she thought she wasn’t beautiful, which would have been a good reason to give someone a big break and choose a not well know actress who fit the description perfectly.

        Will is supposed to be chiseled, tan, muscly, sexy, drop dead gorgeous and have eyes the colour of the Atlantic at midnight and curly waves of black hair, he’s supposed to be beautiful in a broken and sad way, there needs to be an obvious contrast there where you can see how damaged he is but guarded and lives behind the walls of pain that he isolates himself with from everyone he doesn’t want to love in case they slip away from him, he needs to have tragically beautiful features that make our hearts melt into a puddle, in a way that masks with a hard blank face that he’s ever experience pain or internal torture.

        Jem is supposed to be muscly but only to the point where you can’t see his muscles are defined under his clothes but because he’s so thin you wouldn’t know he wasn’t just skin and bone beneath his clothes, whereas you can just tell from one look that Will is muscly, but Jem is slight and is all angles and very hard edges, the tired circles under his eyes and bruises and tattoos on his skin should be a brilliant contrast to the brightness of his eyes and his hair and paleness of his skin, he also has to have a tragic beauty to his features but in a different way, in a way that reflects the events in his life that have shaped him into the man he is today, that have had such an awful affect on him but has only made him wiser and more forgiving.

        Tessa is tall, slender, big in the bust and curvy, her hair isn’t a brilliant brown it’s faded and if the lighting is done right it will look dull and her grey eyes will also look dull just like her pale skin, but then again if the lighting is done right, when she’s at the dining table at the institute or in the library her eyes need to be dark blue in the witchlight and gold in the fire, her features need to have sadness, the weight that death brings after losing a loved one, but she’s strong-willed and fierce, she makes sure that she doesn’t break easy, she’s less guarded than Will and less open than Jem, she’s excitable in the sense of her passion for great novels, but she can easily regain her self-control, she needs to be more of a stick in the mud because she’s not used to the informal manner that everyone at the institute seems to treat each other. When she’s asking questions she is genuinely curious even though in the back of her mind she knows she shouldn’t be asking so many things but she just honestly wants to know. She’s innocent, not corrupted by demons and evil.

        Charlotte is wise, young, petite and obviously like a small bird, but she’s a force to be reckoned with, she’s a hard woman and has a lot to live up to and holds a highly unnecessary strict image of herself. She is like a caring mother who just needs her children to listen to her.

        Henry is just always delighted and makes us laugh, that’s why it’s so heartbreaking when you ever see him upset or you cheer him on in battle. He’s an extremely likable character.

        Sophie can’t be played by just anyone. She is beautiful on the outside, but one side of her face is mutilated but you can still see how stunning she was before she got the scar. Just by the hard setting of her face you need to be able to get a general idea of how painful it was to receive such a wound, but her face needs to show how well she holds herself and how strong she is, that’s why we broke when she broke in Clockwork Angel.

        You’ll basically get the idea about Thomas and Cyril, but the Lightwood boys, oh gosh do they need to be attractive, and actually look slightly related although Gideon needs to be broader and bigger but in a gentle way and Gabriel needs to be hard and strikingly handsome.

        Cecily obviously needs to look similar to Will, her hair colour, the length of her hair, her eyes, her mannerisms as well, her tan skin and beautifully sad face.

        If the directors can get that much right, I don’t care who plays Mortmain or De Quincey, I do however care who plays Nathaniel, he can’t look like Tessa, he has to be blonde for one but has to have an arrogant air about him and just needs to look selfishly good looking and conceited. Everyone else I will not really care about otherwise. If the production crew for this film actually have read the series and love it the way we do (though I doubt anyone ever could), they could pull this off and not ruin this for us like they did with the TMI movie. They need to follow the storyline detail for detail, I would be totally okay with watching a five hour movie about one of my favourite books as long as we have two intermissions to regroup and calm down because of how amazing it is!

        Sorry for just going on and on but I’ve had a pretty awful day and have been ranting about lots of things today, I am sorry but yeah this is just my opinion, you don’t have to agree obviously but please don’t hate me,

  79. Pia Herondale :) // December 24, 2013 at 5:20 PM // Reply

    Will : Joshua Brand ❤
    Jem: Eiji Wentz ❤

  80. I honestly do not think they should get famous people to play the leads. Not only because like many others, I wish to audition for Tessa, but I just think we need new faces. I mean, sure have famous people in it, but just not as Tessa, Will, or Jem.

  81. Alright, I know chances are very slim, but I would very much like the chance to at least audition as Tessa. A lot.of people say I would be perfect for her, some that I do not even know. All I’m asking for is a chance, nothing huge. I have always wanted to become an actress, and so far I have had no luck. I douby anyone will even bother to read this, but of course I will still try.

  82. The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome // January 4, 2014 at 11:43 AM // Reply

    I heard they are thinking of making a TV show . I they make the show or movie they should make it exactly like the books or it will be ruined , small thing MIGHT still be fine. But things that might not be so big to
    other people could be HUGE to readers and people that love TID. If they ruin the movie / show its going to mess everything up like for e.g. Magnus Bane in 1878 will be slightly different than Magnus Bane present day. Magnus 1878 was in love with Camille , helped the Shadowhunters and Will only because of her (at least in the beginning) , he also wasn’t the high warlock of Brooklyn (or anywhere) at that time , it was before ”Magnus’s vow” and also it was 1878 so his wardrobe will be different yet still has to be Magnus like.
    and Magnus present day was different although the actor Godfrey Gao did a great job. Magnus had a slightly changed personality in TMI. I say they should keep to the storyline and make sure they don’t change the little important things.

  83. Astrid Berges definitely should play the role of Tessa!!

    • Magnus Bane is Awesome // January 6, 2014 at 8:02 AM // Reply

      I will FREAK if Cassandra Clare kills Magnus (no offence) he has to be in all the books otherwise its going to be a little boring and like a bit meaningless I mean Magnus has bean in every books so far (its almost like a signature) even if only in one chapter… Magnus gives it that spark… someone that has bean there to help all our favourite characters through out time. No other character has appeared in every book only Magnus. without Magnus it will kind of feel a bit if something is missing , and not to mention , were will the shadowhunters get a new warlock that is actually willing to help them…. also if Magnus is gone who will be the very old yet very handsome and hot freewheeling bisexual warlock , who has basically been everywhere , done everything and lived to tell the tales of those awesome adventures.

      As a side note what if it magnus dies and it becomes a domino effect for e.g.
      Magnus dies in the battle.
      Alec kills himself because he feels responsible or depressed for Magnus’s death.
      Alec and Isabelle’s mother Maryse dies of depression because both her sons are dead and her marriage was busy failing.
      Isabelle has a nervous breakdown because of everything that’s happened so far.
      Simon who no longer has the mark of Cain tries to cheer her up by doing the Lambada on a greased platform over a pit full of knives (ignoring Magnus’s warning not to do so) and ends up dying .
      Isabelle and her father Robert realize that almost everyone they have ever loved is dead and so go of fighting some demons and both get killed by a greater demon because they where distracted and not thinking strait.

      Clary realizes that her best friend in the world is dead and she thinks its her fault because she is the one who told him about shadowhunters and downwolders in the first place. So she decides to storm into Hotel Dumort and just attack all the vampires.

      Jace follows her there and also gets caught up in the fight. He calls Luke for help.

      Luke storms there as fast as he can with the pack of werewolves and with Clary’s mom Jocelyn because she refused to stay home. when they get there it’s too late. Clary and Jace are dead already. Luke and Jocelyn fight the vampires because they want to avenge Clary and Jace’s death. They both get fatally hurt and die side by side.

      Also some of the wolves and other characters die in the same battle Magnus dies in because Magnus couldn’t help them.

      The lesson to be learned is DON’T KILL MAGNUS. He is the center of the books the familiar character . He makes people feel safe in some ways.

      P.S. I mean no offence to the characters or anyone else , just tying to make a point.

      MAGNUS BANE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Magnus Bane is Awesome // January 6, 2014 at 8:06 AM // Reply


  84. Tessa- Kaya Scodelario or Nina Dobrev
    Jem- Anthony Melee
    Will- Douglas Booth
    Jessamine- Carey Mulligan or Jessica Amlee
    Nate- Jeremy Sumpter
    Charlotte- Charlotte Gainsbourg
    Henry- Matt Milne
    Mortmain- Steven Strait
    Camille- Natalie Dormer or Izabelle Miko
    Sophie- Brittany Snow or Gage Golightly
    Thomas- Ian Bohen
    Magnus- Godfrey Gao
    De Quincy- Tyler Hoechlin
    I don’t know about Agatha she’s to hard

  85. Jem Herondale // January 14, 2014 at 9:51 PM // Reply

    Tessa – Nina Dobrev
    Will – Ian Somerhalder
    Jem – Jackson Rathbone
    Jessamine- Carey Mulligan
    Nate – Jake Abel
    Charlotte –
    De Quincey – Tyler Hoechlin
    Sophie – Ashley Benson
    Mortmain –
    Henry – Matt Milne

  86. You guys should go look up Sarah Kirse! She looks just like how I imagined Tessa and she even does Tessa Gray monologues on YouTube! It’s her dream to be Tessa and she’s in love with the books! She’s only had her videos up for about a week and already different fanbases have started following her and rebloging her videos. The TMI France fanbase on Twitter has already asked to do an interview with her and have said they will post it soon. Her popularity is growing fast! You guys should go look her up and support her amazing acting like I do! She should be at the top of this list! Plus she’s only 17, unlike some of the other actors up there and she looks like Tessa (or at least to me she does – pictures at bottom).

    Check out her sites below!


    First monologue:

    Second monologue:

    Third monologue:





  88. Joshua Anthony Brand as Will Herondale all the way!!!!!!!! 🙂

  89. Joshua Anthony Brand as Will Herondale all that way!!! Look him up he’s perfect!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♥️

  90. Lily Royston // February 12, 2014 at 1:48 AM // Reply

    nina dobrev-tessa or troian bellisario-tessa, freddie stroma-jem, tom felton-gabriel,

  91. Lily Royston // February 12, 2014 at 1:49 AM // Reply

    joshua anthony brand-will

  92. Lily Royston // February 12, 2014 at 1:50 AM // Reply

    please no ian somerhalder at all in the movie!!!

  93. Lily Royston // February 12, 2014 at 1:58 AM // Reply

    sorry, last comment! Please have real actors and actresses play the main parts (as in famous people such as Josh Hutcherson, Nina Dobrev, etc.) not people who are just commenting on this blog. Not only may they not fit the part, they may not have real deal, movie acting experience. In my personal opinion, it will completely ruin the movie and book. I am always a bigger fan of the book rather than the movie and it deeply disappoints me when the movie is different from the book. I don’t have anything against people who are not famous acting in movies, I just personally do not think that people without a ton of experience will fit the part and act well enough in the upcoming movie.

  94. Amelia Herondale // February 18, 2014 at 11:55 AM // Reply

    I would love to be Tessa Gray cuz I have had a crush on Will Hernodale since I finished the first TID book, so plz plz plz have a REALY hot guy play him!!!
    P.S. I have brown heir and gray eyes so I look gust like Tessa!

  95. This is so awesom!!!
    For Will it’s a toss up between Ed Speleers, Joshua Brand and Aaron Johnson
    Jem could quite easily be played by Anthony Neely except he doesn’t have the right facial descriptions as Jem does in the books
    For Tessa it had got to be Emma Rigby, since she has already played a similar role and is also pale with brown hair but still absolutely beautiful

  96. Please make The Infernal Devices a movie!!!! I cannot wait to see it!!!!!

  97. awesome wishin 4 the whole series of movies also and im madly in love with her books omg cant wait to see the infernal devices

  98. herondale lover // June 27, 2014 at 10:23 PM // Reply

    definitely need to have movies for all of her books!

  99. A lot of individuals get pleasure from several kinds of apps it complies with their amusement, enterprise, utility and a selection of other specifications.

  100. I have wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember and ever since I read the infernal devices I have been looking up how to get into casting calls and everything is just becoming more urgent because I have never ever in my life wanted anything as much as I want to play the role of tessa. I know it sounds crazy I mean I hardly even have any experience, only small school plays. And here’s the really crazy part: I’m turning 13 in a couple weeks. However if they wait a couple years I could look the part enough I think. I have always had people who think I’m older than I am. When I was ten people thought I was 13-14 and just the other day some people thought I was 17. I am tall (5’5″ which is pretty tall for my age. I’m taller than most people my age and even plenty of adults) I have brown hair, blue-gray eyes and pale skin. My facial features are not harsh at all they are more soft. I have always loved books and everyhjng but reading TID was different for me and I dot really know how to explain it. I just felt this connection, and this love for it that I’ve never felt about other books. I hear all this news about maybe getting a movie decently soon and I know I should be wildly excited like the rest of the fandom but it makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry because I can’t play Tessa and I just can’t stand the thought of anybody else being her and it’s crazy because I’m not even 13 yet. And I don’t know why I’m posting this because nobody on here even knows who I really am but I guess I just needed to say what was on my mind so sorry if I wasted your time having you read this

    • Emily Brown // August 27, 2014 at 6:27 AM // Reply

      Sent from my Samsung Epic™ 4G TouchTMI Source wrote:

    • Same here, 13 and want to be an actress, but I know that I’m not gonna get picked as a main role but will happily have a role as anything!

    • Krystian Collins // January 9, 2016 at 12:06 PM // Reply

      I loved your opinion and your description of yourself, matches up rather nicely to what I thought Tessa looked like. I would love to play the part of Jessamine Lovelace, only because of how strong of a character she was.

  101. Alyssa Fangirl Of Cassandra Clare // September 26, 2014 at 3:36 PM // Reply

    I THINK TESSA SHOULD BE NINA DOBREV. And i agree, it would be painful to watch the movies but i still so badly want to see a/the movies!!! I WOULD DO ANYTHING.

  102. I know it’s been two years since the movie came out, but I for one would really, really like there to be a infernal devices movie! Mortal instruments must have meet not much enthusiasm when it came out but soon the dark articles will arrive, so people are gonna start re-watching the movie, reading the books again and then people are gonna want that made into a movie! My advice would be to make the infernal devices because it’s only three books, you know what happens, so it’s easier to adapt to the screen, and you don’t know how big the dark articles are gonna be, looking back at the mortal instruments! Also if say you do happen to make the infernal devices please let me know I will happily cast as a background person, I’m thirteen at the mo, but you’ll want big time people most likely and English and I’m not English. Anyway, please take my advice as I know many people will back me up.

    • Ps, if you actually read all these comments, you see how many people actually want to there to be a movie!

      • Emerald // May 2, 2015 at 6:26 AM //

        Hey, back again, omg, shadowhunters as a tv show so freaking excited, but still believe their should be a movie on infernal devices,
        Like the fandom is growing with each coming year, lots of people in my class are reading it or know, seen it p, love it!!
        OMG so want to be an actor, but don’t have American or English accent, so annoying, but so want to be in the tv/movies.
        I don’t know if I exactly like the people they have cast but Dominic Sheerwood is a lot better than Jamie Campbell! Can’t wait.
        Xx ❤ u Cassandra

  103. Anna Kendrick as Tessa Gray!!!!

  104. Tessa's Angel // December 1, 2014 at 10:25 PM // Reply

    Tessa Gray should definitely be played by Anna Kendrick!!

  105. Anna Kendrick♥ // December 1, 2014 at 10:27 PM // Reply

    Anna Kendrick would be so amazing for Tessa Gray!!!!♥

  106. Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Tessa (Top choice)
    (or Sarah Bolger, Lucy Hale, possibly Nina Dobrev)
    Joshua Anthony Brand as Will (Top choice)
    (or Douglas Booth)
    Mitch Hewer as Jem
    (or Samuel Tan)
    Georgie Henley as Sophie
    (Or Anna Popplewell, Willa Holland)
    Claire Holt as Jessamine
    (or Gabriella Wilde, Rachel Fox, Candice Accola)
    Eddie Redmayne as Henry
    (or Simon Woods)
    Emilia Clarke as Charlotte
    Johnny Depp as Mortman
    Charlize Theron as Camille
    (or Blake Lively)
    Ashley Charles as Gideon
    (or James Gaisford)
    Daniel Sharman as Gabriel
    Dave Franco as Nate

  107. can’t wait to have them on film they are the best selling series of 2013-2014 so far their is a massive craze all around the world about having the mortal instuments: city of ashes to be released on film i mean who really cares if they’re not popular they make movies all the time like frozen based on the snow queen and fast and furious based on nothing they make movies all the time just because these were published as books doesn’t mean there won’t be a big craze about them

  108. Tessa: Nina Dobrev
    Will: Douglas Booth
    Jem: Anthony Neely
    Henry: Simon woods

    Magnus Bane: Godfrey GAO
    Camille: Nikki Reed
    De Quincy: Bile night
    Mortmain: Tom hollander

    • Typo- I meant Bill Nighy
      Nate: Dave Franco
      Charlotte: ?
      Gabriel: Daniel Sharman
      Sophie: Ann Hathaway
      Thomas: ?
      Agatha: ?
      I still couldn’t figure out some of them
      I dont think Astrid berges frisky should be Tessa, she’s too fragile and nice
      For Mortmain I would do either Robert Downey Jr. OR Tom Hollander

  109. mortalinstruments // February 22, 2015 at 10:20 PM // Reply

    Tessa: Nina Dobrev
    Will: Ian Somerhalder


    Ian Somerhalder for Will – I know he’s older but from watching him as Damon in The Vampire Diaries – he can really pull off the broken hearted, angry at himself, genuinely good and vulnerable guy who deserves Tessa. Plus he’s hot!!! Otherwise Joshua Brand seems like a decent match never seen him act though?!? which would be interesting BUT NOT DOUGLAS BOOTH – PLEASE NOOOOOO!!!!! I don’t think he did a good job as PIP in the BBC production and he’s too rigid (wrong height/posture)!!! Yay! More Godfrey Gao!! Possible potential Jem Maybe – haven’t seen him act but somebody like this Kim Myungsoo and for Tessa perhaps EMMA WATSON – she’s an amazing actor, funny and strong and would be kick-ass enough

  111. Krystian Collins // January 9, 2016 at 12:00 PM // Reply

    I would give anything to play a part XD I loved Tessa, and the whole story line and if this actually became a movie ugh!!!!! I would be so excited… XD I was a little let down on the City Of Bones movie, I had expected more. However, still a big Fan!

  112. Emilia Isabel Chavez // June 14, 2017 at 8:58 PM // Reply

    Hey. . . ANY UPDATES??

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