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Cassie talks about the family tree in CLOCKWORK PRINCESS

Only 73 days until CLOCKWORK PRINCESS is released and Cassie has once again answered fan questions concerning her last book in THE INFERNAL DEVICES series.

She revealed that

All hardback or paperback first editions in English of Clockwork Princess will have, printed either in the back or on the inside of the cover, a family tree that links the generations of The Infernal Devices with the generations of The Mortal Instruments and Dark Artifices.

Accoding to Cassie, the family tree is

a very nicely designed piece of work

She also gave tips how to recognize a Collector’s First Edition and how to make sure that you get one.



“Printed either in the back or on the inside of the cover“? Well, that’s a surprise!

UPDATE: Cassie on her tumblr

When I say “printed on the inside of the cover” I mean you literally have to take the book jacket off the book and look on the reverse side to find it.

Will you be able to resist sneaking a peek at the family tree?

Sound off in the comments!

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9 Comments on Cassie talks about the family tree in CLOCKWORK PRINCESS

  1. That just says “go and PRE-order NOW!,” no excuses! ^_^

  2. Ok for all the U.K. or anyone lookIng to buy the version – this is the link (I think cos it look like the Amercian version)

  3. I have mine pre-ordered already but don’t think I will be able to not sneak a peak.

  4. dancinggirl13 // January 4, 2013 at 11:40 PM // Reply

    I have mine Pre ordered on kindle and it won’t have the family tree!! At least I’ll be able to resist the temptation.

    • u can go to a book stoe and look at it without buying the book. Thats what I’m doing after I finish it on my kindle.

  5. I’ve already pre-ordered my book, but i WILL see that tree.

  6. Katherine Carstairs Herondale Lewis Lightwood Bane // January 5, 2013 at 11:33 AM // Reply

    I am not going to pre-order. You can get it sooner if you actually go to a bookstore the first day it comes out and buy it. Since it usually takes about a week for something to come in via mail, it just makes more sense to me.

    • Ria Jace Herondale // January 6, 2013 at 3:56 PM // Reply

      LOL! I was thinking about looking at the family tree and reading the epilogue first because I’m gonna go to Chapters on my break and I want to get back to school before classes start, but I don’t want an army of angry kittens after me! (Which, by the way, is what Cassie said she would do if someone DID see the family tree and read the epilogue first!) That, and, get simply and utterly confused (Which, is what Cassie ALSO said.) (But my break is 1h and 15 minutes long, so I don’t know!) Plus, there is another book coming out that day and I want to read that too (well, parts of it [the end].) TO HELL WITH THIS! I’m just gonna read it!

      If Tessa ends up with Will, I’m gonna go to school with a smile that’s miles wide and a few tears running down my cheeks (tears of joy), but if she doesn’t (and she ends up with someone else [ANYONE ELSE] other than Will, I’m gonna come back with puffy red eyes and with my mascara running!) My tears could be tears of joy or sorrow *(fingers crossed its JOY)* But I hope there are NO tears because I don’t wanna go to school looking like a ghost!

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